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Lucifer Gods Brightest Angel

Updated on July 29, 2015



First name Christopher.

Last name Lucifer‎.

Once upon a time it is said and echoed in the

Holy scripts the Koran and the Holy Bible.

That you were Gods most obedient loyal

favorite ‎and most loyal Angel.

You composed the most Hypnotic soothing

And spiritual music and melodies which would

amuse and put to sleep all life in Heaven.

It is said you turned your back on your Creator

God and you wanted to be as Mighty as he is.

Surely if you admired the Lord so much

As to emulate his presence, your heart was PURE.

As a child will observe and learn from his father.

If a child witnesses love from mum and dad

They are likely to be well balanced in Society.

If the home is reckless ‎and broken the child

Or children may have issues in reality

Later on in life and maintaining healthy.

Let US assume there were no Angels that were

Once Human Beings in Heaven at that apparent

Era. Yet is pronounced that Lucifer was thrown

Down into an Abyss beneath the earth.

So the "earth existed yet there was no Life".

As we already when Lucifer was cast unto earth

God created the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th day.....

Once day and night had been created all wild life

And the beauty of nature and lush vegetation

Had taken form.

Garden of Eden

Was the most radiant geographical land on earth.

God was still in pleased with his creation

And he created Adam a Man made in the IMAGE

Of God.

Yet God released and was advised by Adam himself

That he was lonely.

While Adam was asleep a deep sleep

God took his rib and created Eve the first WOMEN

Then Adam was complete.......

Adam and Eve were pure, virgins

And were there first generation of Mankind

They were truly born free of SIN‎.

They were naked day and night.

The Lord told them they have all the pleasures

And luxuries of the garden.

Yet they should not even think of the tree of Knowledge nor should they eat from it.

Then One day Lucifer carved into a snake

Let us pay attention Lucifer could take a form

Of any apparent Soul on Earth.

He persuaded Eve to get Adam ‎to eat from the

Tree of Knowledge. The symbol being an apple.

From that moment they realized that they were naked.

When God came to visit them as he always did

They took leaves and covered their private parts...

God asked them why have you covered yourselves

Have you eaten from the tree of knowledge?

The offspring of mankind would now be born

Sin suffer we would be born and of the flesh we would die in the physical.

My synopsis

Evil is a shade of pure goodness.

So if Lucifer was disowned and cast out of heaven

Because he wanted to be like God or even

Greater if possible.

On Earth

Adam was ruler of all animals

He was king.


God had Angels that worshiped him ,

All of eternity.

There was resolute peace and tranquility.

We are not told what Lucifer wanted to mimic

About Gods Glory, as the universe was absolute.

Perhaps God Had his Own Angel, an Angelic

Eve which would give birth to the off spring of God.

Think about IT?

Love is the union of two souls, which are supposed to flourish and grow together till death do them part. Husband and Wife or Soul Mate.

Adam and Eve their union and first two children

Cane and Able one murdered the other.

Perhaps as beautiful as making babies is

The soul or spirit that is born into the world

May have glimpses of Darkness.

The tree of Knowledge could be our journey

Into making it into Heaven or cleaning our

Of our spirit.

So it could be Lucifer fell in LOVE with an angel

And wanted to ear from the tree of Knowledge

Wanting to feel how it is to LOVE....

As noble as that may be it COULD have been

The gravest SIN since the existence of life

And the creation of the universe......

The ills of Society

Love Birth if a new Soul Class the rich middle class

And poor education unemployment religions getting a job acquiring property marriage growing old becoming a parent then grand parents retiring

And becoming a senior citizen and death finally resting in peace if you lived a fulfilled life.

Yet there is crime poverty domestic violence

‎Wars genocide and because of the stress of survival there are all sorts illnesses physical

Mental and spiritual.

Yet advancements in getting the majority

Of communities educated so we can have stable

Family units.

And continue making new inventions and discover

Cures for our WORLD.


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