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Maps of Awareness

Updated on August 18, 2020
Randy Horizon profile image

Life study of awareness and non-linear patterns of perceptions. Life is what You perceive it to be ...

Feathers of Light

Imagination employing light weaves a fabric of life.
Imagination employing light weaves a fabric of life. | Source

Bink Pure Perception

Core Nature to all and everyone is Pure Perception. BINK!

Before birth there is divine potential which we will now call BINK!

Birth begins as ... BINK

I am Aware - initial experience of perception upon birth ...

The most powerful questions for every human are the first two questions upon birth:

What am I?

Where am I?

Maybe one minute went by and the birth process may still be unfolding ...

As we search for and find answers to these two questions we shape, mold and create our lives. This is true for everyone of us. Look inside and see for yourself.

Next begins, interaction with others and judgement as compared to what I perceive as myself begins. We know this as life. We all begin as BINK ... Pure Perception and we all die and end life back at our original natural bink state of potential. All is a part of the same I that is the most core nature of everyone and everything. We are all creating our own world and even what we each consider as "myself". This is all a projection of the very same eternal BINK. Pure Perception is "I".

Ourselves, the world it's all a reflection and reaction of the divine perception within all. Just using the silly word "BINK" as a label. We can each call it anything we want or call it nothing if we want.

Bubbles of Perception

Imagination creates Reality
Imagination creates Reality | Source

Imagine If You Will

Imagine pure perception. The nature of perception is to perceive. To perceive is to perceive something new ... change. Ever notice how there is always friction, fire in every situation causing change. To perceive is to perceive change and for change to occur a friction (activator) is needed. For the moment, let us call this activator of change "Fire". We all instinctively add fire (friction) to perceive a change. Without change, there is nothing to perceive. Without something to perceive, pure perception naturally is seeking change, a new perception. This plays out into what we call life and death. Life as we know it is a linear organized pattern that we can perceive, see changes and relate to them. Life is an interaction with change.

Perception seeking new perception creates a hunger within this perception for a new perception to experience. This energy we all know as life. This pure perception instantly becomes singular and multiple at the very same time. It is 1 that becomes 2 and is also 3 and 4 and also becomes everything we know, all. All is One that is also All. Pure perception instantly becomes the perceiver and also reflects into the perception, perceived changing into new and renewed perceptions that we perceive. This is in constant motion and at the same time also I. The core I in all and everyone. As in when I say "I" and you or she says "I". we are all talking about the very same "I"

I realize this sounds like I am talking in circles and making no sense. Please don't over think it, even though I am writing it to help you momentarily break out of your current patterns and view it all differently. Just for a split second and then go back to your original patterns of thinking and believing. If you get it your patterns may slightly change forever?

It's very simple all of us are the very same perception perceiving our own reflections and we call this I. Or, be silly and call it BINK.

Eye of Perception

Eye of I
Eye of I | Source

A New Map of Awareness / Reality

Another view of awareness and reality. This a just a way we can use to study awareness and reality that does not compete with other established views and meme patterns, unless you allow it to.

Awareness is timeless in that it is both ancient, fresh & new at the very same time, always.

Searching for something new to perceive.

Ancient Map of their Reality

Ancient Map
Ancient Map | Source

Fresh and new

We are fresh & new. Always .. forever … perpetually. Awareness is fresh and new in it's natural state. Could also be called Divine & Pure, but those words carry the weight of many connotations from past patterns of paths of belief & thinking that are still affecting us at this time.

Perception is pure and always present, always brand new, always BINK!


Awareness is infinitely aware. Infinite in an infinity of ways. Infinity cubed to infinity. We are infinity times infinity of possibilities. Pure Awareness.


Focus is the power of awareness. Focus is infinite in power. Attention can be focused in any way desired. The stronger focus is the more power it has to bring the concept focused on into manifestation, but that is a whole other matter and not the point I'm trying to convey in this Hub Page.

Will used with Focus can and will attract the objects of our focus into life. When will is focused on desired concepts it will attract them into our sphere of perception and life. People sometimes call this phenomena "Magic". It is done by everyone naturally, if they are aware of it or not.

Ripples of Awareness

Ripples and patterns of life.
Ripples and patterns of life. | Source


The combination of fresh and new with focus creates paths of thinking and believing. The amount and way that we give our attention to our paths of belief / thought patterns. These paths run in patterns and have boundaries that only mark the barrier. In other words these boundaries are only guides and can be crossed at will. Like a painted line along the road, we are conditioned to not cross them and to remain on the clear path (of thinking & believing). These paths are weaving patterns that spin a web of the path we call reality. Paths are both concepts and our chosen perspective view of reality. What we see as reality is similar to a dream as compared to core infinite awareness.

Paths are created by conditioning and experiences in life. Then we chose the ways we focus on them. Simply put, we chose to be happy or sad and all patterns or paths are mental and can be changed with our ability to focus. We can chose to focus on our desire and bring it into our lives, or chose to cling to pain of the past and the misery that brings. It's all attachment and our own choice. But I know it is sometimes easier to say than do. But possibilities are endless and within our grasp for each of us. But this is a paper on new ideas, not a motivational lecture. Funny how they can inter-connect, if we so chose.


Awareness by its nature is always seeking new experience, something fresh & new to become aware of. Awareness is infinitely aware, infinitely seeking... something new … what's next? I wanna see it, experience it. Fresh & New is seeking fresh & new.

Clinging to patterns of paths brings weight and over time this weight stagnates and grows too heavy eventually falling away bringing changes we call death. Fresh and new starts anew always with the choice of paths and patterns as it continues on its cyclic nature. The core of awareness is still while moving by nature seeking fresh and new. Fresh and new is stillness at its very core, just aware. Pure awareness seeking for something to become aware of by its very nature.

Fresh and new is the nature of growth and life. Attachment to patterns stagnates and so is the nature of disease and death. Just food for thought ...

All is pure awareness

All is pure awareness being aware of itself. When awareness splits itself into pieces and names we have the reality we know, love and are experiencing now. We are all pure awareness that learns to identify with this body as self. When we identify with this piece of the grand divine awareness we perceive ourselves as being separate from others and everything around us. This creates a conflict between myself and another. Life is an interaction with myself and others. Reality is a different pattern for everyone. Past experiences and conditioning create different patterns for everyone. Life is what we believe it to be and death is simply going back to our natural state of pure divine perception. Life is the grand dream of individual identity at play. Compared to pure awareness this life is a dream, for us as individuals it is real. We are the creator of our own lives and reality. Death is an awakening from this dream and on to the next and the next forever. Perception is beyond linear logic so many life times are happening at once and over lap each other. The nature of Perception is to perceive forever and ever. BINK

© 2020 Randy Horizon


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