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Military ESP Psychic Remote Viewing Revealed UFOs, Aliens, and Oneness

Updated on November 24, 2017

Pseudoscience is a Meaningless Label

"Remote viewing" started in Germany during World War II as part of a military unit named "Majik"; this group consisted of the most brilliant of all Nazi scientists. Top scientists in chemistry, biology, physics, and more were part of this group, as well as people with unusual "psychic" abilities. Nearing the end of World War II, through Operation Paperclip, most of these people were brought out of Germany; many ended up in the United States. Some people believe this group (Majik) became the American group called the "Majestic 12", which was part of the US military until the 1980's.

Many people do not believe in psychic abilities, but Just because some people don't believe something does not automatically make it untrue; this only means that they don't believe it. What others believe does not dictate the realities we experience; what we believe dictates our experience. It is highly irrelevant to each of our own lives what others believe to be "possible" or "impossible"; it simply doesn't matter what other people believe.

Some people claim that research into remote viewing and other psychic phenomenon is "pseudoscience", and they believe it is "nonsense". However, many things that were once thought of as "pseudoscience" are now mainstream accepted science. Therefore, just because something has been termed "pseudoscience" does not make it proven false, or invalid -- who gets to decide this anyway? Did anyone consult you when they decided that "physical-five-sense-reality" is all that there is?

In many cases, something "not yet understood" is called "pseudoscience", and then everyone just dismisses it simply because of that label -- this does not mean that anything has been proven false. However, it does mean ideas should not simply be dismissed just because of this idiotic label called "pseudoscience". If we are going to label everything unproven as "pseudoscience", we must include the "Big Bang Theory" and "Darwin's Evolution Theory" as well; both theories remain unproven -- these theories are impossible to prove. The "Big Bang" and "Evolution" theories remain unproven, but because they are the consensus version of reality, they are not considered "pseudoscience". Pseudoscience is anything that falls outside of the mainstream belief system version of what they so arrogantly call "science" -- it is a religion at best. This label does not make anything "false" or "less important" than anything else; "pseudoscience" is nothing more than a meaningless label that someone put on something -- to discourage people from investigating it. This is one of the ways that "they" manipulate the public into staying away from "certain" topics; it is mind control.

The majority of people believe psychic abilities are absolutely real; polls consistently show nearly 60% of Americans "believe in psychic abilities", and around 75% "believe in the paranormal". The majority of us do not care about their pathetic little label (pseudoscience); we know there is more than just "physical-five-sense-reality" -- even if what passes for "science" is incapable of comprehending it.

Mainstream "scientists" are quick to discount anything falling outside their rigid belief system, but they are the first to admit that they are able to detect "only about 5%" of all that exists. This means that 95% (much more in some estimations) of what actually exists is invisible to "science". They freely admit this, but then have the arrogance and the audacity to quickly dismiss anything falling outside of their tiny 5% -- there is your "pseudoscience"; that is a religion, not a science.

How can "they" label anything as "pseudoscience" when they, by their own admission, accept so very little of what "reality" actually is? It is just ridiculous.

Can Uri Geller really bend a spoon with his mind?

Russell Targ

"We know from the experimental data of psi research that viewer in the laboratory can focus his or her attention anywhere on the planet and, about two-thirds of the time, describe what is there."
"We know from the experimental data of psi research that viewer in the laboratory can focus his or her attention anywhere on the planet and, about two-thirds of the time, describe what is there."

Project Stargate

In the 1970s, Russell Targ and Harold E. Puthoff (both physicists) worked with Navy and CIA intelligence to study and develop "remote viewing" techniques. They started research and were beginning to get interesting results; Uri Geller, Ingo Swann, Pat Price, Joseph McMoneagle, and others were part of these studies. Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, the physicists running the studies, were convinced that Uri Geller and Ingo Swann had "actual psychic abilities"; they were making progress and getting some very compelling results.

When research had only just begun, the Church Committee revealed information about the CIA that made them look extremely bad. The Church Committee revealed that the CIA was involved with assassinations around the world, spying on the American people, and conducting mind control experiments on unknown participants through a project known as MKUltra. At this point, the CIA was publicly shamed, and decided to distance themselves as much as possible from any further controversy. At least on paper and formally, the CIA shut down all of its "questionable" programs. Many of these "questionable" programs were not "shut down" at all; most were moved to other agencies, or continued under different names and more secrecy. Remote viewing research was passed on to the Army, where exploration could continue without bringing further embarrassment and criticism to the CIA. This had nothing to do with psychic abilities being proven fake; it was about an agency that was "totally embarrassed" and "ashamed of itself". A building that had previously been a bakery school in Fort Meade, Maryland was updated and became the Army's remote viewing headquarters under the name "Stargate Project".

Coordinate Remote Viewing

One type of remote viewing the Army examined is called "scanning by coordinate" or "coordinate remote viewing". This is when someone assigns coordinates to a specific location, and then asks someone else to focus and meditate on that coordinate in an attempt to gain information about that particular location. For example, a location is selected and a number is assigned to that location. Then, only the number is given to the potential "remote viewer"; without any knowledge of what the number represents, the "remote viewer" then attempts to obtain information about the location the number is associated with. If the number represents the ocean, and the "remote viewer" reports seeing scorpions and sand, we know this is incorrect; if the "remote viewer" reports seeing water and fish, we might be dealing with someone who truly has authentic psychic ability. If accurate results can be achieved enough times, eventually a "probability of accuracy" can be created. If enough evidence comes forward showing a "high probability of accuracy", then someone could potentially be considered a "valid" remote viewer.

At its start, the Stargate Project used "latitude and longitude" as coordinates; but after a period of time, they found longitude and latitude coordinates "were not needed". They realized that assigning any number to any location would produce the same results. They could not use something "known", because remote viewers would draw upon memory rather than psychic ability; the location must be concealed from the remote viewer in order for any study to be taken seriously. If a remote viewer is asked to look at the "Statue of Liberty", they will no doubt be able to describe it in detail. However, if the remote viewer is only given a piece of paper with a number on it, then still describes the "Statue of Liberty", this can be taken a bit more seriously. If this can be repeated many times, it may indicate a "true ability" exists; these are some of the methods the Army used to determine if someone had any valid psychic ability or not.

Albert Einstein

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."
"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

Everything is Energy

When someone knows that a "certain number" corresponds to a "specific place", that is a thought. "Thoughts" are energy forms; when we "think", these "energy forms" go out into the Universe. The whole Universe is an energy grid that we are all connected to and part of; this is what Einstein's Unified Field Theory is about. "Everything" all together is just one thing; in this way "we" (the human race) are all part of each other.

An ocean is a huge body of water, made from many individual droplets. If there were no droplets, there could never be an ocean. Each droplet added or removed changes the entire volume of water contained within the whole of the ocean. Each one of "us" is one individual droplet -- of consciousness -- in an utterly limitless "ocean" of preexisting eternal consciousness.

Everything is energy, and "we" are each a very small part of it; it does not exist without us, and we do not exist without it. We are "one thing"; literally, not only as a matter of philosophy, but as a matter of physics as well -- even Einstein said so.

We think things are "solid", but they are not -- nothing in this "physical" reality is solid; it can't be. How can something "solid" be made from something that has no solidity? It cannot. We live in an "energy field" and everything we ever experience is an "energy form" of one kind or another. We think "physical reality" is "solid", but it is more than 99% empty space. How can "empty space" make anything solid? It cannot.

We can "tune in" to (and even manipulate) this "energy field" we live in and are all a part of; this is where the scientific foundation of psychic phenomenon begins. If a "thought form" is attached to a number on a piece of paper, some people can access that "thought form", and figure out what the number represents. This is what Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff began to realize during the experimentation at Fort Mead, Maryland in the 1970's.

Bad Attitude = Bad Result

Seemingly out of nowhere, in the mid 1990's, the CIA hired Ray Hyman and Jessica Utts "to investigate and analyze remote viewing". Ray Hyman was a "skeptic" and did not believe in anything paranormal; he concluded there was "nothing to remote viewing" -- before even beginning the investigation. Everyone knows: if you start something with a "bad attitude", or predetermined ideas about outcomes, results will almost always be what you expected. Quantum Physics demonstrates that results are "highly dependent" upon the beliefs held by those who perform the experiments. Results are always more accurate when a "neutral" person, without preconceived ideas, performs any kind of "scientific" studies.

That is exactly what happened when Jessica Utts revealed her findings; she said there was "something happening". Jessica Utts was "absolutely convinced" there was "something unusual happening" with remote viewing. She started research with a much more open mind than Ray Hyman did, and her results clearly reflect that fact.

The CIA was "unable to determine" what was actually happening, and once again ended the research. There would be no more research into remote viewing, or any other type of "psychic" or "paranormal" abilities, at least not by the CIA.

Ingo Swann Talks About One of His Experiences

Everyone has Psychic Ability

Many people dismiss these ideas, but people have always known about psychic abilities; all through history are accounts of people using or having psychic abilities. All the ancient stories give accounts of psychic people and paranormal phenomenon, and in all religious books there are people who have abilities beyond the five senses. Mainstream "science" would have us to believe that "physical-five-sense-reality" is all there is, but we have always known this is not true.

Stanford Research Institute concluded that "psychic ability is an innate ability all humans possess". That is not to say we can all just simply "read other people's minds", or move objects "with our minds". It also does not mean we can instantly become "remote viewers". Some people may be able to easily perform amazing feats of psychic ability; others may never be very good at it. We can all practice, and learn to do something, like "hit a golf ball"; but very few of us will ever become professional golfers. Everyone may very well be able to practice and learn some form of "psychic ability", but only very few of us will ever be able to do it extremely well.

In the 1970's, Ingo Swann remotely viewed the planet Jupiter; he described it very well, and insisted that there was a "ring" around the planet. At the time, no one had ever seen a ring around Jupiter before; so everyone laughed, and dismissed the whole idea. What a surprise to everyone then, when in 1979 the Voyager missions revealed that Ingo Swann's account was accurate. How could this be? Maybe he just got lucky. How many times does someone have to be accurate before we consider that they might be credible?

Maybe we can't all be like Ingo Swann, but might it be possible (with a bit of work and practice) that each of us may be able to develop our own individual unique psychic abilities? Maybe so. Apparently, scientists at Stanford Research Institute think we can; it might be worth at least some consideration. What if we can? What a fantastic experience might that turn into?

Lyn Buchanan Talks about Associative Remote Viewing and the Lottery

Remote Viewing is not Bound by Time

Ingo Swann, Joseph McMoneagle, Lyn Buchanan, and Mel Riley were some of the best remote viewers. In one session, Mel Riley found himself walking in a forest; he came to a clearing where he discovered a Native American village. He claimed to have seen smoke coming from tepees, children playing, and dogs running around in this place. Mel Riley said he had been to this same place in the woods before (not during remote viewing), but did not see anything like this. According to Riley, one of the natives actually looked directly at him and waved. Mel Riley believed he went "back in time"; if this is true it would mean that we have the ability (through remote viewing) to go back in time, and actually interact with the past. Whatever he saw did not exist in our time, and to him it was absolutely real. Mel Riley and many others believe that he really did somehow go "back in time".

A Discovery Channel Piece on Joseph McMoneagle

Mel Riley talks about Predicting the Future

Viewers Tasked with UFOs

While the experiments were being performed in the 1970's with the American Project Stargate, the Soviet Union had its own program; but the Soviets called them "extra sensors" rather than "remote viewers". Some say the Soviet "extra sensors" made "more progress", and took the whole thing "more seriously" than American "remote viewers" did. There was a bit of confusion between the Soviet extra sensors and the American remote viewers; sometimes they would "see" each other in the non-physical realm. At first this was a huge problem, but soon they realized no harm could be done.

In the 1970's, remote viewers and extra sensors were "officially" asked to view UFOs; some would talk about what they saw -- others would not. Those who do talk about it tell of "real spacecraft", "aliens on Earth", and far away "heaven-like worlds" beyond imagination.

Skip Atwater at the Monroe Institute

Alien Bases on Earth

One of the best remote viewers was a former police officer named Pat Price; he was very successful and had great intuition. Testing revealed that he was "one of the very best" remote viewers ever found. According to Pat Price, there are "four alien bases on Earth". He claimed these bases were in the Pyrenees Mountains, Zimbabwe, Australia, and Alaska.

The specific locations were impossible to get to or verify, but in 1998 Skip Atwater was given the coordinates to the places Pat Price had mentioned. Skip Atwater was totally unaware of the coordinates he was given, but he also saw "alien bases" on Earth and claimed each base had its own purpose. He said that the base in the Pyrenees Mountains was where alien ships "entered and left" our world, the base in Zimbabwe was a "repair shop" for damaged ships, the one in Australia was for "vacation", and the Alaskan base was for "monitoring weather and environmental conditions" on Earth.

If these bases are real, they must be very carefully hidden and totally invisible to us. If we are dealing with advanced beings, "invisibility" may be easy for them. If they are non-physical beings who exist outside of visible light, we may never be able to verify their presence. If these bases are real, we will never be told by the authorities -- how would any of us know if this is true or not? Dismissing things we cannot prove does not make them untrue, it only makes them dismissed; dismissing something has never proven anything. If we dismiss things simply because we cannot prove them, we may be missing something important. Many people believe these bases do exist, and we really have no way to prove or disprove any of it. Could it be that we not only have aliens on Earth, but alien bases as well? This is a frightening idea.

Aztec UFO

In 1950, Frank Skully wrote about a huge UFO that crashed in Aztec, New Mexico; he claimed 16 small "humanoid beings" were found along with the UFO. According to Skully, military units collected everything and took it all to an unknown location. In 2009, Randy Barnes of the Aztec Library Association contacted Problems Solutions Innovations, which was headed by Lyn Buchanan who had been part of the Stargate Project, to examine the Aztec UFO. A panel of eleven remote viewers was then set up to analyze what Frank Skully reported.

This group claimed to have seen a large silver-gray-black object come down from the sky to the ground, as well as a number of injured biological entities. Members of the panel say the Army moved the aliens, and the UFO, to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. According to this group of eleven remote viewers, after they arrived at the base, "mental communications" began between the aliens and the humans. Apparently, the aliens could "telepathically" interfere with the minds of humans and the military had "no control" over them -- this was a big problem. They could not let the aliens go free, send them back to wherever they came from, or keep them locked up. According to all eleven of the remote viewers -- the Army killed them all.

We do not Know Everything

Remote viewers eventually began to realize aliens and UFOs were real; they came to understand that other species of "intelligent life" exist in the Universe. They then started to wonder if there might be some sort of central control point, or a governing authority of any kind.

Mel Riley was one of the remote viewers who "looked" for the "governing authority" of the Universe; he "saw" a distant world with high mountain plateaus, and a huge lake that he said reminded him of Lake Titicaca. He moved up an inclined causeway toward a pyramid shaped building with obelisks on each side of the entrance, and entered the building through a dimly lit hallway made of smooth stones on all sides. Mel Riley said it was a "majestic sacred place like heaven"; It seemed "familiar" like he was "home". According to Mel Riley, he was drawn toward an "alter" in the center of the room, where he laid down and was suddenly surrounded by "hooded figures". He felt these beings were completely benevolent, and experienced no fear. He was perfectly comfortable, "totally at ease", and did not want to leave. According to Riley, these hooded figures told him it was "not his time yet", and that he "must go back".

This is certainly one account that can not be proven by any means, but it sure is fascinating to consider. We cannot prove that Mel Riley's experience was not true any more than we can prove it is true. We do not know everything -- and we should not pretend we do. As strange as this story sounds, we must admit that we do not know everything. Being that we do not know everything, there is simply no way to be absolutely certain that Mel Riley did not see exactly what he claimed to have seen -- maybe it was real, we don't know. If we cannot prove this false, that means it is a possibility; as long as it is a possibility, it is worth considering and contemplating.

The One

When discussing things like aliens, many people express concern as to how these ideas fit in with their beliefs about God. If aliens exist in the Universe that God created, obviously God created aliens -- problem solved.

Remote viewers say that every alien species has spoken of "The One". Many different remote viewers have described a "distant planet with a magnificent city" where the inhabitants worship what they call "The One" or "The All". Many separate remote viewers have reported seeing this same thing, and have drawn identical pictures of this place not knowing about the others. All the drawings show buildings floating on water, and a tall tower with a red stripe around the top. There are many other details as well, but somehow remote viewers all saw the same thing and they all drew nearly identical pictures. How can we have multiple people seeing exactly the same thing, if there is nothing to it? It seems to be too much to simply be coincidence.

They all claimed to have seen a "heaven-like city" where "The One" or "The All" is the only thing worshiped -- like God. How interesting to consider ... we are all one. The total sum of "all existence" past, present, and future becomes "The One." Each of us is a tiny piece of what makes up everything that has ever existed, exists now, or will ever exist. We are each a piece of all that ever was, is, or ever will be; we are all part of "The One" -- we are "The One" and "The One" is us. "You" are all that ever was, is, or ever will be; "I" am all that ever was, is, or ever will be. We are the same as each other, and we are pieces of the same thing. We truly are "one", and we are all in this together. This leaves little room for fighting. How can "one" fight itself? It cannot, it can only produce the illusion of doing so.

We are like Computers

The individual components of a computer alone cannot do much of anything. A computer is just plastic, cardboard, wire, solder, silicone, metal, and a bit of other stuff. That by itself can't do anything, but when you plug it in to electricity, it can do all kinds of stuff. What makes a computer "work" is all the little bytes of electricity working together. Each individual byte by itself is not much and can't really do anything, but when many bytes begin moving on the mother board at the same time, the computer is capable of doing advanced calculations. When we connect this computer to the internet, it becomes even more advanced.

We are exactly the same; our "physical" bodies only become alive because of energy -- we are "energy beings". Without the energy that is "us", our "physical" bodies die; our brains are just a chunk of meat if there is no energy present. If the energy that makes you, "you", is not present, your brain simply won't do anything.

In a laboratory your body and brain could be recreated, but "you" cannot be recreated; they can create a clone of you, but they cannot create "you". Sometimes in movies, we see a brain being completely mapped and uploaded into a computer so it can later be installed onto an empty cloned brain. This idea is presented as a way of achieving "immortality", but when the original brain dies the original person dies as well. If this was your brain, "you" would be dead, not immortal, dead. No matter how hard they try, they will never be able to create an official authentic "you". It is not only the workings of the "brain" that is "you"; It is the sum total of a particular energy field that is "you". Energy is what makes "you"; this means it is energy itself that is a "sentient being".

We are each like one byte on the motherboard of a computer. Each one of us does not seem to amount to much as a single individual, but putting us all together is like billions of bytes operating on the motherboard that we call Earth -- Mother Earth. Just like connecting a computer to the internet, when we put together all the bytes of the entire Universe, we end up with an "omnipotent being" that knows everything about itself by way of each tiny byte -- this is us. This is you; it is the Universe; it is "The One" -- this is God.

We are All in this Together

Everyone believes what they believe, and we all hold our beliefs dear. Whether we are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, New Age, Satanist, Atheist, Scientist, Conspiracists, or whatever we are; we all believe whatever we believe -- and we all think we are right. Wars have been fought and millions of people have died for beliefs; beliefs must be important if we are willing to fight, argue, kill, and be killed over them. Belief must be one of the most powerful motivating forces the world has ever known. We are all here, apparently in the same place, yet we all see something very different. We each have our own unique individual experience in life that is only our own. How can any of us say, or honestly think, our belief is any better or more correct than what anyone else believes?

We are the "blind men describing the elephant"; each blind man can only describe what he sees. This does not mean he is wrong; just because someone sees something different does not make anyone wrong. To the blind men, the "trunk" is like a hose, the "tail" is like a rope, the "side" of the elephant is like a wall, the "ear" is like a fan, and the "leg" is like a massive unmovable pole. None of these blind men have any idea in the world what they are talking about, yet they will murder each other in the name of their beliefs. If they would have felt around the whole elephant, maybe they would have known better. Even then, shouldn't they know they are blind? Shouldn't they know their version might not be correct or complete? As a "sighted" person, it should be easy to see how ridiculous it is for these blind men to be fighting.

Just like the blind men, we have no idea what we are actually dealing with when it comes to everything. How dare you judge a blind man for not seeing! How dare we ever judge another for what they believe! Who am I to stand in judgement of another? Whatever is, or is not happening -- we are all in this together -- so we better start acting like it.


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    • Oztinato profile image

      Andrew Petrou 

      4 years ago from Brisbane

      The idea of scientific proof is limited to a very narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) as to what can be perceived. If other parts of the EMS were readily visible the entire concept of "proof" changes. Apparently some or all persons can perceive other parts of the EMS which current scientific apparatus still can't perceive. Even beyond this of course is the ability of some or all of us to glimpse other dimensions that may possess totally different EMSs! In other words the state of being sentient (us) opens up subtler forms of experiential testing beyond that of any man made constructed machine.

    • somethgblue profile image


      4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin but I really believe that science has been hi-jacked as a way of conditioning the masses that need proof to accept anything.

      Since learning to think with my heart, I no longer have the need for proof.

      Psychic Warrior is the brain child of David Morehouse and almost redefines remote viewing in terms the average man can grasp.

      Read this link, you will not be disappointed (must read)

    • Oztinato profile image

      Andrew Petrou 

      4 years ago from Brisbane

      As soon as they discover that telepathy etc are real it's new scientific definition will try to instantly sanitise it of all spirituality. Tech gadgets will be massed produced to enhance such properties etc. If they "discovered god" it will be seen as a great scientific invention.

      By giving a new scientific words and theories to much older spiritual discoveries science tries to possess the spiritual for itself. Take the Placebo Effect. This relates to older concepts of faith healing and modern scientific research also claims it can act in a miraculous way (for scientific reasons of course!)

    • Jason Horne profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Horne 

      4 years ago

      I have not read Psychic Warrior, but I will add it to my list. Mainstream stream science does act like it has proven there is no such thing as God, but deep real science seems to prove just the opposite. All of these things come down to the hearts of those who embrace them and what they choose to use them for.

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      4 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      They say that we are all psychic. But I don't think that our government will ever admit that they experiment with it or not. Unfortunately, many only assume that it will be used for bad. Why can't we perfect our psychic abilities for good.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Andrew Petrou 

      4 years ago from Brisbane

      Once scientists explain such phenomena they then claim to "own" it (sometimes quite literally with patents! ). A scientific explanation often comes with an unstated assumption that it proves God doesn't exist / or that it is some kind of quasi "invention" by science. This is related to spiritual blindness caused by ego.

    • somethgblue profile image


      4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Another great article, well researched and written. Have you ever read Psychic Warrior?


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