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The Benefits of Meditation and The Link to Science

Updated on May 10, 2013

How Meditation Cure Your Mind

This article depends on your beliefs and religion. This hub is about how meditation relive your depression, conflicts and how it helps you cope the problems you are facing. Recently, I have some trouble with my work and it's very difficult to decrease my anger. I've tried to do many things to cope with the problems I have but it is very complicated to find the best solution for it. Whatever I have done wasn't reducing my wrath such as going aboard, listening to the music I like, watching comedy movies etc.

Therefore, I decided to use the meditation retreat to relieve my pain, conflict, anxiety, and even stress, strain. At first I did not really believe how the meditation will help me solve those problems. Moreover, I don't think that just follow the eight (8) commandments rule is problem-solving method. Somehow, I will not die just because of keeping the commandments and meditation retreat for 7 days. Then I decided to go to the most strict but best reputation at Ampawan temple in Sing Buri province, Thailand in order to practice myself and comprehend the problems further. In this hub I will not explain the daily life at the meditation course but I will show the benefits of meditatioin.

Wisdom word "Stay at the present, Yesterday is just the past, The Past is just the dream, Tomorrow is uncertainly, so do not worry what will happen tomorrow, stay with today". Abbot LP Jarun Jithadhammo

General mediation posture.
General mediation posture.

How Meditation Recover Your Mind?

Mediation is the basic practice for the monks and people who believe in Buddist. The core of this it is to control your mind by inspection the movement of your mind, rythm of the breath, painfulness of your body during meditation. In general, there are two (2) type of mediation are (1) walking: one has to walking around with concentration to the step walk, and (2) sitting but they have the slightly different method in practice to get the same results:- to comprehend the roots of the problems one is facing, to aware the starting point and the whole story, then to get the right solution for it.

Meditation is the process of restore an individual's memory based on his/her perception, learning and knowledge, attitudes, values, traditions, cultures, beliefs, and environments surrounded. An individual brain or mind in buddism is like a computer processor that store every thing in memory until the last day of an individual life. Meditation will help brain (mind) to process, reprocess, reboost, then analyze the whole story that one person contains. Then he/she will see the big picture of problem he/she's faced. Eventually, he/she will get the solution by himself/herself base on individual intellectual. Some people may find the solution since the first meditation, some may take longer time to get the right solution. This process is like a "disk defragment" in your PC to search for an error to recover it or it may call you are run of battery causing from your daily life, mediation is like an energy source that help you recharge or refill the battery to your body and mind to fight with the problems in daily life over again and again.

Association between Sleeping and Meditation

It is very interesting discovered that meditation is related to dream controlling during the mediation period. In practicing meditation is known that individual has to close the eyes while focus on the breath or pain in the same time. From my direct experiences in both walking and sitting meditation highly associate with all levels of dream, REM (Rapid eye movement), Non-REM (non rapid eye movement), and the deepest level is delta level.

In the sitting method, an individual might sleep and have a dream in both REM or Non REM level. One may have the dream which called visualize meditation which mean whatever one see in the dream can be a real vision or just a dream base each individual cognitive. In the same time, if a person who has always conscious during the meditate period, the visible pictures or motion pictures in one's mind believed it is real or call meditated vision. In general, the meditate vision occur in REM and non - REM level. If individual take the delta level meditation, one will see nothing in his/her vision. It is a deepest level without any dream or vision, one's mind will be full recovery in this level.

So, if you have a meditated visions, don't think it real. Because it can be true or self-imagination from your cognitive and subconscious. From the experienced monk argument in this issue, they agree that only 30% of meditated vision is real vision if one is conscious during taking meditation, and 70% is just a dream or self-imagination. Do not think that all things visible in your meditated vision is real.

Remember, you mind, body, and soul are controlled by you.

Insight meditated process relate to the core of Buddist are three (3) law for all life are 1. Impermanent (Anitjang): one aware that the pain happens while sitting or walking meditation is not last. It happen and end., 2. Suffering (Dhukka): to understand that every human being is born to get suffering entire life., 3. Non-Self (Anattha): this is the most difficult to understand but it is to about what an individual possessed such as beauty, knowledge, wealthy are not belong to him indeed. It's about "ego". For example: a beauty pagent winner proud of her beautiful face, perfect body, and intelligence but one day she'll age and whatever she proud of will be gone. If she aware of the natural rule, she will reduce or put her ego down. The main purpose of these principals is to searching for the causes of problems, unhappiness, dissatisfy, conflict, anxiety, and suffering in life to find the solutions from the inside oneself.

Besides, the mediation is indirectly teaching individual to practice his/her patience to unsatisfied circumstances to achieve one's goal in life including working life. It calls Four Rddhippada (Itdhibat 4) in Buddist are the effective means to attain success.

Four Rddhippada or Itdhibat 4 consists of

1) Will or Aspiration (Chandha): Chandha is being satisfy and willing to work. This is the basic mean to apply to your work. In reality, you might not like your job in some reasons but you have to realize that there is no perspective working criteria or ideal job. Therefore, Chandha indicates to have a positive thinking and be happy with your current position at work, then you will get a sweet ripe fruit one day.

2) Effort / Exertion (Wiriya): Wiriya is being patience and putting effort to your work. As mentioned in the first point that willingness to work is a basic mean of success. Wiriya is a second mean indicates to achieve in career path by putting your afford to make things done and being patience with unfavorable situations such as customer complaints over you, scandals and gossips, competition in department or in organization.

3) Thoughtfulness / Active thought (Jittha): Thoughtfulness or Jittha is being concentrate with work, continuous learning, improving knowledge to make your work more effective. One of the most important approach to success is continuous process improvement (CPI) in order to make your work more effective by thinking of the suitable methods to reduce unfavorable outcomes to work effectiveness.

4) Investigation / Evaluation (Vimunsa): The final stage is measurement working performance called Vimunsa. This mean indicates to analyze your work periodically in order to reduce the mistakes, weaknesses, and errors in your work.

According to the basic principles in Dhama obtained by taking meditation which you can apply to your daily life. And it obviously see that how Dhama associates to modernize management e.g. TQM and science theories such as wormhole.

Basic Knowledge about Wormhole by Hawking

Senses of The Power of Subconscious and Six Sense

Someone who has strange experiences during or after taking the mediation retreat course may question him/herself what kind of those experiences he/she'd met. In this hub I will share with you about "Six Sense" and "Subconscious" which link to belief in Buddist and science. In fact, our lord Buddha discovers the wormhole before Eistien did indeed if you study the core of Buddism.

Wormhole Theory and loard Buddha: This is just my personal hypothesis without any evidence proof it real. Suppose Professor Hawking is right about the wormhole is around us and they are very tiny and no have any objects can pass through it. In my assumption, our lord Buddha practiced himself until he discover that there is only human mind could travel throughout the wormhole. So he could see the past and the future via his mind during mediation, in this consequence, he can inform his fellows about his past life and what will happen in the future. Because in all branches Buddist believe in reborn. One die and reborn over again and again. Only great men like lord Buddha and great monks who reach nirvana will never die means his spirit is alive forever. This is the why in Buddism believe in supernatural power including six senses.

Before we go to far, I have a very strange experience recently to share with you. One day when I meditated, I felt someone softly hit on my head. When I looked around no one there. It links to the assumption above that there the spirit or supernatural energy exist as well as proved by scientist. We don't know what it is but it does exist.

Type of Six Sense:

In Buddist believe that some people have a six sense, especially the great monks who reached nirvana, according to one's past life karma. There are different type of senses as below points.

a. Celestial Eyes (ทิพย์จักขุญาณ) : Being see the past or future of his/her own or other people life.

b. Celestial Ears (โสตทิพยญาณ) : Being listening to what other people talking about him/her.

c. Thought / Mind Reading (เจโตปริยญาณ-กำหนดจิต) : Knowing the other people thoughts in both positive and negative intention towards something.

d. Flying or walking on the sky or river (อิทธิวิธีญาณ) : This is obviously extraordinary people can do, LOL. We are human being not a superman, so I put it in the fairy - tale file as it should be.

e. Perceiving the past life (ปุพเพนิวาสานุสสติญาณ) : In theory, taking meditation will help the people who keep practicing it perceives his/her past life and relation among other people.

f. Perceiving the thoughts, spirit, including karma of dead people (จุตูปปาตญาณ)

g. Flashing back all memories since their were born until the present (อดีตังสญาณ) : This sense is implied to a sharp memories of an individual since he/she was born until the present. He/she can recall each single memory storing in the brain cell. In fact, this sense is relative to neurology.

h. Foreseeing the future (อนาคตังสญาณ)

All of the special senses mentioned above are like a "buy one get one promotion" for those who keep practicing meditation or for those who advance in meditation. Those senses are just like a desert, many great monks abandon it because they know that it's not necessary or worth to achieve nirvana. Those senses have not proved by any science institute that they are existing, however, I just want to share it with you for acknowledgement.

The other strange experience:

It's very strange to me during meditated period because I saw the white light in the middle of the forehead (I did not even open my eyes). It's very think white light and it can changes to smaller size when I concentrated to my breath correctly. Sometimes the white light is brighter than any light I ever seen. I don't know what it is. Moreover, there are many motion pictures clearly seen during deep meditation such as the Buddhist Sait, Guan Yim, Sun Wukong including Abbot Jarun even I never ever meet him before. And it seem like LP Jarun and some other monks could read my thoughts and we can communicate via subconsciousness. And the sinful I made in the past kept flashing up in my mind during mediated time at the forth round in Day6, and in every rounds in Day7. It's hard to believe but I swear I tell you the truths. I think it's a subconscious hiding somewhere inside our mind and I can recall of it in the meditation just like a self-hypnosis. By the way, I hope one day there will be a course for foreigners, then you can have this extraordinary experience by yourselves.

"Intelligence cannot lead to the right step but consciousness will do". LP Jarun

The fact of having a dreams or imagines based on our religious beliefs during metitation period causing from the memories or information storing in our brain cells. But some scientists and psychologists in parapsycological studies believe that human body and mind can absorb the cosmic energy during deep matitation indicates to some supernatural phenomena such as celestial ears. From my direct experiences in deep and advanced matitation, matitator would not have a metitated dreams or vision at all. An advanced matitator could control his/her inhale and exhale very well along with highly concentrated inspecting his/her cognition on the body, certain feeling and senses. In this stage, the matitated dreams or visions are determined believable.

Tips to Taking Mediation Course

I went to Ampawan temple in order to take 7 days meditation retreat course. It's take around 2 hours from Bangkok to Sing Buri. If you don't have personal vehicle, you can take the public van at the Victory Monument which cost you around 150 - 200 baht approximately. As soon as I reach a temple, fistly I have to register for the courses at your convenience - 3 days or 7 days courses. The temple provides the white uniform for both males and females. After that you have to behave according to the temple rules and regulations.

1. There are 4 rounds of meditation retreat per day on regular basis which I have to follow.

2. There are only 2 meals per days for all commandments holders or meditators. You cannot have any meal after noon time onwards.

3. All commandments holders or meditators have to sleep on the floor without any bed. There are pillows and blankets available.

4. Sharing restroom and sleeping floor.

5. The less you chat, the more concentrated to the problem-solving you can obtain.

6. Following the eight (8) commandments rule strictly i.e. stop using cell phone, no use cream, lotion, perfume, don't get close to opposite sex are just the basic rules you have to compile.

7. Delication to the purpose of meditation, then you will find the solution.

I you question why all commandment holders have to do that kind of uncomfortable and inconvenient ways, so how it helps them cope the problems. It is because of the core of Buddhist indicate that all human being are born with misery and how to get rid of all unhappiness in life peacefully. And meditation is a wise lecturing method to make you realize of the root of the problem, why the problem happen, and eventually you can find out the light in the dark cave. I would like to confess that it is very difficult to sitting in the same posture for 45 - 90 minutes and concentrate to the breath in and out even make it's harder when my legs really painful but I have to bare with it in order to understand the suffering life. At the highest point of the pain, it's automatically relieved. At the end I can realize that since I was born life is not easy and I have to face with a lot of unhappiness moment in life so I have to conscious to every step of my life. Happiness and unhappiness is not with us in the entire life. It comes to one's life for the short period of time, then it's gone if I just put it down.

All of the problems I am facing with are not solve immediately but it is definitely slowly recovery. As now my anger, grudge, conflict and anxiety are decrease after 7 days meditation retreat except hatred. I am now perceive or aware of all problem clearer and know how to cope with it.

New Evidence Relates to Mental Power (Telepathy)

What you will earned from higher level meditation?

The higher level meditation you will have great experience of happiness over the suffering or painfulness during mediation. Your mind, body, and soul are fully retreat.


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    • kesinee profile image

      Sranunta Lamduan 5 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Hi Dhamma,

      I've been to Wat Ampawan last month, April 2012. LP Jaran was looking good and he was not really lose weight as you saw him, but, of course, as he is getting older causing his unhealthy and illness. But do not worry about his health because he'll live for many year from now on. You know our body is not belong to us. If LP reach the nirvana, his spirit would difinately live beyond his death. So what you think?

    • profile image

      dhamma 5 years ago

      it was such a long time since I last saw LP, and I was shocked to see the stark difference between his past, thin-looking with the current appearance of him. He seemed to have gained much weight. I'm wondering if you know whether he is doing good with his health or is he having some illnesses?

    • kesinee profile image

      Sranunta Lamduan 6 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      hahaha thank you so much diagenes for your comment. I'm brushing now.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      I can't understand the word "mediation," you wouldn't mean "meditation," would you? I have been to Asrams where we were encouraged to "meditate." If you do mean mediation, could you explain who why and what is the mediator? Bob