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Methods Of Chinese Astrology: Zi Wei Dou Shou And Nine Star Ki

Updated on June 11, 2012

There are many different methods of casting a Chinese astrological chart. The Ba Zi is a common one, but two other methods are also popular. Among them are the following: Zi Wei Dou Shou and Nine Star Ki.

Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology)

Astrologers have been practicing this form for more than 1,000 years. This type relies upon around 30 of the approximately 100 major stars. The stars are said to represent different aspects comprising an individual’s life. These include:

· Fate

· Brothers and Sisters

· Spouse or partner

· Children

· Wealth

· Health

· Travel

· Friends and associates

· Career

· Property

· Leisure

· Parents

As in the case of most forms of astrological prognostication, the factors to determine placement (in this case of each star) are the individual’s dates of birth – specifically the year, month, day and time of in accordance to the lunar – not solar calendar.

The astrologer will then use this data to determine such characteristics of the individual’s life as Ming (Fate) and Luck. In such a determination, you need to remember that Fate or destiny is fixed while Luck is variable. It alters according to the presence of lucky and/or unlucky stars in each Palace. These represent a decade as well as the various years of an individual’s lifetime.

Nine Star Ki

To determine the Nine Star Ki, an astrologer would use the Magic Square (the Feng Shui Luo Shu). The system consists of nine Palaces (Squares) – one for every number or star. The position of each Palace does not change. It is fixed. What changes are the stars as they move through the different Palaces in a predetermined pattern that form a nine-year cycle.

A Chinese astrologer may construct Magic Square for a day, month or year analysis. It will help to explain various aspects of the life of an individual using the patterns of the stars – determination and placement. The chart addresses various aspects of an individual’s life from physical appearance to environment. It covers such areas as career, health, personal relationships and monetary wealth.

To accomplish this, the Chinese astrologer may use the lunar calendar. It is possible, though, to utilize the solar calendar. This is particularly true for Fate (Ming) calculation. This form of astrology does not address the issue of Luck.

Within each row, column and diagonal the total of the numbers must be 15. This is a multiple of five – an important number for Chinese astrology. In fact, one method of nine-Star Ki uses Pentology – the use of groupings of five. This dates back to the close connection believed to exist between Chinese Astrology and nature. It is a natural result of an agricultural-based people.

A pentological system will take the individual’s life and subdivide it into five different periods. These are:

  • Birth
  • Youth
  • Maturation
  • Adulthood
  • Retirement

These stages are then related to the other important “fives”

  1. The Five Elements: In Chinese astrology, these are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.
  2. Five Seasons : The five seasons are spring, summer, fall winter and between seasons.
  3. Five Influences: These consist of Fate, Opportunity, Happiness, Wealth and Fame.

Combining Elements and Growth Stages

The Combination of elements and growth stages are as follows:

· Wood - new growth

· Fire - energy and rapid development

· Earth - mastery of practical matters

· Metal - realization of potential or maximum earnings

· Water - repose

Unlike Ba Zi, the Nine Star Ki method also illustrates the fluctuation of the energy level or life force – the chi or ki, during the five different stages of life.


Chinese astrologers draw on different methods to obtain the right astrological chart for their clients. While Ba Zi continues to prove popular, other forms do exist. Among them are Nine Star Ki and Zi Wei Dou Shou. The type you prefer will depend both upon your purpose in having a chart created, and the method preferred by the astrologer.


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