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Meditate Your Way to Wealth With These Prosperity Affirmations

Updated on November 6, 2016
Your mind is capable of some pretty amazing things!
Your mind is capable of some pretty amazing things! | Source

Your Subconscious and Affirmations

The way affirmations work on the human mind is absolutely fascinating! A small phrase or word, repeated often enough, becomes sort of auto-hypnotic suggestion, repeated until it becomes routine, allowing it to be implanted into the subconscious mind (at least, this is how I use them.) Once it takes root in the unconscious thought patterns of the individual, it is able to change the person for the better where all of the real decisions are made, so to speak, deep in the subconscious, our fears and desires lurk.

But we must ask ourselves, what is the best use for such a technique? Is it standing in front of a bathroom mirror, chanting “I like myself” and smiling? That is actually somewhat effective, if done often enough. It works in a way similar to brute-forcing the mind into complying with conscious desires (you wish to truly like yourself, so you speak it until your subconscious picks up on the pattern.) I have found a way which is much easier, and it fits in with something we should all probably be doing anyway; meditating. If nothing else, the practice is a stress reducer, and takes all of five minutes, about as much time as a cigarette break for those of you who smoke.

So what is this to do with affirmations? Simply put, your mind is in a more relaxed state once you get into the swing of meditating, entering a sort of alpha state (similar to watching television.) Thus relaxed messages delivered to you will generally bypass the conscious mind and slip right into the subconscious, to be acted upon automatically. Messages designed to make you more attractive will result in you eventually taking steps, without your conscious prompting, to “step up your game” so to speak when going out to find that special someone (or someones.) This means that you are free to re-program yourself, like a computer, to allow whatever you want to run in the background. You can improve your hardware (body) through exercise and healthy living, why not upgrade the software (mind) while you're at it?

So in the end, the affirmations become a sort of meditative mantra, similar to the classic “Om Mani Padme Hum.” In this case, it is meditated upon, and eventually spoken so much and so often during a meditative state that it will disappear into the background of your mind, effectively implanting the affirmation into your head. As stated earlier, this is akin to installing new software, or at least an Adobe update.

Meditation is the key to a lot of great stuff, actually.
Meditation is the key to a lot of great stuff, actually. | Source

Meditating and The Ideal Affirmation

Begin by entering into meditation as you normally would. If you have never done this before, just sit down in a comfortable position (not too comfortable, we don't want to fall asleep and miss the action,) and adjust your body until you are sitting comfortably, yet your back is straight. You want to line this up as much as possible. For a quick bit of help, just roll your shoulders back and let them fall naturally, this should help immensely. Now, close your eyes and begin taking a nice, deep breath. Count to three while you do this, as it will help regulate your breathing. Hold the breath in until the count of three, then release it back out for another count of three.

To avoid getting too much into it, try to imagine it like water (the breath) filling a vase (breathing into your lungs,) filling the bottom first and then moving up to the neck of the vase. Once you are ready to breathe out, picture it like emptying water from the same vase. The vase does not contract its “stomach” to squeeze the water out. It is simply filled and emptied. Incidentally, if you keep at it, you'll notice a lot of wonderful health benefits, not least of which being reduced stress and better respiratory function (improved, not fixed, if there's something amiss.)

Now that we are all on the same page – more or less – with meditation, it is time for the affirmation portion. When using an affirmation for this exercise, it is best that it fulfill five criteria:

  1. It should be short. This helps the mind by giving it less to process. We are effectively trying to embed new commands into our subconscious through a sort of auto-hypnosis. If you attempt to sit down and read War and Peace by Tolstoy in one sitting, you'll barely get any of it. If you attempt to read a single fortune from a fortune cookie after a meal, you're alright. Same rules apply with the subconscious.

  2. Keep it vivid. What I failed to mention earlier is that, not only is the subconscious basically your software, the subconscious is, to an extent, an “inner child.” It loves bright colors, and play, and it absolutely adores colorful, imaginative imagery. Using this will actively engage your subconscious mind, allowing your affirmations to take firmer root.

  3. Keep it positive! The subconscious has trouble with negatives. As in, it simply cannot process them correctly. What does this mean? It means that if you choose to use the affirmation “I have no debt at all” in order to help you become debt free, you are going to internalize the phrase “I have debt at all.” Kind of nonsensical, but you went from being debt-free to having debt always. It is better to go with “All of my debts are paid.”

  4. Acknowledge your success. When you notice that results are being generated through the behaviors which are being cultivated through this practice, acknowledge the results. This will reinforce what you are doing, increasing the overall likelihood of your long-term success.

  5. Lastly, do not let yourself lapse until your goals have been achieved. By slacking off in this, it allows you to associate your end goal (enhancing your overall wealth) with the category of “stuff you do not care about.” This means that you are less likely to strive, and less likely to pay attention to the opportunities you would have spotted otherwise.

When using affirmations such as these, and affirmations in general, it is best (I have found) to do this immediately after waking or immediately before going to bed. This is easily combined with my recommendation by meditating during these times, as well as throughout the day. The part you may have trouble with is that it is also advisable to “saturate” the mind with the affirmations, meaning that these should be used roughly fifty to one hundred times per day. If you are doing two meditation sessions daily, one in the morning and one at night, you can split this up into 25 – 50 times per session. Or if you do it thrice a day, you can do 30 – 40 per session which would bring you to 60 -120 times per day. Remember though, you get out what you put in with this.

Affirmations That Brought Me Money

  • I claim the wealth that is my right.
  • I am a magnet for money, and it is a magnet for me.
  • My debts are paid in full.
  • I seize the money presented to me by God (or the universe, if you wish.)
  • I earn 500,000 more every year.
  • Wealth is drawn to me, and I to it.
  • A river of gold flows into me and through me.
  • What I touch becomes gold, I am King Midas.
  • I gain from every loss.
  • Every gain leads to greater gains.
  • I spot the opportunities to prosper and grow rich.
  • Opportunities to grow wealthy seek me out.
  • Every day and in every way, I am growing wealthier and wealthier.
  • The wealth of kings flows into my hands.
  • My bank balance grows by fatter by the hour.
  • I am capable of growing wealthy.

Hopefully you'll have more than this by the time you've wrapped up your practice.
Hopefully you'll have more than this by the time you've wrapped up your practice. | Source

Parting Words

As far as these affirmations go, I would not have recommended them here if they were useless. I will, however, end this with one final piece of advice; If you wish, you may perform these in front of a mirror while in a suitably meditative state. Any reflective surface counts, so you can sit in front of a computer or television that has been turned off while you do this and it will work just as well as the bathroom mirror in the morning. Always try to maintain a positive attitude while performing these affirmations, force a smile if you have to! That way, you can also rid yourself of negative associations attached to wealth (if you're human, you have them, I promise you.) Now go out there and seize what is yours!

A video to help with meditation (care of

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    • The Divine MrR profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael R 

      3 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      Thank you very much for the feedback, MarleneB!

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 

      3 years ago from USA

      I believe in following a routine of stating affirmations. I like the ones you shared here.


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