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Miracles, Are We a Miracle?

Updated on March 21, 2014
That was close pal!
That was close pal! | Source

Miracles, are we a miracle?

I was this very second washing my face and the words just kept pouring like darts of thoughts...!

First of all, this is a miracle...the way how I'm writing and putting together my words onto the capsule from the HP editor. We see the colors and we put down these mix of feelings and senses that attacked us 2 minutes ago...

Yes, life is a miracle. Just think of your kids and the way they said bye before they jumped into that school bus. "Bye mom" echoing in your mind and reminding you that there is a purpose in your life after all.

Just think of this site. Is just like a miracle how Paul Edmondson, Paul Deeds and Jason Menayan and the rest of the gang, came together with this idea, and how everything came together after a well deserved research. Life itself is a miracle...and we are tempting to think that these angels that are out there, just come around to make sure they meet some deeds...! But we have felt their presence.

I'm not religious at all, I don't even go to Church very often. But this word struck me today.Why? It just came to me 8 minutes ago.

I studied science and math in my twenties and loved History afterwards. But I was all along trying to search for the meaning of my existence. Walking myself sometimes alone..down the beach after 6p.m. and seeing people just doing their everyday chores or tasks. That for me is simple but is also a miracle. I began to there a reason for any of us to be... where we are? How come these trillion of cells in us, give the final product: Ourselves


Miracles That Happened Without Being Asked

We can talk about miracles that happened to us, but that would sound chauvinistic and egocentric. Things really happen with no sense at all. For instance, how did you meet your spouse and had the kids you are taking care of. Were they suppose to happen? Just see how Obama's mother met this fellow from Africa and fell for him. Of course there was back luck in our lives, but without falling, we wouldn't have learned that lesson. Did you see what I wrote so far, fellow reader? Is this message for you?


A miracle is seen as any event that is statistically unlikely but beneficial. Like losing a job and getting a better one. How about a cancer survivor? The definitely change after the Surgery. A coincidence or struck of luck can be seen as a miracle. Doing research I found that there might be Celestial Intervention in some cases, and I don't blame this Creator up there. He must've had it with us since Adam and Eve were forced to leave Paradise. We leave Moses and Noah for the Sunday service...!

"A miracle is a phenomenon not fully known by laws of nature, or an act by some supernatural entity or unknown, outside force.." We kept asking our Physics teacher, how can he explain gravity?? He went back to Newton and his apple and then wrote the cliche formula stating that, "Planets are directly attracted with a force proportional to their masses and inversely to the distance between them..." But wait a minute, my house weights 30 tons and the whole world must weight...oh my God! Are we taking for granted this life and things around us?

We can talk about the Miracle from Fatima or the laws of intervention. But we leave it to our readers. We know for sure that miracles are here for a reason. A friend of mine told me about this incidents: he was on a chatline (six years ago), browsing and scrolling up a down through these 200 nicknames...suddenly all of them fell from the system, except him and a girl, plus another couple. He was shocked and asked this girl, "Hi, did you see what happened, everybody got kicked out except us..huh?" The girl by the nick of 'Crystal,' answered, "We were lucky right? And where are you chatting from?" That was it! 9 months later they were married. That was neat, I told him, and they have been together for five years.

We can keep talking about so many situations and think about them. Maybe you have seen miracles in your life? Fellow reader?

Do you believe in miracles?

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