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Ketu Mantras and Remedies

Updated on February 20, 2014
Anamika S profile image

Anamika S Jain is a Social Media Consultant and Blogger. She is passionate about topics like Alternative Health Therapies and Hindu Mantras.

Story of Ketu

According to Hindu mythology, Ketu is generally referred to as a "shadow" planet. Ketu is the descending lunar node. The story of Rahu and Ketu is quite interesting. Swarbhanu, the son born to the Asura King Viprasithi and a Queen Sinhika, consumed amrut by disguising himself as a God and sitting in between Sun and Moon. Once Mohini (a Lord Vishnu avatar as female) who was distributing the holy nectar of immortality noticed the mistake Sharbhanu was assaulted with the ladle resulting which his head separating from the rest of the body. As he had already consumed amrut he did not die. Swarbhanu pleaded to Vishnu for moksha and accordingly a serpents body was fitted to his face which we call Rahu and the serpents head with his body became Ketu. Venus and Rahu are its friends, whereas Moon and Mars are its enemies. Ketu also causes lunar eclipse when Moon, earth and sun aligns in the same longitude along with the node. Though it is not a Planet it is counted as one of the Navagrahas. The effects of Ketu are somewhat similar to that of Mars.

Ketu Mantras
Ketu Mantras

Mantras of Ketu and Meaning

Given below are the Mantras of Ketu.

"Palasha Puspa Sangasham

Tarakagraha Mastakam

Rowdram Rowdratmakam Ghoram

Tam Ketum Pranamamyaham"


I offer my obeisance to the violent and fearsome Ketu who is endowed with the potency of Lord Shiva and having a complexion resembling the flower of a palasa plant, he serves as the head of the stars and planets.

More Mantras

"Om prang Preeng Paroung Sah Bhoorbhavah savah. Om Ketum Krivannketava Yasbomaryaapeshase. Samusdwibharjayathah. Om Swah Bhoovah, Bhoo, Om Sah Paroong Pareeng Praung Katave Namah"

“Aum Hrim Krum Krura Rupine Ketave Aim Suh Svaha”

"Om Sraam Sreem Sraum Sah Ketave Namah”

"Aum Ketave Namah"

"Om Kem Ketave Namah"

"Om Hum Kem Ketave Namah"

Ketu Gayatri Mantra

"AUM Chitravarnaya Vidhmahe,

Sarparoopaya Dhimahi,

Tanno Ketu Prachodayat."

Ketu Remedies

According to Vedic astrology Ketu is the representation of karmic collections both good and bad, spirituality and supernatural influences. Ketu is the lord of three nakshatras :Ashwini, Magha and Mula. Ketu stays for 18 months or 1.6 year in each Zodiac. The metal representing Ketu is Iron and Gemstone is Cat's Eye.

Some Remedies of Ketu

  • Donate a cat's eye gemstone, a brown cow with white spots, colored blankets or black mustard seeds on Thursday or a dog to a poor young man on Thursday.
  • Reciting of Shiva Panchakshari Stotra.
  • Worshiping Lord Ganesh.
  • Keeping a fast on the first Thursday of the waxing moon.
  • Chanting the Ketu Mantras 18000 times on 108 japa beads and performing puja with mixed flowers and sandalwood within the ascending cycle of the Moon. The recitation should begin on a Tuesday during the bright half of the Moon. The presence of 'Mahamrityunjaya yantra' at the place of recitation may help you in achieving the desired results faster.


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  • Ashish Pandya profile image

    Ashish Pandya 5 years ago from Kuwait City

    hi sister anamika llike the all mantras thanks

  • profile image

    zambala 5 years ago

    I don't like Cat's eye! Some while ago I was reading that most probably I have a bad ketu influence and I was trying to wear Cat's eye.....but....the stone itself looks nice, but I usually feel different subtle energies....and I felt in effect I am becoming very unemotianal, and I didn't like this influence, so I quit it...

    But I adore the Shani mantra (I am listening it right now), I am borne on saturday , and I feel very smooth and calm from Shani mantra :)

    Blessings of Devi to you! :)

  • steve of ian fame profile image

    steve of ian fame 6 years ago from Essex

    Illustrates the growth of spirituality.

  • profile image

    Reetika 6 years ago

    Hi Anamika, You are doing such a nice work by helping others. Just want to clear a doubt, which day should I recite Rahu and Ketu mantras and how many times?

  • BRHANDA profile image

    BRHANDA 7 years ago

    compliments, congr.on so richest,healthy information on ketu vedic based. in addition i suggest. . kalsarp pujan on nagpanchmi,shivratri, two puranmashi one ammavas is very much benevalent. kalsarp pujan on 35 gm silver nag-nagin. there eyes be of gomaid or catseye. the pujan be performed at rivers bank & after pujan the entired samagri be flown in water, possibe a bath be takrn & old cloths donated or jalparwah.

  • profile image

    Quaraca 8 years ago

    Ilike the mantras and especially nice Krishna songs, thank you,Anamika

  • countrywomen profile image

    countrywomen 8 years ago from Washington, USA

    Following the inner voice works best. I guess I would receive my calling too some day :-)

  • Anamika S profile image

    Anamika S 8 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

    Thanks Countrywomen! Yes... I am religious because i try to follow the good things of all religions i know and raise my voice against things i think are wrong.

  • countrywomen profile image

    countrywomen 8 years ago from Washington, USA

    You are a very religious person. Every time I read your hubs I can feel that. I do listen to spiritual music(kirtans) sometimes. :-)

  • Anamika S profile image

    Anamika S 8 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

    Thanks for visiting my Hub Rajesparan.

  • profile image

    Rajesparan 8 years ago

    Hi Anamika S nice to here few word from you

  • Anamika S profile image

    Anamika S 8 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

    Thanks for the visit SweetiePie. I like Cat's eye too.

  • SweetiePie profile image

    SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

    The remedies of katu are very interesting, and I must say cat's eye stones are some of my favorites.