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May 2016 Numerology Forecast

Updated on April 19, 2016

This month is all about Divine Protection. Be still and know. Internal guidance is available through prayer and meditation. People in high places are willing to share vital information. Partnerships, contracts, marriage, travel, settlements and change are likely. This month carries the potential for volatile activities from radical minds.

May 2016

1 - Today is a great day for family activities, serving others, and financial gain. Face to face contact is better than phone or skype today.

2 - Expect a test of faith. Avoid aggressive or impulsive moves. Success can be achieved, but only after difficulty. If a change of residence will result in peace of mind, move.

3 - Today is a "harvest" day. Those who have sown wisely will reap abundantly. Opportunities for forgiveness will allow for release of karmic debt. Great day for improving speaking abilities or studying another language.

4 - Great day for a presentation, launching a business, getting married or the birth of a special child. That which was visualized will materialize today!

5 - Think number one today. Take personal responsibility, it's not a good day to delegate. Land dealings are favored. Unexpected events will test our ability to judge without being stern or overly emotional.

6 - Inner guidance reveals true from false. A day to have faith in our talents. Entrepreneurs make progress through partnerships. Good works are recognized. Educational opportunities are favored.

7 - Romance and celebration is in the air!! After a trying morning, goals are reached and work completed. Great day for artistic expression and spending time with children.

8 - Back to work. It's time to catch up on those task we have been putting off. Legal dealings may need attention. If you know you are right, don't back down today.

9 - Through all the drama and change, victory is at hand. Expect good news and rewards today. Those who stood up against injustice are recognized and appreciated.

10 - The wise know that the joy of living comes from serving others. Today promises many opportunities for joy!

11 - Today, stagnant conditions are stir up and things start to progress. Travel may be necessary. Love and romance are in the air. Take time out for thanksgiving and gratitude.

12 - Today will bring opportunities for financial gain. Business, promotions and inheritances can be the source of abundance.

13 - Today is about letting go of the old and transitioning to the new and improved. Some "losses" are necessary. Help someone without thought of return.

14 - New beginnings and fresh starts are favored. Great day for spending time with family and friends. Looking for a partner? Today's energy could bring them into your life.

15 - The potential for today is best described as "Our cups runnetth over" Spiritually, physically and materially we shall receive as we have given and in equal measure with our faith.

16 - Number 16 ALWAYS urges us to slow down and be still to avoid accidents and conflict. Great day for writers or those with a creative flair. Flashes of insight...windfalls....sudden exoneration or defeat. Like minded come together for goodwill projects. Cheaters are revealed.

17 - Today is a great day for getting things done at home and at work. The old order is fading so expect breaks and separations. A new order is taking form. Obstacles are a blessing today. Today's energy fosters a firm foundation for change.

18 - Today is a day of change. Expect some drama. Many will see their dreams come true today. Take a chance...step out on, fortune favors the bold.

19 - Today's energy favors love, harmony, peace and cooperation. Expect opportunities to exhibit those qualities and do so. It's a day to putt the needs of others first.

20- Today marks a turning point. Healing, peace, settlements and abundance. Eat, drink and be merry. In moderation. Take time to give thanks to the Most High.

21 - Today the universe will speak thus....if you do not receive financial increase from your's time to find something new. Today, the truth will set us free.

22 - International drama vibe. No need crying over spilled milk...move on...learn from the past...and MOVE ON!! Great day for visiting the sick and shut in.

23 - Favorable changes and new beginnings are indicated under today's powerful energy. Think number one. Go to the people who have the power to implement changes you want to see.

24 - Magic is in the air. Stay grounded. Great day for family, love, and material success. Listen for the still voice within. It will guide today. A day of high energy and Spirituality!

25 - Faith is rewarded today. Try again!! If you have to move do so. Use today's abundance is to be used to alleviate the sufferings of others. Great day to TRAVEL!!

26 - Work, industry and follow through are rewarded abundantly today. Great day for a wedding! Rather than arguing, practice forgiveness.

27 - TODAY IS STEP OUT ON FAITH DAY!!! Start a new venture or make a change today and you are on your way to something big!

28 - It's up to you! Don't let the naysayers impede your progress. It's a day to fight for what you believe in.

29 - Separation from familiar patterns is indicated. Don't freak out if you can't find your keys or if your favorite short cut leads to a traffic . It's a day to be still and know. GOD is in CONTROL NOT US.

30 - Great joy and abundance are possible today. It is also likely that someone or something will surprise us today so don't be too stern or harsh.

31 - Today's energy is aggressive in nature. Secrets are revealed. Exercise, eat well. It's a day to be tolerant of the short comings of others and ourselves.

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