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Love of the Mighty

Updated on July 21, 2020

Love of the Lord

Bible Study – March 24, 2009

Genesis 2: 19-20 reveals the top secret of Godly Love towards man. These verses illustrate precisely how the Almighty God honoured the man he made out of his own breath. God gave the man supreme authority on earth to maintain the creation of God on behalf of the Almighty God. He wants to glorify, honour and show respect to man by bringing all his creation for naming ceremony. When we look very intensively the relationship that God the Most High has with the man, we surely feel the unreachable depth of the love that God has for you and me.

God Almighty needs all his creation he formed on earth out of the ground to honour him and listen to him. In this manner He showed His respect and honour to the man he created in the very presence of the beast of the field and the birds of the air as man carries God’s soul in him in the form of breath. Here the authorization of God is transformed to Adam at the naming ceremony. God rightfully has the power of giving a unique address to his creations, but here he transformed the power to the man out of the absolute willingness to glorify the man he loves and adores forever.

God is looking forward to crowning the man with glory and honour. (Psalm 9:5) The Holy Bible says God made the man a little lower than the heavenly beings. It means the man who dearly loves the Lord more or less like a heavenly being. In His eye we are just a little lower than the heavenly beings. This makes an exact picture of a man’s quality which makes God smile at him. God needs you to be the ruler of his hand (Psalm 9:6) and He put everything under our feet. This is called the unseen love of the Mighty God towards you and me. He loves you, adores you, respects you, honours you and on top of that He is so humble God that brought all his creations with Him to the place where Adam was. (Genesis 2: 19-20). He never asked Adam to come to Him for the naming ceremony. God loves us perfectly than we do.

God compromises with the man out of love. (Genesis 3:20). God created Eva for Adam and let Adam name her in his presence. God’s love for man is deeper than the ocean and the heaven above. God does everything without an Alteria Motives, but man’s love for God always has n object and expectations from the Almighty God. God gives up everything for you and me; He sacrificed His own Son, Jesus for our sins out of love. His love for man is so serious, so intensive, and so magnificent that man has to replace for what God has been doing for your life. God expects you to love him in return more than He does for you.

God is just standing in the presence of you when you take the authorisation of Him; he is watching you so intensively, so enthusiastically for what you have been doing. If you are man of God, if you truly walk with God he let you command, let you have the authorization and let you change the world for Him. He obstructs the matters that concern you, because all the matters concern Him alone. He has the real joy of watching you!

Learn to love God the way how the Lord loves you. Sacrifice is very vital, fleshy desires should be eradicated from your soul. Your life long goal should be making the Lord Almighty walk in your life out of the supreme love that God shows you. Your walking with God and God walking with you is far different. Make a vigorous effect to make God talk to you and walk with you. You are able to walk with God, if you have a burning desire and a pulsating desire to know the word of God by the help of the Holy Spirit. He makes you achieve your goals on earth. What you need is a desire to be with Jesus Christ. The rest everything is looked after by the Holy Ghost within you. He is your helper in the process of your prayers and worship.


In Christ

Bro Gayan

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2009 esolefl


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