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Manifestation Tools Are All Around You

Updated on January 18, 2011
Image by nicubunu (public domain)
Image by nicubunu (public domain)

All It Takes Is Your Imagination

Look around you. You will probably see several objects that you can use as tools to manifest your desires through the Law of Attraction. Likely, you have already used some of these objects as LOA tools in your own creative way. Whether you light a pink candle to attract love or use a green pen to attract money, it's not the use of these objects that leads to the manifestation of your desires. Instead, it is how you allow these objects affect your feelings that leads to the fruition of your desires.

Experts Share Their Insight

In their book, Financial Freedom in 8 Minutes a Day: How to Attract and Manage All the Money You'll Ever Need, Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick call such objects "heuristics." They explain, "Heuristic comes from an ancient Greek word meaning 'to discover' or 'to point out.' We use it psychologically to mean 'to remind' or 'to bring into awareness.'" An example they use is a gold coin that they rub. They say, "When we rub it, we can almost see the genie of wealth blessing us."

It Has the Power You Give It, So Give It Some Power

A vision board is a perfect example of a heuristic, but if you look at your vision board and feel nothing, then it's useless. Worse yet, it can do more harm than good if you look at your vision board and say to yourself, "What's the use? I'll never afford all those things. I'll never be a dynamic public speaker. I don't see any evidence that I'll ever have my dream job or my dream home."

Whatever objects you use--whether they are vision boards, gratitude rocks, photos you've saved on your computer, or crystals--you must allow them to inspire you. You must give them the power to create a magnificent emotional response within you.

I want to increase my success as a writer and a web entrepreneur, so I have saved images of money pouring out of computer screens. As I meditate upon these images, I allow myself to feel money literally pouring out of my computer. I allow the images to inspire me to feel wealthy and successful. I also affirm that I have achieved such financial success by doing the things that I love.

Using Colors to Manifest Your Desires

Some experts say that a certain color symbolizes a certain goal or object. While some experts will say that green attracts money, others will say that the color of gold attracts money. In my opinion, if you want to attract money, use whatever color you feel brings out your prosperity. The following list includes ways that you can use colors to manifest your desires:

  • As you sip from a green coffee mug, imagine that you are intaking financial success.
  • If you want to heal from a physical ailment, meditate on a candle that has a color you associate with health.
  • If you would like to make new friends, hold a crystal that has, what you feel is, the color of friendship and feel the power of friendship rubbing off on you.

Using Shapes and Signs

Allow shapes and signs to manifest positive feelings within you, whether you use them intentionally or run into them "randomly."

  • Hold or gaze upon heart-shaped objects and allow them to inspire you to feel your soulmate entering your life.
  • Use a dollar sign (or a pound, a euro sign, etc.) for your computer background. When you see it, allow yourself to feel the symbol throwing money at you.
  • Allow a peace sign to conjure up peace within you.

Loving, Touching, Squeezing:

Allow yourself to feel the love, friendship, and companionship that is already around you. Allow yourself to feel the depth of the love you already have. Even if it feels uncomfortable for you, allow yourself to feel the love and discomfort at the same time without judging yourself.

  • Allow yourself to feel unconditional love while you hug or hold your child or grandchild. This will create even more love in your life. (By the way, you will not be "using" them in the negative sense of the word if you practice this exercise. Instead, you will benefit them by showering your love upon them. You will both benefit.)
  • Give a friend a pat on the back...with sincerity. You will receive more platonic love in return.
  • Concentrate on the loving people who are already around you. Read this hub by Chris McCann, an intelligent young man who allowed the love of his family to overcome the physical pain he was feeling. Apply it to your own life.

Engaging the Senses

The more senses you engage, the better. If you allow what you see, what you feel, what you smell, that you taste, and what you hear to speak to your emotions...if you allow the senses to get you into the feeling of "having it now," then you are using all senses to synergize and multiply their benefits on your behalf. The following are suggestions in which you can engage your senses to manifest the feelings that will bring you what you want.

  • Use aroma therapy to create positive emotions within you.
  • When you are eating healthy fruits and vegetables that you find delicious, allow the taste to send signals of health to your mind and body.
  • Feel gratitude for the luxury of drinking healthy water. In modern, developed countries, we take water for granted. In fact, we criticize our local governments and utility companies for not bringing us healthier water. Consider the fact that there are people in third-world countries who would give anything for a taste of the water we take for granted. If you focus on the negative aspects of the water you consume, you will receive just that. If you feel appreciation for the chemicals in your tap water, you will receive the healing benefits of it.
  • Listen with your heart. Allow your favorite music to speak to your emotions in a positive manner. The next time you hear a songbird, imagine that the Universe intentionally put the songbird in your vicinity so that you could allow its beautiful melody to improve your mood, and thus, improve your ability to manifest the life that you want.

Persistent, Applied Imagination Leads to Results

You can use any object of your choosing as a heuristic. The only limits you have are the limits you set upon yourself. If you allow your imagination to be limitless, then your ability to manifest your desires will also be limitless. Affirm that your creative abilities to manifest your desires are unlimited. If you do, then your potential will match your mindset.


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