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Updated on January 25, 2014


According to every Old Testament translation I have searched, the record of THE FOURTH BOOK OF MOSES CALLED NUMBERS consistently implies that terrestrial snakes caused grievous bodily harm to many Israelites. This was punishment instigated by YHWH for mutterings over dependence on God for a limited means of sustenance. It seems that people looked back to the good things they had in Egypt, yearning for the good portion and desiring not the afflictions that came with their former lives. Surely an easy thing to do. Yet Orthodox Judaism suggests that the manna could somehow taste like any delicacy one might desire. Most people have heard the story about the fall of man in Eden. The snake of the garden somehow represented Adam's Adversary. This principle is extended to the conflict in the Wilderness.




Literally "what is it?" It is commonly described as the bread from heaven.



Serpent Cult-ture...

It's alive and well all over this planet.


According to Joseph Smith Jnr. peace and blessings be upon him, the record he translated tells a more supernatural story at face value. In 1Nephi, 17:41 the offending creatures read as "fiery, flying serpents". This message certainly draws a thoughtful reader back to a most obscure bible episode. There seem to be no comparative references in The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints literature and doctrine. So why would a snake fly?

Consultation of the Hebrew Scriptures reveals the term Seraphim (plural) in regard to "fiery". Nowhere does it read flying in the relevant text. Conversely the genus of Seraphim are revealed in Isaiah's astonishing Messianic vision before the throne of Jehovah (Isa.6). Seraphim are given top rung in the angelic hierarchy of Christianity. They are given middle ground in the pecking order of Judaism. In Islam the genus of fiery angels is that of the Adversary, although that does not necessarily imply Satan is a fallen Seraphim.


Under this great duress the Hebrew people repented to the Servant Of God. Israel confessed their spoken word against Jehovah (Num. 21:7). Subsequently Jehovah's instruction to Moses instigated a tool for healing. The tool may provide no further clues to solving this riddle of identity. For the Hebrew Scriptures refer to the construction as a Seraphim and then a Serpent alternately. To further confuse matters bible translators rendered the Hebrew word for copper as brass in terms of the tool material. However the modern consenus is that brass is correct in this case. Brass; a material that can be engineered to resemble gold. What was the chosen device? A Seraphim on a [wooden?] flagpole.

In our modern era of civilisation the medical establishment use their version of Moses' Brazen Serpent to present themselves as an alternative to Jehovah's healing. The original was destroyed long ago due to King Hezekiah's drive for centralisation (2Chron. 31:2). The Priesthood became divided between the order of Aaron and "common" Levites. The Levites looked to Moses rather than Aaron and the Brazen Serpent represented a powerful physical reminder of Moses. King Hezekiah arranged for it to be destroyed under the pretext of idolatry (2Kings 18:4). Whether idolatry was in any way an issue is impossible to verify in this age and history is usually written by the winners.


Truly this Brazen Serpent represents spiritual corruption, failure and dominance by Adam's arch-enemy.


Reading the Numbers Brazen Serpent story in Hebrew swiftly provides one with a typical biblical pun. The snake was made of copper, or the nachush was made of nachoshet[h]. However there is another Hebrew word that sounds like both these terms. Neechush is a fortune teller with less than divine sources and by some accounts equates with sorcery. The word snake can be broken down to two words; to rest and to move swiftly are possible meanings. So the Hebrew word for snake is essentially an oxymoron. Brass/copper can be made to look like gold. It can be misrepresented as gold. Modern brass is often filled with toxic lead. In Judaism the story is related to the Fall in Eden. The snake is associated with the "evil inclination". The inner desire of the people is betraying them and their eyes must turn to the heavens. Sorcery is a form of deception. It can lead to a feeling of self-empowerment and consequent separation from the creator. The symbolism of the Brazen Serpent is all about deception and inherent danger.

Christianity generally considers the Brazen Serpent to be a "Type Of Christ". " Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son Of Man [Adam] be lifted up." (John 3:14).

There is a closely related story to the Brazen Serpent Of Moses. It occurs earlier in the Exodus period when the Amalekites attack Israel. Although one may draw additional analogies from this incident I must stick to the context here. During the main battle Moses stood upon a high hill and lifted his rod to the sky. In time his arms grew weary and as they drooped the Amalekites were winning. As his arms pointed again to the sky Israel was stronger. With Aaron and Hur assisting he maintained this position to victory. The sign was pointing to heaven but there was no other symbolism apparent.

Aaron, Moses & Hur Upon The Hill

A war wages between the Amelekites and Israel. The spiritual war is being fought by the High Priests. Their weary arms represent the will of men that inevitably fail in the "good fight" without stout help from their fellows.


Israel was given symbolic teaching through Moses to seek their coming salvation in the heavens. John the Revelator wrote of the sign in heaven (Rev. 12:1). The Israelites and Gentiles were given a picture of a Messiah that would not be what they were expecting. Fool's gold, not real. A swindle by the kingdom of the Adversary. This Messiah was indeed a type of...Jesus Christ. To become fictionalised by the religion of Christianity. To allegedly abandon the Way Of Moses and become unrecognisable to Israel. A Messiah that came to bring the sword, not peace (Matt. 10:34). There was no second Eden to be had at his advent. Humanity was promised a Messianic Age to come but that was postponed until the end of the Latter-Days. An age when the Followers Of The Way and their knowledge would be whittled away by time and affliction until nothing remained but a shell with rotten innards. A resurrection of The Way was the only answer.

Typical Idolatrous Jesus Picture

The christian pagan Christ in this picture comes complete with Sacred Heart symbolism. This is the legacy of Nimrod's house according to legend. The heart was a secret symbol for the universal Sun worship that existed since the Second Age. Sun worship was the religion of Rome and Greece. Emperor Constantine forced the merger of Sun worship to the Roman Church.


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    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      It is important to remember that When Jesus returns He will be a man of war and destroy the enemies of His kingdom and rescue the residue of Israel from the Gentile aggressors in the Holy Land.

      However, it is important to note that Jesus will appear to His Saints several times before his second coming in dread and glory to the world. The first appearance recorded was of Joseph Smith Jr. testimony to see God the Father and Jesus Christ. Following, there have been a number of recorded meetings and other meetings that are too sacred to publish as of yet.

      There is also the grand event that will occur at the location of Adam-Ondi-Ahman of all the righteous children of Adam who will witness Father Adam returning the Keys of the kingdom to the rightful heir, Jesus Christ. We are joint heirs with Him since he is the rightful heir.

      I mention this to say that the great and dreadful day of the Lord is only so to those who are wicked. We we see Him, we will recognize Him in his fullness--both a God of Vengeance and a God of Peace.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 4 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      Interesting and apparent scholarship. So many write, speak, and debate about what they term "Mormonism" without ever examining Latter-day Saints' belief in Christ and their role as fellow Christians. A little scholarship of their own by such critics would open the way for serious, informed discussion and debate. Mormons simply want to add to and clarify what other Christians also revere, not contend with sound, righteous beliefs based on Bible scriptures. It is certainly not amazing that Christ spoke of his other sheep and said "And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd." (John 10:16) Isn't it disturbing that Christianity today is separated into so many contentious folds saying "..the truth is here"? Surely Christ did not intend for it to be so.