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Michael "Moonwalk" Jackson (The Birth of God is the Awakening of DEATH)

Updated on March 30, 2015
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Gods Poet Nkosi has been writing Poetry for the past 18 years. Writing can help you learn about your hidden desires and help you grow.

Michael "Moonwalk" Jackson (The Birth of God is the Awakening of DEATH)


Michael "Moonwalk" Jackson (The Birth of God is the Awakening of DEATH)

Michael "Moonwalk" Jackson (The Birth of God is the Awakening of DEATH)

Your voice is Symphonic.

Your words are a scab natural and heal the

Soul with TIME.

Your Body Dances carried by the Wind

reminding ‎US of our childhood.

You Never Uttered the Word **tch.

You had so much LOVE the world had not seen

such pureness since the days of Eve and Our

Lord Jesus.

You had more POWER than Wealth.

Reality remains you would have been

President of the United States of America.

Bringing to rest all suffering of the Mind

and Flesh.

What is the value of currency?

When everything ‎we consume is born free in

Mother Nature.

Behold death is not silent, it rages like a river

after a storm.

A SEED is a miracle, all we need to believe

and perhaps witness in is God's Splendor

and Glory.

The birth of a child, the nurturing with time

It is effortless and graceful growth.

One day you become a gentleman

fall in love with a princess, and your

Children become gods and Goddesses!.

Yet we are thought to put our faith in

Currency, an illusion buying us comfort.

When we need to pamper is what lies in our hearts

and minds.

Do you believe in falling in LOVE?

Does one seek and find Love?

Does it all start with the way you were raised

or when you are old enough to finding the wisdom

within to love self?

Who do you believe in?

Humanity, self or God?

Why do you believe?

What is it that you FEAR?

The Birth of God is the Awakening of DEATH...

How do you feel when doing Injustice to a fellow

human being?

What is the price of your happiness?

How much is your soul worth?

Do you treasure the memories that lie

In your mind?

Who are the people and elements of nature

that help create the memories in your mind heart

and reality?

Can you sleep at night?

Do you remember your dreams, are they fantasy?

Is your mind a pleasant place to be in?

Have you ever let yourself down?

Do you keep making the same mistakes?

Do you feel your life is insignificant?

Will you ever learn from your mistakes?

What do you love about living?

Do you believe in the sacrifice of giving?


When you have been hurt emotionally

psychologically, financially, what is it that you

seek comfort in?

Is there a pain you feel, a disability, a trauma

the loss of a LOVED One? The pain just will not go

away? How does it feel living with that pain?

Has the pain made you a bitter person?

Has it made you a better and stronger being?

Do you ever go bed at night hungry?

Are you at times short of money to travel

by public transport to school?

Have you ever lost a job, just because you were

a hard worker and your immediate boss

did not like the idea that soon you would get a

‎better post. Be able to take your family on holiday

settle your debt, get an automobile and perhaps

stop renting and purchase a home for yourself

and loved ones.‎ You lost that JOB. In 3 months

you were evicted out of your residence because

you couldn't pay the rent. You an alcoholic now.

You can not afford to buy your own booze.

Your 16 year old son is now‎ on drugs there is no

money to send him to rehab.

You still believe in the Higher Power God.

Yet after all these tragedies, it is as though the

darkness ‎over shadows the light.

Your Prayers are a nightmare.

And Reality is SUICIDE.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Dedicated to Saint Michael "Moonwalk" Jackson

His Beloved Mother Catherine Jackson.

His Children Blanket Paris and Prince Jackson.

This Hub was written in a state of Nirvana

by an Africa "Swami" Gods Poet Nkosi.

Peace to God Buddha!(Love)


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