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Miracles Happen by Asking

Updated on June 3, 2010

Miracles Do Happen

I wrote about this miracle that happened at age 19 where for 3 days I was spirit filled and literally floating on a cloud for those days.

I gave this incident it's own chapter, as it seemed important to communicate what HS was saying to me at the time.

I was not brought up in a religious environment and I don't remember reading a bible. Therefore I conjectured the bible verses which floated in my head from time to time must have been brought with me into this life, but memorized in another. And I still believe I've had many lives as myself, as me.
Coincidentally or not, it is mainly some Jesus phrases that came to mind and usually only during some crisis.

The night before the healing occurred on body, mind and spirit, I had gotten drunk with a fellow I'd just met. We were not allowed to buy liquor and he had some very potent cough syrup on hand
I was very ill the next day from imbibing and I had to work to support myself. I went off to my assignment. I was with an agency called Tidy Girls.
I met a lady at her door who said to come in and that she was feeling quite ill and would retire to her room while I worked.
I began to feel sicker and sicker as the day wore on and I knew I paid the price for drinking the alcohol.

I really needed to pay my rent but I couldn't pretend to be working, as that wouldn't be fair to the lady of the house, just to take the money without giving her my best.
So I found myself listening to a Jesus verse in my head. Whatsoever you ask in my name it shall be done.
I wondered if Jesus meant what he said. I didn't question he had said them, I just wondered if he meant a 19 yr old girl could get a miracle who had been really bad the night before.
I'm not telling u the whole story, but suffice it to say, what the boy and I had experienced had nothing to do with God and everything to do with being kids.

I also wondered if prayer worked. I had been comforted by pretending to talk to God in my head since a child, but I'd not considered it to be prayer, just sharing a confidence with God.
Then another verse sailed in: "if you believe and have the faith of a mustard seed, it will be done unto you."
I was on the floor scrubbing by hand, as that's how the lady wanted it done, when a wave of fatigue hit me. I decided to pray right then and there and test out this theory of Jesus words.

If it wasn't true, and it didn't work, well, it would be good for me to find this out. So, still on my knees I began to tell God my troubles and a voice, not audible this time, but like an instructing voice would interject a thought now and then.
The voice seemed to say I must get past the guilt I felt, for all I could do was see my guilt in front of me, and I could feel the sickness of that, in my body. Nonetheless I went on and on and asked for forgiveness.

When I was made to realize I wasn't getting past the guilt by going on and on about the guilt, I was ready for the next step to take place.
HS seemed to want me to reach higher now. Now it seemed I was supposed to acquire a contrition state, whereby I declared I had attained some wisdom and would not be persuaded to make the same mistake again. Full of wonder and hope and contrition and all that I closed my eyes tight and awaited the healing with nary a thought in there with me. Just while I was all expectation on the edge of a cliff, preparing to jump off, so to speak, I heard the smallest of sounds from behind me. It was so subtle, perhaps like a little breath of intake I'd heard. I thought oh dear, I've been caught not working and whispering a prayer and she may well be displeased with me and the healing has not begun yet! I didn't want to break the spell I was under. I felt hypnotized by this quiet place of expectation I'd fallen under.

I was indeed on the precipice of faith that moves mountains. So I didn't turn around to see if she'd come out of her bedroom and I pretended she was not there and proceeded talking to HS. In my mind I saw an image of her quietly going back to her room in order to honor this child praying on her floor. A beautiful example of HS instructing her also. After I'd talked it all out and was just waiting for a sign that the healing had occurred, there was this very quiet place where I found innocense and love within, pure and undistorted and I was just feeling it for a moment. Then I had another thought; what about the lady of the house? Wouldn't it be great if she too received a healing?

So, like an afterthought, I threw that question over to HS and asked for us both to receive this miracle although I had no details on what illness or problem she was dealing with, it didn't seem to matter what she had or thought she had. In retrospect, it seems she was led to observe me in prayer, and this caused our joining on an unseen level to produce more power in the room, yet I thought no more of the incident as I awaited signals from HS that having "faith" had worked.

I was testing the Jesus words. I was also regarding the phrases I heard in my head as an orderly law that was in place for all of us. I don't know how much time went by. It couldn't have been but 10 or 15 minutes all in all is what I figure, but it is certainly not a place whereby you can be aware of time passing and paying attention to that. You simply don't rush HS. However, I didn't know what to expect. Maybe I expected the seas to part. I was just suspended somewhere, waiting. Then I seemed to feel the presence of several, perhaps helpers of the spirit realm I could say. Women polarity beings and I felt one male polarity in the background. A woman jumped in my closet, so to speak and said to begin wiping the floor at this point.

I was astounded! Wipe the floor? Now? Yes, she said just do it. Do as I say. Confused I did as instructed. As I wiped I begin to notice a steady infusion of life energy coming in the top of the head and extending down through my arms, working the floor. A joy of work itself began to be known to me that the prayer had worked! That I was indeed healed. I could think I would please the mistress with my enthusiastic cleaning, get paid and go home and savor this experience for all my life.

It seemed that having the healing occur, I was not to consciously look for signs of the healing, nor signs of the disease, but to proceed "as if" it were a done deal and a working law, that whatever you ask for, believing the Jesus words, that whatever he had said, he had not misled us but told the truth.

Therefore it seemed, he was the light, the way, and the truth and he would share himself with us this way. Spirit in the house was palpatable, thick as soup and twice as satisfying.

The lady came out of her room appearing quite chipper, like her old self it seemed. From her demeanor and countenance I began to surmise she had been healed herself, for the change in her was like night and day in the mood department. She began to do for me. Giving me gifts. A whole bag of cosmetics and lotions I could have fun with. She made me eat lunch and I ate to please her. The healing energy continued for several hours as my body cleansed itself naturally of the effects of alcohol. None of this was painful to feel. I was instead ecstatic to feel this invigorated and happy.

A certain grace was bestowed to both of us. Mine lasted 3 full days that the Jesus words had been true because I had tested them and not given into the sickness I felt.

Oh, and one more thing! The lady sent me home early with full pay! Now, if that is not a sign that we were both healed that day, I wouldn't be able to explain what a sign is. There was love. Love is the miracle after all.


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