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Minor Arcana: Reading the Cups Tarot Suit

Updated on December 13, 2017
  • The Ace of Cups

Without fail, aces demonstrate beginnings. Here the ace of cups demonstrates a fresh start of a passionate nature. It can connote the birth of a child, or the start of a romantic affair that influences us profoundly. It is for the most part a card of bliss, and the start of numerous endowments.

Upright: Compassion, love, overwhelming or strong emotion
Reversed: Repressed or blocked emotions

  • The Two of Cups

No matter the card, the two always indicates duality. Here it shows two personalities and hearts meeting up and working as one. The card depicts a young person and a lady each one bearing a mug, as though displaying it to each other. Above is the red lion of quality and boldness.

Upright: Partnership, unified love, relationships, attraction
Reversed: A relationship imbalance, break-up, lack of harmony

  • The Three of Cups

The three Graces move and cut loose, every lady bearing a glass. It shows a period of happiness and festival. It’s a card that represents accomplishment and celebration. The way that the illustration on the card depicts the three women reaching out towards each other shows that they are connected to through their friendship and emotions. There is fruit on the ground and the card gives off a general feel of happiness and abundance. The wreaths on the women’s heads have been a symbol for success and victory for quite a long time. There are also a variety of flowers at the women’s feet and they symbolize beauty, joy, growth, and compassion. They are meant to remind us all of the sweetness of success, the good times in our lives, and the inherent beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Upright: Friendship, celebrations, community, creativity
Reversed: The idea that three is a crowd, an affair, stifled creativity

  • The Four of Cups

A young person sits under a tree. One considers Buddha under the Bodhi tree, sitting leg over leg, yet this young is not peaceful. He appears disappointed with the three glasses before him. A hand from a cloud offers him a fourth measure, yet the adolescent demonstrates no investment. It shows a time of apathy and fatigue, where nothing is by all accounts fulfilling.

Upright: Contemplation, meditation, reevaluation, apathy
Reversed: A missed opportunity, boredom, being aloof

  • The Five of Cups

A hooded figure with bowed head appears to grieve the 3 mugs spilled before him. Behind the shrouded figure stand two glasses, upright. The 5 of any suit can be viewed as troublesome. Here it shows trusts that have been dashed or grieving over something that is lost. The hooded figure stays uninformed of the two mugs as of now remaining behind — so the circumstances are not totally miserable. If the Five of Cups comes up in your spread, the receiver of the reading may be having a hard time letting go of past mistakes that have been made, which is fully necessary to recover from. This card could be laid out if the person simply won’t move on from a past error, especially when It’s blocking you from a brand new opportunity that you need to seize as soon as possible. The receiver needs to start looking in a more extroverted way of life than an introverted way of life. The glass is never half empty, so it’s suggested to stop looking at a situation like that figure stand for two glasses, upright. The five of any suit can be viewed as troublesome. Here it shows trusts that have been dashed or grieving over something that is lost. The hooded figure stays uninformed of the two mugs as of now remaining behind — so the circumstances are not totally miserable.

Upright: Regret, loss, despair, disappointment, bereavement
Reversed: Acceptance, moving on, forgiveness

  • The Six of Cups

Two young people play in an arrangement, encompassed by six glasses. This card can show fond memories, and in addition a certain sticking to the past and how things used to be. It can likewise show a welcome or blessing originating from somebody in your past.

Upright: Nostalgia, reunion, innocence, childhood memories
Reversed: Naivety, being stuck in the past, being unrealistic

  • The Seven of Cups

A youngster sees seven glasses among the mists and dreams in that. On one container is the ideal partner or mate all individuals romanticize. An alternate mug shows wealth, an alternate the shrouded soul of the querent going to be uncovered, and another shows an alternate manors. Different mugs demonstrate a red mythical serpent of excited enthusiasm and feeling, and a snake emerging from an alternate container. The card is an alert against over admiring your circumstance and getting your head lost among the mists. Your fantasies require a firm establishment so as to flourish. Don't fabricate palaces circulating everywhere and fantasize without assuming liability for your activities. The illusions in your mind can also affect your present reality’s situation, which may lead you to wishful thinking and hoping for something that would not genuinely be better in the long term for you. The risk of illusion is key in the Seven of Cups, because separating what is fantasy from reality will help you make clearer decisions in your life. Trying to escape into false realities is not recommended at all. Since these fantasies and illusions can quite easily persuade you, the card is also associated with temptation.

Upright: Illusion, fantasy, choices, wishful thinking
Reversed: Illusion, temptation, diversionary tactics or actions

  • The Eight of Cups

Eight containers are masterminded in succession. A figure deserts these glasses as though starting a trip. An apathetic moon looks down upon the explorer. The voyager is in a decent circumstance where there is much guarantee and much to offer, however decides to set out for the obscure. It shows an anxiety and wanderlust and neglecting the great we as of now have, in the trusts of discovering something else.

Upright: Disappointment, escapism, withdrawal, abandonment
Reversed: Aimless drifting, hopelessness, walking away from something

  • The Nine of Cups

This is known as the "wish" card. A decently encouraged, vain individual sits with nine containers behind. It demonstrates a table of bounty and getting all that you covet. It is the wish card, importance your wish will work out.

Upright: Fulfilled wishes, happiness, comfort, satisfaction
Reversed: Dissatisfaction, greed, materialism

  • The Ten of Cup

A spouse and wife join arms gazing toward the rainbow over their home. Two youthful youngsters move. Ten containers are seen among the rainbow. It is a card of bliss, consummation of all arrangements to your fulfillment, and a card of satisfaction and a feeling of wholeness. It represents a cheerful marriage and family life.

Upright: Marriage, harmony, alignment, happiness
Reversed: Broken home, broken marriage, misalignment of values

  • The Page of Cups

A dreamy youth holds a mug from wherein a fish jabs its head. This shows an adaptable individual, one who has the endowment of instinct and knowledge. The card demonstrates a youth with affection for expressions of the human experience, verse and music and may be extremely attached to moving. It demonstrates ease in ones undertakings and additionally news of delight and stimulation.

Upright: Creative beginnings, a messenger
Reversed: Creative block, emotional immaturity

  • The Knight of Cups

A young person on a stallion with a winged protective cap offers a container. The card can demonstrate a delicate male, unmarried, a suitor who looks for the hand of a woman. He is fair and truthful, and in addition is ardent. It can likewise show a matter of an enthusiastic nature that is happening in the querent's life.

Upright: Charm, romance, a knight in shining armor
Reversed: Jealousy, unrealistic, moodiness

  • The Queen of Cups

A ruler on her throne at the ocean side holds a container she researches. She sees dreams inside. It shows a lady who has the endowment of instinct and has the capacity offer a word of wisdom. She likewise may harbor a mystery she is eager to impart to you. The Queen of Cups can easily be represented in your life, just like other Royal Court cards, either within yourself or as a person who has been entering your life. This card usually can appear in your life as a female who is quite mature. Since there is no one’s intuition more powerful than the Queen of Cups’, she can allow the reading’s recipient’s mysteries for themselves, due to the mirror-like qualities she has. The queen thinks with her heart more than she does with her mind, which may lead you to wanting to follow your heart instead of a logical approach when things get more difficult. It’s a good idea to try and explore your emotions more than your logic when it comes to some situations.

Upright: Calm, emotional security, compassionate, intuitive
Reversed: Co-dependency, emotional insecurity

  • The King of Cups

A ruler holding a staff drifts upon the water. It shows somebody who is benevolent, collected, adjusted and shrewd. He may be a part of the pastorate, or an instructor, teacher or therapist, specialist. He is an image of calm quality and is cooling and reassuring.

Upright: Generosity, a balance of emotion and control
Reversed: Moodiness, emotional manipulation, volatility


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