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Lowerarchy: Working From a Position of Spiritual Strength

Updated on April 13, 2008

Imagine a target. This is a representation of various levels of consciousness, with the Divine Creator at the centre. Each concentric ring outward represents a progressively lower state of consciousness and self-actualization. Now envision a tree growing out of the centre, each branchpoint representing a deviation from Divine Fact, into dysfunctionality, suffering, and lovelessness. People live their lives as leaves on the various branches (or perhaps more aptly, like kittens stuck in a tree). Manage to shimmy back down the tree to a lower branchpoint, and you find yourself at a less unreal, less hypothetical state of existence. The increased alignment with Divine Fact gives your choices much more heft, so much so that they are not obliged to scrape and bow to a more derivative positionality at branchpoints further out, and certainly not to the leaves on the periphery. Morphic fields chosen at points closer to the centre of the target, the perspective of the Divine, are like electromagnets with a more intense field applied to them. Spells, Willworking, and choices in general made from a stronger position have geometrically greater influence, and can more intensely affect those at weaker states. Someone at a state closer to the Divine has nothing that someone at a leaf's position lacks; they have simply chosen to accept it more completely.

What we have here, then, is a sort of survival of the fittest, with fitness being defined by alignment with Divine Will and prerogative. So far as we know, that Will is Love and Joy, Unity, and so forth, one basic intrinsic concept called by a hundred different names. It is this Will from which we derive our true Natures. What we have is a social lowerarchy, with authority defined by the degree of integrity and concordance one has with Divine Will and, resultantly, their own True Nature. Honor, if you will. Honor to their Maker, their Brothers, and to themselves. Unique to all the shallow surface structures of the world, we have a hierarchy based not upon brute force (whose true nature is weakness), but upon strength of character, upon virtue. A perfect system, modelled upon the facts of Creation. It is no respecter of lesser contrivances such as Space, or Time, and certainly not upon arbitrary positionalities of other Brothers at weaker states of being whose very position belies their dysfunctionality and lack of integrity and relevance. We have a social network based upon, whatever other appearances might present themselves, the true Derivation of Authority tracing all the way back to the Divine Creator Him- or Herself. Arbitrary suppositions to the contrary, such as the condition of society or even Causality, need not apply. They are, in every sense, notwithstanding. We have a societal network based upon Divine Fact itself, based on the strength and merit it has. A perfect, sovereign system, where everyone chooses upon what level they shall live, and accepts the consequences of their own Choice. It allows for complete autonomy, while at the same time harmonizing that with perfect justice. It allows for delegation and self-actualization, an acceptance of the dignity of everyone regardless of what they choose to style their individual differences as, and merely accepts the amount of alignment with Divine Fact. This delegation allows for great efficiency when contrasted with the intentionally flawed and dysfunctional overt systems of governance, and being no respecter of Time allows for group co-ordination in the facilitation of freely-chosen advancement of absolutely everyone, at all times and places.

I have no doubt that my own alignment, and the strength of merit it emanates, will dispel the suffering of the world (or rather, dispel its illusion so as to make dysfunctionality an untenable prospect) and perhaps Causality itself. A potential alternative manifestation will be to retroactively remove me from its conditions, opting out to wait at a place closer to Home until others choose to join me at a state within Creation that is beyond their own dishonorable choices, at which point I can rejoin them without defying my own Divinely-given dignity, and proceed on the last leg of the journey Home with them. Whatever the case, either this model is in fact the model upon which the existing fundamental social structure is based (man's law, the concept of Derivation of Authority), or else society would fall apart due to its inherent weakness, leaving nothing and making no sense whatsoever. In either case, this model as described makes far more sense than anything I have so far encountered, and now that it is available to my Brothers everywhere it, or something even more functional, will be implemented, particularly as people acknowledge better options and success strategies.


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