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Controlling Dreams, The Art of the Lucid Dream. Learn how to have a Lucid Dream Tonight!

Updated on April 22, 2015
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Steve Miller a dynamic online writer and video editor who has many years of online experience. Building suspense and informing the public...


What is Lucid Dreaming?

Some may be asking the question, "is Lucid Dreaming a reality?" Only a few years ago I would have laughed at the notion of transcending the body through the dream state. Now I see that it was a process for me. First I had to hear of the idea, "to lucid dream". The next part I had to understand that yes it is possible to transcend the body, (I have actually had a near death experience myself, perhaps I am fortunate; as understanding what it was to be outside the human body is a major step in the ability to lucid dream) once I had learned that yes I can transcend the body I simply needed to learn how.

I have written this article for several reasons. The first being I would like to do more research on the subject. I will create polls below which I would like you to vote on. The second reason is I want people to understand that we create our own reality. That is once you learn of a truth if you accept that truth and act accordingly you will help change all of our realities. If we must start in the dream state I am okay with that. I want to help you be able to find the peace and understanding that will lead to the art of the lucid dream.

Anyone can Lucid Dream!

You don't have to have a degree to have a Lucid Dream! If you really want to learn how to lucid dream then you have come to the right place. The products on this page are designed to help the user to gain the ability of lucid dreaming. It is really as if I have discovered the ability to create my own virtual reality video games in my sleep. It is quite frankly one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever embarked on. The main ingredients of the sleep supplement are galantamine, choline, and huperzine-A. Quite frankly to have a lucid dream is like hitting a jackpot in life and a sleep supplement is one sure fire way to enhance your ability to:

  1. Dream Memory
  2. Dream Intensity
  3. Dream Control
  4. Dream Lucidity
  5. Dream Recall

These abilities are crucial for lucid dreaming. While it is possible to lucid dream without these supplements simply using them enhances your overall dream experience. I know I wish I had the income to keep stocked on what I liked which was Dreamleaf. My dreams within 3 days became very vivid and I could actually recall them more intensely. I still cannot lucid dream on command. I can, however, recall about 95% of my dreams now, that was far from the case a year ago. I have lucid dreams about 3 times a week, that's an average as sometimes I will have multiple lucid dreams in one day.

My Lucid Dreaming!

I typically wake up at 7 A.M. to take my daughter to school. From there I work online a bit until around 8:30 A.M. it is then I take a nap. When I get to do this without my wife needing something or a phone call or what have you as these are all distractions you cannot have in order to successfully have a lucid dream. For example, I was having a lucid dream a few months ago when my wife woke me up getting something from the bedroom. Her energy awoke me we joked. I then rushed to go back to sleep, from there I actually picked back up in my lucid dream. I was actually chasing a deer through the woods. Did I mention I could fly and jump off of the tops of trees. So wild are these dreams I won't bother to say much to them as you make them up as you dream. I would not call what I do in my dreams as flying... It is more like skipping very far and high I have not eliminated the laws of physics in my dreams yet. I have not even managed to get to space, but I have only just begun and I get stronger daily.

How does your mind work?

What type are you when it comes to internal communication?

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Amplify your ability to Lucid Dream

One of the most important things to do in order to have a real lucid dream is to create a Dream Journal. The idea of the dream journal is that when we wake up and record our dreams in the dream journal we start to remember our dreams better. So a dream journal is really important. So when you have any dream even if you awake from a bad dream record the dream. (note I would suggest only writing down positive dreams. This is because we can possibly remove negative dreams altogether if we only acknowledge positive dreams.) It is vital that we record our dreams this helps improve "dream memory". Dream memory is how we know that we had a lucid dream. You will be amazed at the results of your dream journal if you are seriously focused on the task. This can really help your non-dream reality if you take the issue of logging your dreams

The next most important thing to do in order to have a lucid dream is to clearly differentiate reality from dream reality. You may think this seems obvious enough, but this is really important. When we question whether or not we are dreaming consistently throughout the day we will begin to program the thought in our minds. This is important because there will be a time when you ask yourself "am I dreaming" and realize that yes you are dreaming. When we dream various ideas pop into our subconscious minds these ideas will pop up in our dreams small little things that pop into both dream and non-dream state. Therefore, it is also important to create a physical action with that thought. So now when you start to ask yourself "am I dreaming?" you should pinch yourself or touch your nose. Touching your nose is good because in a dream when you think "am I dreaming" and go to touch your nose you will not have the physical ability to move your body. This means your hand will not act as it would if you were awake. This creates an instant "Ah Ha" moment in the dream, it is from here you can take control of the events of your current dream.

When you get good enough you can start to change the physical dream environment and you can become almost as a character in a video game. It will be up to you as to where and what you will do in the dream world. Further below, I have some good suggestions as to where to start and what you truly need to have what I call "effective" lucid dreams. While fighting villains in a video game-like environment can be appealing these dreams are typically useless when it comes to having an "effective" lucid dream. An effective lucid dream is when you pull ideas from your dreams to affect your current reality.

Video Games and Lucid Dreaming?

There is now a study that claims that people who play video games more than 10 hours a week are more likely to have the ability to dream lucidly. This makes sense when you start to realize that both video games and dreams hold certain key similarities. I say, what are video games? If not the final step in finally gaining the ability to manipulate and take control of dreams. A video game gives us a reality (we chose that reality at the games store / dreams store) we get a series of presets to immerse our reality into. Now we see sandbox games (which I am not really into) these games allow full control over the environment. I see that man always mirrors the reality in which God has given. Looking into those mirrors we create an inferior reality that of the video game. I do enjoy my video games however, there is always something missing in them, that is the personal experience of what reality is. The reality of God normal reality (organic reality) is based on a series of feelings, touch, sound, smell, sight, taste, and spirit (those feelings which make the hair stand on end). Believe it or not eventually this mirror reality become dull and boring. This mirror reality will never truly be able to move into organic reality. We do not feel the sensation of driving a car in a video game, we do in reality. Dreams and games give us something. They give us the ability to do things which we would not or cannot do in reality. This is why I think blaming video games for shootings is not completely accurate. We do know that both dreams and video games can inspire violence. However, the person has the choice as to what to dream or what video game to play. Evil people will play video games where you kill or pillage. There is a perfect storm where a person guided by demons will play and dream evil scenarios. However the dream, the game is not good enough because the emotion is not there. So they will move on to reality to enact their demonic fantasy. Both good and bad people will be inspired by dreams and video games. We have not outlawed dreams so we cannot outlaw video games.

I am explaining all of this to you so you will not be deceived by demonic influence. If in a dream you are told the truth then I have done well. When we start to record what we forget in dreams if we are good Christians or hold a good doctrine which will always lead to Christ we will be sure to only bring out the positive. When you understand that everything we have created has been pulled from dreams we will realize that we have an obligation to remember what we have forgotten. So I challenge you to be with Christ and dream lucidly. If you are an atheist or of another faith I am also speaking to you as we are brothers here. I will never be one to push my beliefs on to another. When you study the reality in which you live you will begin to realize that America itself is ruled by demonic forces which have empowered every cult in the world to unite against Christ. A Bold statement perhaps but true as was in the times of old.

Look into the "Study on Lucid Dreaming and Gaming at Athabasca University in Canada" this study goes to explain how people who immerse themselves in the video game environment are more likely to have the ability to dream lucidly. It is now in the Science books that yes lucid dreaming is happening and it is a real experience. Ironically everyone from Einstien to Paul McCartney has claimed to bring their dreams to reality. You can look it up and you will find Tesla, Einstien, and some of the most prolific mathematicians have brung their dreams to reality. Even the most popular video games and movies come from dreams. So I ask when we play a video game, are we really just interacting within someone else's dream?

We must stay vigilant or we fall susceptible to only bringing back demons rather than creating Saints.
We must stay vigilant or we fall susceptible to only bringing back demons rather than creating Saints. | Source

Who will you let Influence your Dream Reality?

Have you ever had a nightmare where you are running as fast as you can? You are running through the desolate cold night air while the echo of your ever slowing footsteps reminds you just how alone you really are. How about a dream where no matter where you go the evil menace chasing you always seems to be right behind you. We all know the feeling of having no control in our dreams. What if I told you that this is only because of limitations we all put on dream reality. It is a common misconception that dream reality cannot be controlled on any level. Wait a minute though; it is our own mind that inspires the dream. It is our thoughts that control the dream. So the next question would be how do we control our thoughts while dreaming? This question is not as complicated as one would think. There is now a growing interest in Lucid Dreaming by both scientist and medical research corporations. The Athabasca University in Canada is at the forefront of understanding the art of lucid dreaming. Research is starting to accelerate in the area of

Wait a minute though; if it's our own mind that inspires the dream and it is our thoughts that control the dream. The next question would be how do we control our thoughts while dreaming? This question is not as complicated as one might think. There is now a growing interest in Lucid Dreaming by both scientist and medical research corporations. The Athabasca University in Canada is at the forefront of understanding the art of lucid dreaming. Research is starting to accelerate in the area of dreaming in general; lucid dreaming is a subset study in some major universities and psychological sleep studies going on even today.

Lucid Dreaming is not just a hopeful wish of the future. As Stephen LaBerge’s research suggested that it is possible to be self-aware during REM sleep. The fact is Lucid Dreaming is a reality and with the right tools anyone can over time learn how to dream lucid. Lucid Dreaming means to be aware of the dream state in REM sleep and gain the control over the dream itself. When I first began to attempt to unlock the secrets behind lucid dreaming I had major issues. I have a hard time actually visualizing images in my mind. My mind works differently I use words and colors instead of actual images. It really takes effort for me to conjure up images in my mind's eye, instead I typically get abstract thoughts and colors. So understanding my dreams is important as it has now taught me how to bring those sounds and colors to contrast in order to get a picture in my mind. I am interested in how your mind works as this is important to lucid dreaming. The next part of this article is going to demonstrate exactly how to lucid dream by using all

Do you visualize in your mind?

Can you easily create an image in your mind while awake?

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Are you interested in the Ancient History of Lucid Dreaming?

When it comes to lucid dreaming the history is rich and it goes all the way back to Ancient times. Ancient Hinduism and Buddism both have written accounts of lucid dreaming. The ability to transcend the physical body is held throughout all religions. Lucid dreaming is even a controversial topic at or around 1250 AD Thomas Aquinas claimed that demons could inspire such a dream state. I believe this as well and strongly suggest before even attempting to have such a dream experience to pray and keep in divine communication. Anything can be abused by the force which seeks to destroy us all.

So we clearly see the ability to dream lucidly repeat throughout history. We now have a better understanding of what it is to have a lucid dream. We need to keep positive and create a positive reality in every realm in which we exist. We need to keep our dreams positive, for if you go to sleep thinking of having a positive lucid dreaming experience then you will awake in a positive mood. We all must sleep so this is always a great time to tune into the right channel and move forward into the night in positive vibration. We need to start dreaming of a new reality, new methods of living and being one with the most high. I have given you a brief glimpse into a window, this window has an entirely new angle of sight. When we find what true beauty can be from our dreams then we can create an idea that will replace that in which man created. Go to sleep in deep communication with God and the Son of Man and the truth will come as your line of communication gets stronger and stronger like a cell phone signal moving from within a tunnel into the open closer and closer to the source (phone tower in this example).

If you are interested in the full history of Lucid Dreaming feel free to check out the link to the Dream Studies Portal on Ancient Lucid Dreaming.

Can you Dream Lucidly?

Have you ever had a Lucid Dream?

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Facts about Lucid Dreaming! Science Behind the Lucid Dream

© 2015 Steven Miller


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    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      4 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Awesome Twin and I thank you. I love jumping around with low gravity although sometimes I wake myself up because it feels as if I am going to fly away. Anyone else experience that feeling, like when you look up at the stars and get that weird feeling?

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      4 years ago from Minnesota

      Great article on Lucid Dreaming Steve. I wrote an article on it too as I have learned how to do it. Once you practice lucid dreaming, it gets easier. One of my favorite lucid dreams is when I flew over my own city. What a blast! Thanks for sharing your experience and information with us. Voted up, Hit many buttons and sharing.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      4 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      No problem and thanks. It is funny I actually woke up during a very emotional dream I woke up laughing hysterically. It is very interesting to have a lucid dream I will say that.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      4 years ago

      This is a fascinating article. I dream every night and I always remember every detail. I may look into a dream journal and I now want to learn more about lucid dreaming thanks to you.


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