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A Beginner's Meditation Experience

Updated on April 22, 2021

Doubts... Doubts... Doubts...

Everyone in this world wants peace of mind, prosperity & happiness. I also one of those. But as we grow up we experience there is hell lot of tension to face. In a limited span of time, we have to achieve many things. It becomes a bigger tension when we see our colleagues buying cars, homes. Everyday updates from friends on Facebook and WhatsApp adds to this tension. This then becomes a non-ending story.

But there was one of my friend who was not this race. One day I decided to ask him "Doesn't he get tensed?". I asked him about his secret. He smiled at me and said "I will tell you the secret provided you need to commit and practice what I tell for few days". I told him "I will follow what you say". Even though I was doubtful I said Ok let me give a try.

I thought he will tell me some philosophy or might give me some magic trick. To big surprise, He told me "he practices Yoga & meditation daily". That put me in a dilemma. I thought, my friend is MAD either or I went to a wrong person.

I asked him, Do I need to practice yoga and meditation? Generally, old People practice yoga and meditation. Are you serious about what you are asking me to practice? I can join some sports, gymnastic or aerobic classes Meditation is not for me.

I said in this age of science technology is so much advanced. All these practices are old. He smiled at me and showed me this video which created curiosity about meditation in me. Which I thought I must share with you all.

Why to Meditate?

I Asked my friend Why should I meditate? How do I meditate?

And he started telling me I have become more confident after doing this and all (I was smiling but can't show him).

  1. He told me meditation helps in quick stress relief.
  2. It is a quick solution that can rejuvenate you in 10-15 minutes.
  3. Meditation improves concentration, improves memory power.
  4. It brings focus to work and all.
  5. Your quality of sleep improves after meditation.
  6. Meditation helped him in keeping him calm & healthy.

He kept telling me why to meditate & I kept listening.

Now the next question was HOW TO MEDITATE. Are there any tips for meditation? Is there any way to meditate? Do I need to learn it from someone or will you teach me? I asked him.

He Answered in this modern age of technology you can try "online guided meditation". It is the easiest way of learning meditation. It is free also. I said, "I will give it a try."
I decided "let's give it a try at meditation"

Meditation Then and Now

My First Meditation Experience:

After listening to the benefits of meditation I decided to do the meditation.

I sat down and closed my eyes.
For the first time, I was going to do something like this.
I started following the instructions given by the instructor. It was a different experience for me. I could hear a nice flute in the background.
I had a lot of thoughts in mind but I wanted to learn this new technique for a calm mind called "Meditation"

I was listening to the instructions & taking deep breaths. Every instruction and music made me feel better.

After some time I realized there were fewer thoughts. My head was free from thoughts. I am becoming calmer and calmer & feeling lighter & better.
That's it. Yes, I was meditating... :)

After some time the soft voice said, "you may open your eyes" & I opened my eyes. I was feeling like continuing this for some more time.

I observed there was a change. I was smiling :) My mind was quiet. No more questions. Yes, something had changed but I didn't know what was?
I could feel it. I thanked my friend for sharing this secret of meditation with me.

Meditation... It really Rocks :)

After first meditation life is more peaceful than before. It is a nice experience. Now I am practicing it for almost more than a year.

It is good to have a calm mind and a cool head among a lot of noise around. Small problems hardly bother any more.
Attitude towards life gets changed from problem to challenge. I like to say Life is beautiful with more confidence

My Tips for Good Meditation Experience

My Tips for Awesome Meditation Experience

When you want to meditate keep few things in mind.

  1. Don't think about anything. If you have to finish some task finish it first. Give this 30 minutes for yourself.
  2. Don't worry about anything - Even if you worry about your problems it doesn't solve any problem. But meditation might give you a solution when you sit peacefully you might realize what is an actual problem and what is a solution to it.
  3. Just enjoy the peace of mind - When you sit for some time you will see all the disturbing thoughts are reduced, now don't think why is it happening to you. Nothing wrong. Always keep in mind you are peaceful by nature.

Thoughts come and go just be with those thoughts it might be good thoughts or sometimes even bad thoughts, Don't try to avoid any thought, if you do not try to avoid though you will feel better once you finish your meditation.

  • Stick to a schedule & fixed time for meditation
  • Select a peaceful spot in your home where no one will be there to disturb you at least for half an hour.
  • You can even play some soft music sometimes or try some guided meditation when you are not feeling good.
  • Don't overdo meditation because you start feeling better. Keep the balance.
  • Don't get up suddenly after meditation take 4-5 minutes rest & then get up from your place.
  • Enjoy your meditation with a big smile on your face.

Myths about Meditation

Recently I came across some myths about Mediation and thought let me share about it also.

Myths are like

1. Meditation is Concentration - In my experience meditation is definitely not concentration. When I sit for meditation I think about many things during meditation. But I think after meditation whatever work I do I am able to concentrate better now.

2. Meditation is sitting for hours folding legs- It is not necessary to sit cross-legged I sit on my chair & do meditation and have some experience which I get when I sit cross-legged.

3. Meditation is for senior citizens & it is not a cup of youngsters - I think it is for everyone. There is no restriction of age to meditate.

4. Meditation is a way to keep away from problems in life - Meditation is not magic that will give all the things ready-made for you. It will give you the strength to face any challenge in life with a smile.

5. It is a religious activity - If stress is there for all religions, then I think meditation is also for all. It is a natural stress reliever we need not call it religious.

6. it is controlling thoughts - No need to control or suppress any thought it is just letting your mind wander wherever it wants.

7. It is self-control like hypnotism - I have never experienced this.

And initially, I also thought it is true because of misconceptions I had as a beginner. I came across this article on myths about meditation which made most of my doubts clear.

Try this Guided Meditation


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