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Mercury in Libra Explained

Updated on September 28, 2011

The planet with the most influence on communication is Mercury, otherwise known as The Great Communicator. If Mercury was in Libra at the time of your birth, this energy will color every aspect of your communication style. The way you speak, the way you interpret others, the way you think and learn -- these aspects will all be affected by the energy Libra brings to your natal chart. For more information, please read on!

The Great Diplomat

Mercury in Libra is highly, highly diplomatic. They will always try to phrase their opinions in a way that will not directly offend anyone else. Unless, of course, you've been rude and abrasive to them for no apparent reason, in which case they are more than capable of being less than diplomatic. But in general, they will try to treat you as their intellectual peer, even if they secretly feel they are just slightly above you in that arena. And if they do, it isn't because they are naturally snobbish people. On the contrary, Libra is the sign of balance, and they truly wish that everything and everyone was equal at all times. In fact, they feel very uncomfortable when things are obviously unequal in that sense.


The Natural Ref

Libra in Mercury won't necessarily seek this out, but many of their friends and colleagues will turn to them to play referee when arguments or debates crop up in the office or in the personal relationships of others. Now, when I say Libra won't necessarily seek this status out, they are not likely to shy away from it, either. They enjoy righting the balance of the world and they are very, very good at it. There are few people so capable of leaving personal opinion out of the decision forming process. This is what makes them so utterly brilliant as judges and lawyers. They will render their verdict fairly and thoughtfully, and you really can't get any better than that. So if you've got a friend with this aspect in their chart, that's probably the person to turn to first when you are having trouble reaching a decision.

Friendly and Charming

Mercury in Libra is charming and charismatic when it comes to communication. They are experts at making people feel comfortable and you will always feel like you've been treated with dignity and respect when in their company. They are pleasant to be around and they are not prone to arguments, nor do they enjoy being involved in them. They would prefer to spend quiet time having an intellectual conversation, as opposed to having a loud evening in a party atmosphere. If you know a Mercurian Libra, you've probably noticed that they are also highly welcoming and leave you with a feeling that that genuinely enjoy spending time with you. This is part of their appeal, and why so many people go naturally gravitate toward them.


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