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Morning Star Church for Our Lady of Vailankanni

Updated on February 2, 2013

Main Entrance of Vailankanni Basilica

The golden jubilee of the Shrine Basilica of Vailankanni is being celebrated from 3rd November 2012. It is decided to raise a monument for our Lady of Health. It will be called ‘Morning Star Church’. This mega structure is coming up on the northern side of the Holy Path in Vailankanni. The new church measuring 400 feet long, 138 feet wide and 40 feet high, will have the seating capacity of over 15,000 numbers. It is designed with Portuguese artistic nuances. The overall view resembles a shell.There will be no intermediate columns. The front elevation is similar to that of Our Lady's main basilica. Hope this church will become an architectural wonder.

Faith is matter of celebration in Vailankanni. You can witness by visiting this holy place. Each one coming to this church has a unique story to tell. Everybody believes strongly in Mother's recommendation to our Father.

In 1771, Vailankanni became a parish and Fr. Antonio de Rozario was the first parish priest. Till 1889, the priests of St. Franciscan Missionaries from the province of Goa and Mylapore controlled the parish of Vailankanni. Then 1890 onwards, the diocesan priests of the Diocese of Mylaporewere in charge of Vailankanni and managed the church. In 1952, the priests of Thanjavur Diocese became the custodians of the Shrine.

Mother Mary of Vailankanni
Mother Mary of Vailankanni

Basilica status was conferred to Vailankanni Church in the year 1962. A Basilica is a consecrated Church and generally constructed in one of the classical styles of architecture. With the blessing of Mother Mary, this church deserves the exalted status. His Excellency the Rev. Dr. R. Arokiasamy Sundaram, the first Bishop of the diocese of Thanjavur, requested the Holy Father personally to raise the Shrine of Our Lady of Vailankanni to the status of a Minor Basilica. His Holiness Pope John XXIII issued orders raising the Shrine to the exalted status of a Minor Basilica linking this to the St. Mary’s Major Basilica in Rome. Thus the Shrine of Vailankanni became the Shrine Basilica of Vailankanni in November 1962.

You can contribute generously towards the construction of this new church “Morning Star Church’ at Vailankanni. You can send your donation directly to The Rector,Shrine Basillica, Vailankanni-611 111,Nagapattinam Dt.,Tamilnadu,India. A reply with the blessings of the Mother of Vailankanni will be sent to from the Shrine. All devotees and donors are remembered in all the Mass and Prayer Services in the Shrine Basilica.

May God bless you!

Morning Star Church under construction


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