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Man, compared to the vast creation!

Updated on March 27, 2015

Vastness of creation!

Science Vs Spirituality!

When we plunge into worldly activities, the results are mostly frustration and sorrow. Why? The worldly events are like passing clouds. The relationships are also fragile. Every moment, changes occur both in our body, mind and feelings. Likewise, there are many events throughout the world which is frustrating to read or view. The entire media depict only negative things in front columns. Positive events are reflected mostly in the third or last page without giving prominence. It seems that the media too is averse to publish positive developments around the world if any. Only crazy things, shows, beauty contests and advertisements occupy more than 80% of media space. The rest is about conflicts, terrorism, civil wars, nature’s fury, and accidents in sky, water and earth.

This clearly depicts the commercial mind sets of media leaders. They want to sell more papers, tabloids or weeklies. In a poignant way, once Saibaba has told a gathering, “Today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s waste paper. Yes, every second brings latest news items through internet and online visuals in TV news program. Hardly 10% of media content is worth reading and watching.

What is the reason for this downfall in the human culture? Only when there is rise of materialism and greed in the mind of man, humanity descends rapidly. Adopting morality and truth in everyday life is one sure way to arrest the descent. We all consider that the thoughts fade away into oblivion. Contrary to this belief, the entire thoughts hover around in space. Hence more than the atmospheric pollutions by harmful chemicals and effluents, the human thoughts have done immense harm in spoiling the entire sky. The thoughts of anger and lust, the thoughts of greed and enmity, and every little feeling, reach the atmosphere and remain there forever. When those accumulations reach intolerable levels, Nature reacts by way of gales and storms, tornadoes and earthquake. How to disinfect the atmosphere polluted by human greed, lust and anger?

Only by adopting the spiritual practices advocated by many a saints and sages throughout the world from ancient days, man can cleanse the atmosphere. From the olden days, chanting of the names of different forms of God in various religions is practiced by many people, sages, saints and prophets. To a great extent, the chanting helped people to concentrate and focus on spiritual path. Compassion and selfless service stems from pure love. In fact, every one possesses pure love towards something if not on god. People love their family, children, possession and properties. These are all misplaced love, the love in a distorted form. In a way, we can treat the mother’s love towards their children as a closest form of selfless love. All other attachments are mere infatuation, expectations, give and take.

Miserably, man relies on the external world or relationships for sourcing joy and comfort. They are really fickle in nature, momentary and never last. The perennial source of eternal bliss is only in the realm or spirit or soul. The soul or self is vast and immeasurable. It occupies every atom of creation, energizing it, making it vibrate and radiate waves of energy. We cannot pride ourselves as inventors of latest communication gadgets. If there is no wave or magnetism or electricity, no scientific inventions are possible. All scientific inventions rely on the existing things created by the creator. They, the scientists just investigate and examine, interpolate, make some additions and subtractions and pride themselves as though they have invented some new thing!

No scientist on earth can create a small leaf of a plant. They can only copy or mimic the existing one. Scientists cannot create a new thing out of nothing. It is God’s realm. God created the entire cosmos out of nothing including the scientists who pride themselves. Once Sathya Saibaba has told the audience, that the science is like the letter “C” which always depicts a gap which is imponderable whereas spirituality is like the letter “O”, full without any ambiguity. There are millions of galaxies on space. The astronomers or space scientists can fathom only a minuscule through the most advanced ‘electron microscopes”.

The scriptures point out many such “Brahmandas”, the vast cluster of bodies in the space. We search some imponderables in space and the scientists are unable to find out the origin of ‘black holes’, the formation and death of stars which are scattered in billions throughout the space. They postulate some theories according to their scientific understandings. One thing which is clear is ‘the size of an individual is ‘nano’ when compared to the vast universe. Can an ant dwell on the measure of the ocean? If one wants to learn the imponderables, he must become humble and egoless. Then only he can grasp a minute part of creation and creator!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago

      Thank you my friend for the continued encouragement!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Well very nice article, my Friend. Continue ...