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Many facets of the Avatar - Part V

Updated on December 26, 2011

The boy Sathyam!

The performance at School!

Not all the classmates of Sathyam were good as depicted in the last hub. Once they caught some frogs and kept it in a basket. They were unable to come out and hence they were crying. Sathyam told them to release the poor creatures but they won't listen. Suddenly Sathyam told them, there were no frogs inside. When the boys opened the basket, they found several birds flying away from the basket. He could convert the frogs into birds to the consternation of the boys!

As I have narrated earlier, Sathyam had a mellifluous voice. He could sing any songs to the thrill of the school teachers. When Sathyam went to Uravakonda to pursue high school studies, the teachers commissioned him to sing the prayers every day when the school is about to commence. Sathyam sang a beautiful prayer impromptu. He needed no studies for he knows every thing. But to satisfy the sentiments of his parents and brother, he attended the school dutifully. Once he was found keeping quiet when the teacher was dictating notes. Finding that Sathyam is not writing down, the teacher promptly asked him to stand up on the bench. Sathyam obeyed the teacher. The bell rang and the next teacher who teaches English was standing at the entrance. He waited for the previous teacher to vacate the chair. But to the consternation of the teacher, the chair was not letting him stand up. He was surprisingly fixed to the seat as though glued. The English Teacher knew about Sathyam and his docile behavior. He whispered to the teacher to let Sathyam sit. The teacher asked Sathyam to get down from the bench. Immediately the teacher was released from his chair.

It is not any kind of retaliation. It is to show the world that he is not an ordinary school boy, Sathyam enabled this to happen. The same teacher named Kondaiya has penned one beautiful book on Sathyam. The teacher has developed love and faith towards Sathyam and he became one staunch devotee on later dates. The English teacher Mehmood Khan was an admirer of Sathyam. He used to invite Sathyam to his house. He will plead with him to eat some snacks which were prepared in a clean manner without mixing with the utensils meant for non-veg preparation. He would stroke the head of Sathyam stating you are a great one. He realized the Divine in Sathyam. Peculiarly, the elder brother of Sathyam who is a Telugu teacher never realized the greatness of his younger brother. At times he used to chastise him with the cane. It is ignorance due to the false vision that Sathyam is his younger brother and he can punish him to bring him in line!

The fact is Sathyam needed no guidance from any. But he still submitted himself to the ways of the world and never said a thing in his defense. Once he was sitting in the easy chair, The brother of his sister in law admonished him for seated in the arm chair. Sathyam got up and told him, "One day you would plead with me to sit in a silver chair and you would unbound the packing! Ignorant like others he too brushed aside those remarks. In later years when Sathyam started his Divine Mission and assumed the name Sathya Saibaba, one day a silver chair was sent from some where for Saibaba. It so happened that the same man who was present there unwound the packing and requested Saibaba to sit there. Whatever Sathyam pronounced happened without fail.

The school at Bukkapatnam needed funds to renovate and extend it. Hence the Head Master thought over a plan. On those days, there was a famous dancer named "Rushyendramani" She would perform an intricate item of the dance. While dancing she would have many lamps on a plate and carry them on her head. Again while dancing to the tune of songs, she would bend and pick up a hand kerchip with her mouth without disturbing the lamps or upsetting the plate. There were notices pasted every where with tickets for the show. The headmaster thought he can collect sufficient funds for the renovation of the school building. At that time Sathyam was studying in that school. Unfortunately the dancer could not keep up her appointment! All crowd gathered with anticipation of seeing the beautiful performance. The headmaster was in a fix. Sathyam came to know about this and he went to his Headmaster and said, Sir, Do not worry. I will dance as Rushyendramani. Do not reveal this to any. I will pick up a needle from the stage with my eye lid! Then he was made up as the famous Rushyendramani. They fixed a lengthy hair do for him with all make up. None doubted the proxy. He wore jingles on his feet. When the curtain was open, Sathyam danced a few steps to the sound of jingles. Every body clapped. One teacher placed a plate with lamps on his head. Sathyam balanced the plate with lamps bent to the ground and picked up a needle with his eye lids. The entire audience were spell bound.The Collector and Inspector of Schools wanted to present the dancer with a medal. When Rushyendramani was called on the mike, Sathyam in the garb of Rushyendramani came. The Collector, an Englishman wanted to put the medal on Sathyam's neck. But he refused stating he would take it in his hand. There was no other way. The Collector handed over the medal to Sathyam in the make up. The inspector of Schools, a lady called on the Headmaster. She wanted to meet the dancer. But Sathyam in boy's attire came and she was astonished . She lifted him and blessed him profusely saying due to his sterling performance the School collected lot of funds to renovate and add new class rooms! Rest in next hub.


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