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Love never fails – Share the true love this Valentine’s Day

Updated on February 20, 2012
Love never Fails
Love never Fails | Source

What is Love?

I read a good quotation the other day which says Love never fails but lovers do. Yes, this is true. Real love can never fail and remains the same. Love is an amazing word. It creates a great sense of joy and happiness in everyone’s life. While there are several definitions for Love, it is not easy to explain it in words. You can only experience it from the bottom of your heart. That is why Valentines Day has become so popular among young people. Today, people celebrate this special day with great joy and enthusiasm, regardless of age, location and gender. It is a time of jubilation wherein people give valentines day flowers and gifts to express their love with their dear ones. Statistics reveal that there is a great rise in sales of flowers and gifts during this time of the year. However, while people give so much of importance to the worldly love which fades away with time, how great is God’s love which remains for eternity.

If you want to paraphrase the whole Bible into one sentence, you can simply say that God loves this world and His love never fails. This is the essence of the whole Bible. This is the only reason why God came to this world to die on the cross and bridge the gap between God and His children. Paul emphasizes this in his letter to the Corinth Church. In I Corinthians Chapter 13, Paul speaks about the Love of Christ. God has promised His children with several gifts. While it is good to speak in tongues and do miracles, Paul teaches us out of his real experiences that Love is the greatest thing among other gifts. If you cannot love your neighbor, you would not have burden for your neighbor. You cannot share the love of God with other people.

That is why Paul continues to say that the gift of prophecies and tongues can seize at some point of time. However, Love never fails and remains for eternity. God loves His children and when you accept Jesus, He lives in you. When God lives in you, you cannot hate others. You will surely love everyone. That is why Jesus mentioned about the Good Samaritan episode when people asked him who their neighbor is. Today, every believer has a responsibility to love their neighbors and share the word of God with people so that they can be blessed too. While you celebrate this Valentine’s Day with love and joy, remember that God’s love never fails and it is important to share the same love with your neighbors to bring them into the presence of the Lord. Spread the love of God this Valentines Day and be blessed.


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    • suvitharoja profile image

      suvitharoja 6 years ago from India

      Thank you and wish you the same

    • profile image

      Sheikh kate 6 years ago

      Happy valentines day