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Love is always selfless

Updated on July 30, 2015

The Word LOVE must be the most misunderstood word out there in my opinion.

The world has a phrase about love that is actually what I thought completely false in the beginning but in a way it is kind of true. The term is “Love hurts”. Now let me explain why I think it is kind of true so you understand me because those who are believers reading this are probably already throwing words around. Firstly in essence Love NEVER hurts, if you read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 love always protects amongst other things but when you protect, you ensuring no one gets hurt. But now let me tell you why I think it is kind of true.

Love is selfless, you have to lay down your life for your brother and here is where the hurt comes in. No one wants to stop being so selfish.

Love is not about your needs and wants. You actually have to lay all that aside for the love of others. True Love, the God kind of Love lays down His own needs for others. Jesus lay down His life for us to save us.

Now the thing about people is that they are so trained in loving themselves and doing things for themselves that when it comes to laying themselves aside it is the hardest thing to do. Don’t get me wrong there are a group of people who get this and they do it. But majority people hate the thought of it. The words that usually come out of their mouths are “yes but if I do that, what about me?” SELFISH!!! See how it is about you again?

Love isn’t something you bargain with. Love, who is God, is a giver. That’s all He does is give. So in essence Love gives.

Love isn’t about “I” or “Me” or “My”. Love has to be selfless or it isn’t love at all.

We are so afraid of what we are going to lose that we just ignore moments to show love to others. There is nothing more rewarding than showing love to someone and watching them be BLESSED. Did you know that the principle in the BIBLE of “give and you shall receive” comes into play here. It’s a Biblical principle. When you give selflessly you always receive. May not be right away but you always do.

People make the mistake of thinking that Love is a feeling but it is not. Love is a person. Love is God and Love (Who is God) is a way of life. When you living Gods way you are living a love life and that will show in your life. You don’t feel love, you do love. You express your love to people by ways of doing things that pleases them not you. You will actually see that you feel a sense of peace and joy within yourself when you do this.

In Marriage this is so vital. Marriage is not about you, it is about your partner and ensuring their needs met. Did you know that if you and your partner are on the same page about this and you both striving to meet each other’s needs you will both never lack. So you give and your partner gives and both are receiving. But irrespective of whether you on the same page or not, Love gives. So if your partner is very selfish you continue to be selfless. It will come back to you.

Love also doesn’t wait for someone to show them love first. Can you imagine if God did that? I will wait till they show me love before I give my Son up for their lives. It would never have happened. God knew that. Love happens no matter what.

We really should look at how God was with us and is with us and take that as how our own lives should be. Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and see who God is and His character. This is actually us as well. We just don’t walk in our true nature. When we got born again as children of God we were recreated in God’s image and in His nature. This means that who God is, is now in us! It is who we are. God is Love and He made us Love.

The amazing thing is that we have all of who God is inside us right now if we are born again so we can be Love as we were designed to be. God has no hate in Him so neither do we. We learn hate and we learn selfishness etc. All the bad characteristics are learnt and they need to be rid of. They not meant to be in us.

Why not take hold of the Character that has been implanted in you by God and start activating it today. It is as simple as one small step of love towards someone else. Look I realise it won’t be that easy and you will have to ask the Holy Spirit to help you. Let Him show you where you go wrong and help you rectify it.

Say to yourself today that you are a Love being and that your nature is love and that no matter what you will strive to be love. No longer is it about you, and realise this isn’t bad at all. In actual fact when we walk in Love and live a love life we actually live and walk like God and in the fullness of His BLESSINGS. Love releases the BLESSING in our lives, it releases Prosperity in our lives and it releases Healing in our lives, it sets people free and it delivers people from things they are bound in. Now I won’t go into this at all today but Love leads to a good life.

Let us do what the Word says to do so we can be what the Word says we are!

Let us all aim to be more selfless today!

Let us BE LOVE.


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