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Mind, body, spirit alignment! Why the heck do we care?

Updated on April 19, 2016

It's about reaching your highest potential

If you are around the metaphysical world at all, you'll l hear the phrase "mind, body, spirit alignment" tossed around left and right. You’ll see ads for music, meditation, biofeedback, healers, books, programs, classes and so much more all claiming to align your mind, body and spirit. Why do you care if they are aligned, and why do you need a $150 CD to help you get there?

The truth is, just like weight loss, there is no silver bullet. It is a process of exploration and discovery that each person must make in their own way. I want to give it to you as straight as possible why you might want to take on such an endeavor.

The mind, body, spiritual alignment is about being connected to your highest potential. It's like exercising to make sure all of your limbs are working well, as well as facilitating a strong core. It's like tuning up your car so it runs well and gets the best gas mileage it can. When they all work together, you're running like a well-oiled machine and a sense of well-being is more easily accessed. That's all we all want anyway, right? We want to feel well, peaceful, happy.

Reason number 1: Life seems more doable.

We often live our lives from "have tos" and "shoulds," which bog us down with things we feel we don't have a choice about doing. "I have to go to work" or "I have to clean my house." Of course, the truth is you choose to do these things because of the benefits you receive from doing them. But when your mind is not connected to your spirit, you feel put upon by the world. Victimized by the overload of your life and down-right tired! As you align your mind, body and spirit, your perspective changes and you see the benefits of what is happening around you. Dare I say, you get more optimistic!

Reason number 2: You understand your life purpose.

We all wonder "what the heck is the point of this thing called life" once in a while. When you ask that question of your aligned self, you find there is more to you than the roles you are playing. You aren't just the father, the worker, the husband. That authentic side of yourself, without the "have tos" comes through and you're just you, no matter what situation you are in. You get to discover the gifts you bring that are no one else's. That thing that makes you unique. Your body looks the way it does to teach you and everyone around you about this unique person. If you have a limitation, perhaps you see that it teaches people how to be compassionate or trust themselves to overcome their own limitations. If you are aligned with your body, mind and spirit you can see your gifts more clearly and offer them to the world without judgment of them. The universe shines brightly on those who give their gifts to the world.

Reason number 3: Your whole brain gets in the game.

You know all of those statistics about how we only use a small portion of our brain? That is reason enough to explore this topic. More brain power! If you haven't seen Dr. Jill Taylor's speech on her stroke, you should. It's worth your time. She discovers the joy of her right brain, separate from her left. This was all fine for a bit, but eventually she had to heal so she could function again in the world. The same is true of mind, body, spirit – it's just like the right and left hemisphere of the brain. You can't just use one side at a time. One side might be more dominate at times, but they are all there working together all the time. As you work on aligning yourself, your brain works more efficiently. It almost seems as though the new pathways that open up allow you to have a more flexible mind, which leads to more insight into your life and ultimately, more success.

Reason number 4: You save money.

Okay, if you spend a bunch of money on classes, books, music and more, you might think "I'm not saving money!" but the truth is, many of our doctor visits, psychologist visits, physical therapists, etc. are mainly because we don't trust ourselves and we need someone else to guide us. This is not to say that other people and healers don't have a role in our lives when we are aligned. But often we can find answers about what is ailing us within ourselves. We can then choose the most appropriate route for healing rather than jump through hoops trying to figure it out. Our body speaks to our mind and spirit, we only have to listen. Louise Hay has a great book called "Heal Your Body" that is all about the emotional connections to physical ailments. This doesn't mean you don't need a doctor for a urinary tract infection, it just means you might be able to prevent the next one if you know where the issue is truly stemming from. So save yourself some money on doctor visits, get aligned and let your own energy system begin to heal itself.

Of course I could come up with a thousand other reasons to align your mind, body and spirit. But the bottom line is, find your own reason to do it your own way, and jump in and explore. You are never without your body, mind and spirit, but getting them to work together in the interest of your highest good can have life changing effects. Give it a try.


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