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Meaning of Dreaming with tooth falling

Updated on March 21, 2019
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Symbolism of dreams with teeth

Dreaming of a falling tooth is associated with aspects of your life. This symbol points to feelings of insecurity or vulnerability in relation to a recent event. Maybe you're dealing with a loss. It can be a sudden loss, like an abrupt end to a relationship or job.

It could also be a more gradual process of liberation from old habits of life and the regeneration of conduct. For example, you could have that kind of dream after moving, changing jobs, ending a relationship, or starting a new one. These are very emotionally charged changes that can be expressed when dreaming of a falling tooth.

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Dreams with falling teeth may also be associated with your fear of feeling embarrassed or foolish in any situation. These dreams represent the exaggeration of your worries and anxieties. You may feel that you are not prepared for the task at hand.

However, the falling of the tooth in the dream may be a warning stating that your concerns are unfounded and unnecessary. Generally, what you perform in your mind is much worse than reality. Read on to learn more about what it means to dream about falling teeth.


For Freud, to dream with falling tooth means the realization of a desire. However, according to Freud, in order to arrive at the origin of the stimuli that formed this dream, much reflection is needed on the last events in the waking life. In this case, the dreamer must perform a particular and meticulous study to arrive at the meaning of this dream.

On the other hand, Freud realized in his study of dreams that dreaming with teeth can be a simple physical stimulus. For example: open-mouth sleep, tooth sensitivity, bruxism, etc. In many of the dreams about the teeth analyzed by Freud he identified that, generally, these were simple stimuli generated by the sleeping body.

However, this is not always the case. In some of the cases analyzed by Freud, he identified that falling teeth represent insecurities and fears of facing life. It was also common to occur in people who had some type of blockage in childhood. In addition, the dream is also common for anyone who has had some kind of trauma in the environment in which they lived.

But Freud was able to deal very well with the psychic problems of his patients. Hence he indicated a simple exercise in resolving such internal conflicts. Such an exercise can also be very useful for you, it is like this: Once you wake up you should focus only on what you are doing, without sticking to any outside thoughts or thoughts. If external thinking arises, just ignore and continue with the exercise.


For Jung, one of the most influential psychologists and dream analysts of the twentieth century, seeing teeth falling into a dream symbolizes giving birth to something new. According to him, this is especially relevant if the dreamer is a woman. But symbolism can also be applied to man.

To dream about falling tooth reflects the process of tension and sometimes painful, that comes with the beginning of something new. Be it a project, personal resolution, decision or responsibility.

For Jung, falling teeth represent renewal and rebirth.
Generally, it connects to the emotions you are experiencing at the moment you are going through major changes in your life, such as changing jobs, home, ending or starting a relationship or simply going through a period of significant personal growth. In any case, it may seem like you're putting an end to some situation and starting something new.


According to classical interpretation, teeth that fall into dreams are considered symbols of castration and fear. Such dreams may relate to anxiety about sexuality or sexual intercourse with a partner.

In addition to the sexual and psychoanalytic, this symbol can be interpreted as representing the fear of being deprived of its personal power. It is common for this dream to be related to the idea of impotence, aggression and concern for its safety.

Anyway, the intensity of the pain or the horror that you feel while you are dreaming is proportional to the fear and insecurity that you are feeling in your waking life.


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