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Updated on September 10, 2010

“ On this day, Oh beautiful Mother

On this day, we give you our Love.

Cherished Lily of the vale’

Virgin Mother Queen we hall.”


In the moment of Mary said” Yes” to angle Gabriel when Gabriel appeared and saluted Her, then the history of humankind opened the new page and the saving power of God began to proceed in this world: “The Word of God became the flesh in the womb of Mary”.

Oh Mary! Mother of Jesus, I thank you since you accepted to become the mother of Jesus Christ;; and after that The Holy Spirit let baby Jesus Christ in your womb in Bethlehem cave 2000 years ago, and He saved all humankind from sins and gave us the power of uniting with God again, this power was lost when our ancestors, Adam and Eva committed the sins by eating the fruit of forbidden Apple in the Heaven Garden.

I thank you since you chose to live a simple and poor life together with Jesus Christ as well as Joseph in the Nazareth village 2000 years ago and became a strong disciple and strong witness for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our God and our Lord forever…

I thank you since you are chosen to become the Mother of the Church and all mankind when Jesus said to Saint John about you on the cross before Jesus died:“John, this is your Mom. “And at this moment we all became your children...

I also thank you since you lived a sacrificed and prayed life, and God brought to the Heaven with Him your body and your soul together as His reward to you….You are the only and the first of humankind who is living in the Heaven with the body and the soul together…All of other saints also are living with God, but only their soul, not their bodies

I thank you since you are our beloved mother, and you always intercede and pray for us before God…Please accept our prayer and made our words become more acceptable and more favorable to God’s Love…

Mary, our beloved Mom, today is your Birthday, September 8…I want to offer you my gift, the gift of all the rosaries I prayed from the moment I was born to now Please use my gift as a prayer for us, for all readers of my Hub, for all the poor people from the tough lives of depressive economy right now.

I also ask you giving me and my family your favor gift now…Thanks you Mother…


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    • profile image

      Kalida Toma 5 years ago

      I Love You Mother of God

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      The most precious of mothers in the entire world, for without Her we would have no redeemer, to pave the way home to heaven.

      Brother Dave.