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Loving God whole Heart, mind and Soul

Updated on March 28, 2013

Loving God whole heart, mind and soul, is giving God your being. When a person prayers, reads the bible, or even talks to God on a daily basis they feel refreshed, like a new person with a clear mind and are able to resolve their problems of life.

Have you ever noticed that when you didn’t pray, read and understand what the bible is telling you or even talk to God, your heart feels heavy with the burdens of life. That your wanting more in life, than what you have or that something is missing out of your life, and you see your world come crumbling down around you with bad things happening to you.

This is the devils work to bring you to his side. Thus, telling you there is no God, no Savoir, no real happy life and that you are his and his only, for the devil has power and control over your thinking, your being, and your life.

The devil is also telling you to follow his heathen ways, that his way of life is better for your, more free’er than what you have now, that you are able to do what you want and nothing will touch you and that this kind of life is acceptable. That you can do anything in life with his guidance, which is so wrong in our Lord Jesus’s eye’s and is not our Lords plan for your life. Then things around you start crumbling down around you. Life at times become unbearable and you wonder which direction is right.

When you get closer to God you feel a sense of renewal, the problems in one’s life clear up slowly back to a normal way of life for you. Your heart feels lighter with knowing our Lord is protecting you. You feel much happier in your life and things run smoothly with Gods guidance.

Sometimes when your alone you can feel God sitting next to you, telling you part of his plan for you and feeling those plans in your heart, in your soul and being told in your mind. Sometimes you can hear God whispering in your ear telling you the correct path to take in your life in which you should follow.

In order to hear and feel Gods plans for your life, you must truly believe in him, trust him, and love our Lord. Not to mention give yourself up to God completely and let him take hold of your life, to make you a better person and to start living his life he planned for you, the life he planned for when you were born.

Yes at times it’s a struggle, especially in today’s society when there are so many non-believers who are jealous of your life, your being all because they don’t believe in our Lord, talk to our Lord whether in silence or out loud, or are close to our Lord and Savior.

It’s an everyday struggle, which makes your life more challenging to fight against the evil ways of wrong doers who have failed to believe on Christ.

They think because you can’t see God with their eyes that he is not present in their lives. If they cannot hear God with their ears, that he is not present in their lives. Therefore, they don’t believe or pray. This is why most who don’t believe in God their life is in ruin, in turmoil, and is going wrong all of the time so they seek other authorities to worship instead of the real authority up in heaven who created them.

These people do not Love God whole heart, mind and soul therefore they suffer in their living being and some will suffer come time of their death or what is called judgement day. They are the ones who envy those who do worship and love our Lord God passionately for they are the ones who have a good life, a happy life and have materialistic items in their lives that non-believers can’t acquire due to lack of money or lack of planning their lives who do not believe in God.


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