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Meaning of gemstones - How to use chakra crystals

Updated on November 9, 2014

What are chakras

The ancient concept of the chakras, namely the energy centers of the body, originates in the East, but has also been adopted by many students of the esoteric arts and practitioners of crystal healing and other types of alternative healing in the West.

Often a chakra is imagined as a whirling wheel, a glowing light or as a flower, with each chakra having a specific color. The picture below shows the most commonly used colors, but there are slight variations between different systems. Each chakra takes in energy and transmits energy out, thus maintaining a circulation of life energy around the body. Each chakra is also connected with certain physical, psychological or spiritual characteristics.

When a chakra is blocked, imbalances occur in the body. This can result in disease. in psychological and personality problems or in a lack of spiritual attunement.

According to some traditions, there are as many as several hundred, or even several thousand, such centers within the human body. Most traditions however agree on seven principal ones. These are the ones that are most commonly worked with by esoteric students and healers. Both groups often use chakra crystals in their work as well as other techniques such as sounds generated in various ways, for example chanting, singing bowls or music. These are gemstones, which correspond to the colors of the different chakras. Thus it is possible to activate and balance individual chakras by wearing items of jewelry incorporating stones of the corresponding colors, or by placing tumbled gemstones on the body for a period of time, or by using them as a focus for meditation.

21 Large Natural Tumbled Stones Basic Chakra Balancing Healing Kit Set Reiki & Using Feng Shui
21 Large Natural Tumbled Stones Basic Chakra Balancing Healing Kit Set Reiki & Using Feng Shui

This set includes three stones per chakra. It covers the color variations of the different systems and also pink and green stones for different aspects of the heart center.

Can be used by healers. Individual stones can be selected as required and carried in a pocket or worn in an amulet bag


The seven main chakras of the human body

Chakra Baby Wand Pendant
Chakra Baby Wand Pendant

Jewelry with stones representing all 7 major chakras is worn to ensure overall balance. It can also look stunning. This pendant is individually made so each one is unique.

The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing: Energy medicine for mind, body and spirit
The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing: Energy medicine for mind, body and spirit

A detailed guide to using gemstones for chakra work. A number of alternative possibilities for stone selection are given, with over 100 different varieties described.


Chakra crystal correspondences

The gemstones corresponding to each chakra have the color of that particular center. Some possibilities are listed below. If you want to read more about any one of the chakras, I hope there will eventually be a link in the Sanskrit name that will take you to another hub I have written specifically about that center. This is a series in progress, so links will be constructed over a period of time if this hub generates enough interest to justify the work involved. Please look in from time to time to see how things are progressing!

From the ground up:

  1. Muladhara - Root or Base: The associated color is red or black. Here reside our animal selves. This is where we find our most basic instincts for survival and security, getting enough to eat, the fight or flight reaction. Here we connect with the earth and here lies the cave where the Kundalini energy sleeps before being awakened.
    Gemstones: obsidian, hematite, black tourmaline, black onyx, smoky quartz red jasper, ruby, garnet.
  2. Svadhisthana - Sacral: Orange is the color correspondence. Sexuality, relationships reproduction and our most basic emotional needs, with all their positive and negative aspects, are the focus here. This is also the center of creativity, enthusiasm and joy of life.
    Gemstones: carnelian, fire opal, orange zircon, orange calcite, sunstone
  3. Manipura - Solar Plexus: Yellow, corresponding to the solar connection, is the color. This is the region of digestion and metabolism. Psychologically it is concerned with willpower, self-empowerment and growth.
    Gemstones: amber, yellow topaz, tigers eye, citrine
  4. Anahata - Heart: Both green and pink are associated with this chakra, but work on it in different ways, The chakra is about love and also about the physiological work of the heart. Pink is associated with romantic love and other more personal forms of loving directed at family and friends. Green reflects compassion, universal love and spiritual love.
    Gemstones: watermelon tourmaline and unakite (both include green and pink in one stone), rose quartz, spinel, pink tourmaline, rhodonite, pink sapphire, green tourmaline, aventurine, emerald, jade, peridot, malachite.
  5. Visuddha - Throat: Light blue is the commonest correspondence, but some systems also include dark blue. This is the seat of communication and expressiveness, and it also rules the functions of the thyroid.
    Gemstones: aquamarine, turquoise, blue lace agate, and if including dark stone: sapphire, lapis lazuli, sodalite
  6. Ajna - Third Eye: Dark blue or violet is associated with this chakra. This center rules mental clarity, imagination, sensitivity and intuition, as well as psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy. It is also associated with function of the pineal gland
    Gemstones: sapphire, lapis lazuli, sodalite, amethyst, purple fluorite, sugilite, tanzanite, puple jade.
  7. Sahasrara - Crown: Violet or white are the colors of this center. Here is the meeting point between the individual and the greater Unity. This is the chakra of the higher self, spirituality and enlightenment. It also rules the functions of the pituitary and hypothalamus.

Azuregreen Chakra Bracelet Set (jbcha) -
Azuregreen Chakra Bracelet Set (jbcha) -

Gemstone chip bracelets are an economical way to obtain a full set of individually wearable pieces for each chakra


How to use chakra stones

The simplest way approach is to wear a piece of jewelry with seven stones representing each of the chakras, or to carry seven tumblestones of the corresponding colors in a pocket. This helps to keep all the chakras in balance.

Sometimes, however, focusing on one specific chakra is desirable. You may wish to do this because you feel you lack some of the strengths brought to you by that chakra. Alternatively, you want that chakra to express itself more strongly for a certain period so that it can help you deal better with particular events that are happen within your life, your personality or your spiritual development. Wearing jewelry featuring the corresponding gemstones or carrying one or more selected tumblestones is one method of strengthening individividual chakras.

You have a choice of many suitable gemstones. The presentation of the stones can also vary from a tumblestone or simple elasticated gemstone chip bracelet to highly crafted jewels set in silver or gold. The choice is massive, so you can find pieces that are just right for your taste and budget. This hub gives a few very basic suggestions. Others will be featured in forthcoming hubs about the individual chakras.

Since different parts and functions of the body relate to different chakras, it is possible to use crystals to improve the imbalance that occurs in disease and in psychological disorders. This can be reinforced by yoga, meditation and visualisation. Chakra therapists have access to a wider range of techniques which they can use in conjunction with crystals. If you do not have access to a therapist, or if you prefer to try to help yourself first of all, a book that gives the basic principles will be a useful point of reference.

The beauty and color of chakra crystals makes them a joy to use. As precious gifts from the earth, they strengthen our connection with it as well as bringing us harmony, healing and opening the doors to spiritual growth.

The Chakra Bible: The Definitive Guide to Working with Chakras (Mind Body Spirit Bibles)
The Chakra Bible: The Definitive Guide to Working with Chakras (Mind Body Spirit Bibles)

This book provides a wider treatment of the subject of chakras. It includes yoga exercises and meditations, which can be used to strengthen individual chakras.


A short color and sound chakra meditation

Have you tried using gemstones to balance your chakras?

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