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'Caritas in Veritate': Love in Truth

Updated on June 24, 2012

'Caritas in Veritate': Love in Truth

God is Love, God is Truth, we cannot have one without the other, for God is both. Our

human intellects are hungry, seeking for knowledge and our hearts thirst for His Love. We seek

truth and are satisfied only by Truth. Now, God not only is true and possesses all truths, but is

the uncreated Truth itself. Moreover, God being infinitely desirable and all good, is also

infinitely loving and lovable, and as St. John says:

"He who does not love does not know God: for God is Love."

Why then do we need to have a courageous witness to the truth as we exercise charity? It’s

simple, just as God is both Love and Truth, we must be of both and act using both.

In these days to be charitable, is to do something and expect something back in return.

Only doing it for profit in this world. That profit could be from just receiving a 'thank you' to

receiving a payment or even earning respect. One needs to understand the truth and stand up

for the truth, especially when one is told that they are not "politically correct" or when one is

told that doing that certain thing is just a waste of time. Everyone needs to have great courage

for the truth, especially when it comes down to the true meaning of Charity. As Pope Benedict

XVI says " Love without truth or vice versa is nothing". God planted in us Charity and Truth

and to act with just one or just the other is to be severing the gifts God has given to us that are

supposed to be used together. Metaphorically speaking, it’s like a bike, God gave us a back

wheel and a front wheel and if one is without the other it does not work and it certainly won’t

drive on that narrow road we need to follow. We need both and have to use both charity and


In today's society when you are doing some act of charity, say for example sending a get

well card to someone in the hospital, you are told by the hospital or even sometimes by your

friends, not to include anything so called "religious" in it. They say it might offend them or

something and it’s none of our business what they believe. I say that’s total nonsense, one

must be a Light and a courageous witness to the Truth. No matter if it is offensive or not. If you

truly have Charity then you must always be standing for the Truth and want to bring others to

the Truth, because you love them. Especially if they are on their death bed and you really care

for their soul. You have to be courageous and declare the Truth within the balm of charity. 

This diabolical disorientation of the truth and charity has been all mixed up. What used to

be charity , love of neighbor and love of God, has been turned into an emotional carousal and a

sentimentality jollification. The word love is abused and degraded. Doing good for others only if

it is profitable for you, just doing it for the "feeling" (As thought that is all what Love is, just a

feeling) and all the other distortions of charity without the truth, without God.

Truth gives value and meaning to charity. Only in Truth does Charity shine forth. From the

womb to the tomb let us be valorous and brave, loving one another, helping one another, in and

to the Truth, with humble Charity to God.

True happiness and true development can only come to us if we have True Charity which

is grounded in the Truth. As Pope Benedict as said "Truth filled love is from which true

development and progress in society proceeds." If we truly want to make progress in our

country, then we must do it with Love in Truth, 'Caritas in Veritate'. Environmentalists say we

must protect our water, natural resources, trees, animals, etc., that is fine, we should take care

of the gifts that are given to us by God, but what about the most important gift He has given us,

our soul? What of that the most precious gift of all, the one gift that will last through all eternity,

whether in Heaven or in Hell? Pope Benedict XVI says "The way humanity treats the

environment influence the way it treats itself and vice versa." and "She must above all protect

mankind from self-destruction." How can we stop this self destruction, this loss of countless

souls into the deep abyss, if we are charitable, loving , and kind to our neighbor, but not care to

teach them or show them the truth and lead them to their eternal home, where true Love


All our kindness and respect we showed them will be of no profit, for after days, after

years, we shown not, nor told no one the truth, through the love we have for them, what will we

have gained by our loving them if we are deliberately letting them walk into that never ending

darkness of hell? Never let manners rule over morals, let this be thy maxim: morals over

manners. God cannot be put down for the sake of human respect. That is a maxim of this

world. We must courageously be a Light for the Truth and proclaim it with ardent Love.

Today it is more needed than in St. Thomas More’s or St. Joan de Arc’s time, to stand for

the Truth, in the home and most especially in the public, in society. Where the Truth is being

twisted around, now these days what used to be right and just is now bad and evil, and what

used to be evil and bad are now good and right. Thus, this diabolical disorientation needs to be

confronted with undiminished bravery and valor, in solemn Truth, with deep heartfelt Charity.


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