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Man will end the planet not God. We need to take responsibility, more.

Updated on November 22, 2014

We can do it and we all just got to pitch in, even in our own back yards

It doesn't take a genius to see what we are all doing.

In life, I know I can study things an look things up myself.

The world indeed can be a beautiful place with beautiful people.

I just truly think if we ALL don't take responsibility for the care of Mother Earth, we are the ones that are going to end the life of Mother Earth.

Yes, there are people who indeed are trying and I hope that is helping heal Mother Earth.

People always quote things in the bible and I think sometimes I see how people write that God is going to end the earth?

Look at we are doing to the earth.

I honestly think God is going to sit back and see what we do.

It is in our hands.

But what I see, is in many countries not just here in America that people are stick, starving, homeless and hungry.

So how can the majority take care of the planet when they can hardly take care of themselves?

There is so much suffering in the world.

I honestly don't think I can ever rely on any politician because what do all the political parties do is to seem to yell at the other parties and blame each other and don't seem to look to solutions for anything. I swear they are mostly in politics to make a paycheck.

I look up and see on the internet that people are the ones trying to make a difference.

People in their own communities.

Sometimes it is the poorest people that go out in their own communities to help it.

It maybe nice that some celebrities are doing great things and I try very hard to look for the good things in this world and there are surprises that you just don't expect to see what the "common" man is doing to help the world.

It would be nice if our countries didn't want to fight each other and help to find solution for each country for their people who are homeless and hungry and sick.

I know with homeless, I have seen myself little tiny homes that are around $3,500 dollars and it has running water, a small bathroom and heat.

I also think there is something we really could do and I know there are smart people out there that could convert all the garbage in the world for fuel and make fuel for cars with it.

That would then help with a few things. It would help clean up Mother Earth and heal her. It would also stop us draining Mother Earth of her resources. Plus no one would have to go to fight for oil ever again.

I mean for crying out loud, the car companies still would make a profit off of cars because people are still going to buy cars.

I am not rocket science but there are simple solutions that would make the world a better place, but who am I to say.

Even with water that is dirty in some countries, I know there are devices that help to filter the water to clean it so there would be water for people.

I sit here in America and see what happens in other countries and yes, even in America people are homeless, starving, and hungry.

It is vast amount of people and then we wonder why people are angry?

I think you would be too if you were starving and you might not have hope to see where your next source of food is coming from.

Please do not tell me that every person is a scam artist that holds a sign.

I gone out myself over in Portland Maine and there is a soup kitchen and there are people there everyday.

You seriously can not tell me that all those people are scammers and seeing kids there. How are we suppose to know their stories if we don't sit down and take the time to know them? We don't and won't know what they are going through.

I mean, I originally come from Boston and in the heart of Boston around the Boston Common, there are people wrapped up in newspapers and garbage who sleep on the streets and this is everywhere.

Look at me writing this, I seen it, like most people what do we all do including myself? We look and nothing gets done. We pass by and just go about our way right?

We have roofs over our heads and yeah we might think about the person that we just saw in the cold wrapped up sleeping on the ground, but what do we do?

We thank God for a roof over our heads and a warm place, but what do we actually do? We just do nothing.

I have been guilty of this too. I think most people just don't know what to do and I think because we are so desensitize to seeing it, it just becomes normal to see someone just laying in the cold weather on the street that we just go about the day and just take care of ourselves.

Guess what? Once again I been guilty about that too.

Yet even if the common man and common women tries to think of doing things what can really be done?

It is much harder for the common human beings to voice their opinion or if people have to take care of families it might be hard for people to worry about other people if they are only surviving too.

People work a full time job and get paid minimum wage and if the minimum wage goes up so does everything else in this world.

People, full grown adults try very hard to make it in this world and when your struggling and feel like that is your life why bother to worry about the world if that is your life? Why would people bother if they are just surviving and not thriving. It might be hard to think about what is going on in the world if you just get by.

But I think we can educate ourselves about the world. I think as an American we do have to think of the people in our country.

Believe me I do care very much about other countries but even in our own backyards, even just in our own city, if we can't just help save the whole world maybe we can just do a little in our own backyard.

Now imagine, if we all did take care of just our own cities, that would be a start.


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