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Many Steps Beyond Our Imagination

Updated on March 26, 2014

QUESTION: Fact Or Fantasy?

What lies here and what lies beyond is a mystery. Science lacks the ability to shed a spector of light upon this age old dilemma.

Where Did I Come From?

Yes my mind ponders that question. If each and every child who has ever existed thought or asked that question, what then can be the explanation? Obviously we were not "always was and always will be" in our limited scope of human intelligence. As mere mortals we cannot imagine immortality and if possible, by ghost of a chance, life after our bodies have served their useful function. Did formal education explore the depth of this inquiry? Indeed not as my thought patterns answer that statement. The answer is based on our philosophy of life and death. My body serves me well when it comes to expressing my personal interpretations, since it is an instrument with fingers typing all these words. I am a human being. Have I existed before I inhabited this flesh and blood body? Will I continue after this body can no longer see, smell, touch or taste?

View From Above And Beyond

Author: mconnors
Author: mconnors | Source

Earthly Beliefs Of Existence, Here And Beyond

The Philosophy of Education: Does it teach us what to think or how to think? When it comes to beliefs of human existence and the life here after, would that be a concern of scholars or would that be a concern for indigenous populations gradually loosing their beloved traditions and customs to be absorbed into modern life? My reply is this: both have the capacity to contemplate on preexistence, current existence and post existence. The Being writing this believes strongly in the previous sentence. How about you? Do you believe in the previous sentence too? The outpouring of opinions is the vastness of limitless outer space including the inner space our minds occupy. Walking the stairwells and exploring the floors of our creative minds hold intangible treasures beyond belief. Be careful I warn you. Exploring this inner space can be a nightmare, so pack courage in your bag.

One's Vision

Author: J - R - Fr13m9n
Author: J - R - Fr13m9n | Source

Abstract Language To Decipher

SYMBOLISM: A term that is used to masque what is real or thought of as real. Here this personified Spirit in the body of a mortal is expressing a rationalized thought walking through the staircases of her creative primal mind. Her thought patterns are self programmed to explore how to think and how to reason, including theorizing what is beyond our experience and belief. Physically her body has entered its senior years yet her quest for the beyond and unknown education is in its infancy.

Instinct Readiness

Author: Alvimann
Author: Alvimann | Source

Sensory: Our Learning Channels

Depicted here is this angelic faced cat. As common knowledge instructs us, animals survive on their instincts. Humans possess this trait just like the other primates do yet to put instinct into drive is not at all popular with us. Reasoning is a good quality which the human species possesses however it also has a tendency to place a "damper" when it comes to instinct. Another term in our English language is intuition. Many of us know the definition of that word but seldom do we trust it enough to inspire our ways of behavior with intuition as its model. Intuition, just like instinct, is an intangible survival mechanism. Last but not least fact is beneficial in human life and has a special place in the minds of many.

Who You Are

As An Individual Do You Possess

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Fractions Pieced Together

I believe as a living human being pacing the saturated dirt this earth has to offer and walking the red hot asphalt streets, it is branded into my intellect that our souls share "always was and always will be" the immortal existence with the God-Force. We are the Trinity, Parent, Child and Spirit, all One and yet separate. This is a belief and a theory. If all of us paid attention in middle and junior high school science, we would have learned that a theory is a human analysis that has not been proven. If it was then the term would be changed to fact. As the late Dr. Carl Sagan worded it quite simply, "We are all star stuff". I would like to include with Dr. Sagan's comment that we are also earth stuff, biodegradable and fertilizing the earth's soil. The God-Force is star stuff and this star stuff has touched the plants and animals of this earth including known and unknown planets. Infinity holds hands with Trinity.

Heaven And Earth Meet



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