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Misconception of Beliefs

Updated on April 11, 2022
Mark Psychedlic profile image

I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.

As children we are bought up to believe in many things.

Some things we are led to believe are important, others are not.

Children are easy to influence because they believe that what they are taught by an adult is correct,

and this can have many consequences depending upon the belief the child has.

Children look to adults, parents, teachers, relatives for information on life, social interaction and acceptance and encouragement, from the moral's of the adult children are taught right from wrong and learn the 'code' of permissiveness in society and the repercussions for actions and decisions that may be made by them.

Some beliefs that are installed into children by adults are soon realised by the child as they grow are folklore or supposition or myth.

As a child we are led to believe in Santa clause, the Tooth fairy, Goblins, God, and other mystical beings, these fantasies are usually handed down from parents and grand parents to enhance the child’s imagination and help stimulate behaviourally accepted conduct from the child.

But as we grow older we then choose to accept or disbelieve various opinions shared with us by adults depending upon the character we become.

In a child’s mind the world and it's endless stream of information is often mind boggling, and extremely difficult to comprehend, and as a child the imagination process is in overdrive, you only have to look in a child’s eye to see the wonderment and expression that is displayed on Christmas morning!, or when money is left in the place of a tooth under the pillow.

These particular beliefs are maintained until the child becomes old enough to realise that infact they are a myth, and the 'magic' dissolves into disbelief.

So it is no surprise to realise that the belief in God by a child is soon bought into question, although millions of adults still carry on the belief, I'm not surprised that a child growing up has an internal battle which rips at the fabric of understanding and causes conflict with rationality that religion too is infact a myth.

We are taught that “seeing” is believing, and that the logic of our own minds through the other senses that we have corroborate the facts, and then we are taught to believe in a “God” we cannot see, feel, or hear??

This must cause at the least utter confusion and at it's most the possibility of all other things taught us are infact questionable and then children as they become young adults start to believe that fallacy

and reality, fiction and truth are all entwined.

So I believe that impressionable young minds from an early age are fed misinformation that helps sculpture the person we become, and this imprinted information remains with us throughout our lives and is under constant review from oursrelves others around us.

So 'God' in my personal experience has been labelled with the 'fallacy' tag that accompany the other

'beliefs' that I was taught as a child.

So this has a point, and the point is don't teach children beliefs that are infact misconceptions and then ask them to believe in a god that is within the realms of a misconception, this contradiction will have a negative affect upon the person throughout their lives and can cause misplaced trust and belief in their peers.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2011 Mark


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