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Minor Arcana: Reading The Wands Tarot Suit

Updated on December 13, 2017
  • Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands card is the card of the Minor Arcana card deck that is modernly interpreted as invention and optimism. Creativity, birth, new beginnings, and inventiveness and even commencement are the key meanings of this card. Also, this card could mean that the client is having some uncertainty on how to go about a situation in their life, though, the idea and inspiration for the concept is fully there. The Ace can also easily stand for the person whose spread is being read to finally take a risk and go for whatever they truly want to do. Much like other ace cards, this card’s meaning is just a simple start and is meant to grow and improve into something much bigger than what it is currently.

Upright: Power, inspiration, beginnings, creations, potential
Reversed: Lack of motivation, delays, being weighed down

  • Two of Wands

The Two of Wands usually is referenced as the card that is centered around being daring and courageous. Usually this card’s message is a new path, or even striking out on a new adventure. The key meanings for this card are centered on partnership, anxiety, gain, and achievement. The client, upon getting this card in their spread, usually is focused and has absolute patience for their intent. In order to get the client’s journey continued onwards, it’s key after goals are started to move into action to wait for the fruits of their labor to actually give something back. They can either take a risk with their decision, or play it safe with the decision and sticking to the normal situations that the client is usually a part of. Twos in any part of the deck generally mean for decisions to be made. However, it’s smart to move away from the normal decisions and take those chances.

Upright: Progress, planning the future, discovery, decisions
Reversed: Lack of planning, fear of the unknown

  • Three of Wands

Creation and looking forward to new possibilities and missions is represented in the card of the three. Partnerships, fresh starts, disappointment and even trade can all be various meanings for this card when it is laid down. Change is something that is absolutely predominant that the client adapts to when this card shows up, especially with new situations happen. It’s key to be strong during this change and completely embrace it. There are also going to be challenges in the future due to these situations, but these changes lead to self-observations.

Upright: Foresight, expansion, preparation, enterprise
Reversed: Delays, lack of foresight, obstacles that could get in the way of long-term goals

  • Four of Wands

Four of Wands usually reflects positivity and harmony, while spreading positive feelings and positive results. This card can represent for new beginnings, celebration, happiness, harmony and pleasure. This card could indicate the best time to bring together and celebrate with friends and family due to the clients’ success. This can encourage when things are not looking up in a certain light, but due to the change from one light to another, it can mean for happiness as a result of getting past mistakes.

Upright: Harmony, celebrations, home, marriage, community
Reversed: Transition, a break in communication

  • Five of Wands

The Five of Wands usually can be similar to mimicking the effect of warfare. The card focuses on making sure the receiver of the reading realizes that they need to be ready to struggle and fight for what they deem important and truly find necessary. It is key to be alert and make sure that you keep what is yours is safe. The card itself can stand for strife, conflict, anxiety and disagreement.

Upright: Competition, disagreement, tension, strife, conflict
Reversed: Diversity, avoiding conflict, agreeing to disagree

  • Six of Wands

The Six of Wands focuses on good news, success and completion of tasks at hand. Simply put, victory’s fruits are not in vain with this card, and enjoying the victory and triumph is allowed. This card is truly a celebration for its receiver.

Upright: Victory, success, public recognition, self-confidence, progress
Reversed: Disrepute, a fall from grace, egotism, lack of confidence

  • Seven of Wands

This particular card makes it necessary to notice that the person receiving the reading should need to make an effort on how to keep whatever is important to them. It will be read as the receiver striving to be able to keep their position in life. The key meanings of this card are strength, courage, coping and resistance, long-term success, and perseverance through any situation.

Upright: Competition, challenge, perseverance
Reverse: Being overwhelmed, giving up, being overly protective

  • Eight of Wands

Information and taking action is absolutely key with this card. With the draw of the reading, the speed of looking for new communication or even brand new news that the receiver isn’t prepared for can be indicated by the surrounding cards being drawn. The Eight can indicate for motion, journeys and traveling, and making rash and hasty decisions or actions.

Upright: Action, speed, air travel, swift changes, movement
Reversed: Frustration, delays, holding off

  • Nine of Wands

Discipline and order during a position that you genuinely cannot change or alter in any way is what the Nine of Wands focuses on. Opposition of the situation is not feasible. This card can mean for inner strength and security, defensive, cautious and impermanent situations.

Upright: Persistence, courage, resilience, a test of faith
Reversed: Being defensive, being on edge, paranoia, hesitation

  • Ten of Wands

With the Ten of Wands card will show up usually if you are in a situation where there is too much pressure and responsibility being laid down on the subject, especially if the situation is overbearing and too much for the client to handle. Challenges, oppression, over commitment, and absolute sickening pressure are all what surrounds this card.

Upright: Responsibility, a burden, stress, hard work, achievement
Reversed: Avoiding responsibility, taking too much on at the same time/more than you can handle

  • Page of Wands

This card can be considered as the card that alerts the receiver that they need to take a new chance, creating a new journey and beginning for their life, as well as the fact that the Page is considered the card for the ‘messenger’. If this card is in the laid out spread, he or she may be receiving important news that will change very important things in the receiver’s life. Other key meanings for the Page of Wands include being skilled, adventurous, active, and even ambitious.

Upright: Exploration, enthusiasm, free spiritedness, discovery
Reversed: Pessimism, setbacks that stop progress on new ideas, a lack of direction

  • Knight of Wands

This card being laid down in a spread can mean that the receiver of the spread may be experiencing events that are unpredictable and challenging. However, the Knight looks forward and is always ready for anything with their spirit and determination. This card also, traditionally, can mean for progress and travels.

Upright: Passion, energy, action, lust, impulsiveness, adventure
Reversed: Scattered energy, haste, frustration, delays

  • Queen of Wands

The Queen can be thoughtful, a hard worker, independent, self-assured, and honest. She rules with her strength, which happens to be providing preliminary input that is necessary. It’s important to focus on thinking about how focused you are with your task, and to take in consideration your basic instincts. The card warns the receiver to not become impatient.

Upright: Warmth, exuberance, determination, vibrancy
Reversed: Aggressive, shrinking violet, demanding

  • King of Wands

The blossoming wand in the King of Wands’ hand is the utmost representation and symbol of creativity as well as the representation of life itself. The King’s throne and his cape are both decorated with the symbols of strength and fire- respectively the lion and salamander. The salamanders’ body shapes are the infinity sign considering they’re biting their own tails, which thus represents going forward no matter the things in our way. This card represents the fire of pure energy. With this card being laid down in a spread, it can mean that the receiver of the spread may be experiencing events that are unpredictable and challenging. However, the Knight looks forward and is always ready for anything with their spirit and determination. This card also, traditionally, can mean for progress and travels. The King of Wands shows the receiver of the reading that they are both centered on goals and a complete visionary. The goals of the recipient, however, may actually be negative thanks to the King, since he also can be extremely self-centered with his goals and arrogant, wanting to accomplish his own goals at any cost.

Upright: Vision, a natural-born leader, honor, entrepreneur
Reversed: Haste, impulsiveness, high expectations, ruthless


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