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AMEM ... so be it?

Updated on June 18, 2017

Since we were born, we have suffered all kinds of pressure and embarrassment. They try to push us into the most varied forms of junk. From food to the way of thinking. They force us to profess a faith that many times, when we reach adulthood, we do not identify with it. And then we end up conforming. I did not conform, I hope you follow your mind and not the mind of the Popes. What really matters is freedom of choice. Freedom of expression be it conventional or alternative.

Many think they are better than others, the chosen ones who will go to heaven... But will they?

Do you know your Church? An ancient Roman Catholic proverb says:

"It is easier for a camel to go through the hole of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven."

But why? Think a little, if the person got along well if he battled for what he wants, and got it deserved, It means that every poor man is good and all rich is bad, (HA!), If the rich do not enter the sky, why is there so much gold in the Vatican? And when I say Church I do not mean only the Apostolic Church, but all denominations that follow Christianity.

If you have sympathy for witchcraft, Satanism and other beliefs, the choice is yours. The key is freedom of choice. And if after reading this document you still want to be like you are I can not do anything, the choice is yours.This is the essence. Whether you are Satanist, Esoteric, Christian or whatever, what matters is to be free!

You may say that you are Catholic, for convenience, but think about it, were you the one you chose to be, or were your parents who made you their "choice" when you were younger? Think back and try to remember the day you decided to join this religion, if you can remember congratulations! You're one of the few who can. Now try to remember why, whatever you have your opinion, or think you have.

Remember that the same light that illuminates your path may blind you on the way to the pit.

Since the creation of the world, good and evil struggle to have control of human beings. So we realize that everything in this life has two sides. A "good" and a "evil".

But who is who? Who is the good and who is the evil? As we have learned, History is made by the strongest, and told by those who have the highest voice!


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