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Men Created God

Updated on February 5, 2012

Did God create men or men created God


Some people claim that God created man. Although there are different theories of creation and we are not sure which of the theories is true but at least we know that it is possible that God created man as the theory of creation holds. However it seems some people think otherwise.

I remember when a pagan said, “Men created God,” in his comment on a hub on He is of the view that paganism was the first religious system before men modified it to suit their diverse desires and understanding of God.

His stand is questionable as some tribes or nation may claim that they never practiced paganism. Whatever the claim maybe we can clearly see that Men changed their views of God in some aspects. For instance men changed their views and laws of God as time changed. The religious practices of our ancestors are no longer same in most places. Some people claimed that such changes was expected just as Christianity claimed to be expected fulfillment of Judaism while Muslims claim to hold the last message from God given to the last prophet who happened to be their own prophet and founder.

Even among and within the various religions, there also exist differences. It is because of these differences and diversity that some people claim that one can find a religious that fits one’s demands and desires. For instance, one can find a religion where dress code, sex, drinks, smoking among others does not really matter. That may be what the pagan saw and then he concluded that men created God.

Can it be that men created a God that will fit their religious desires?

Can it be that God created man and changed over the years to accommodate man’s diverse desires?

But we know that God is said to be a God that never changes. Therefore, if truly God never changes then it is likely that men, by some means, found their own God or men created their own God just as men of old created gods from the woods and stones.

So is it possible that men truly created God like the pagan claimed?


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