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Modern Day Miracles

Updated on December 16, 2013

Abiding in His Mercy

My theme for this year is "Choosing to Win in 2010." I decided to let go and get rid of people, places, and things that were not improving or supporting my well-being. I've chosen to charge myself with the responsibility of achieving and pursuing His Purpose in My Life. I must say that I've been doing pretty well even though we are only into the year 12 days.

My recent prayer has been "have mercy on me and my family." Understanding that He is a compassionate and merciful God. I've been whispering this short but powerful prayer since November, 2009. At this time, I was facing knee surgery and this would be my first major surgery since a C-section in 1980!

Follow His Lead!

"In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths."- Proverbs 3:6 - KJV

"I know, O LORD, that a man's way is not in himself, Nor is it in a man who walks to direct his steps."-Jeremiah 10:23

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.-- Proverbs 4:6

Silence is Golden

January 7th began like most days. Wake up at 7:30 a.m., get my 6 year old grandson ready for school, pick up our god-daughter and her preschooler and dropped both children off to school before 8:55 a.m.

This morning, my husband was driving me to my appointments instead of our god-daughter and we dropped her at her residence and we continued to travel an hour and a half toward north Jersey for my scheduled two doctor visits.

The ride was quite unusual. My husband and I usually talk all the way up and back but today we drove, not talking out loud, not even listening to the radio, there was just silence invaded by the sound of passing cars and truck.

We completed the first doctor's visit, stopped and bought our morning daily dose of Dunkin Donuts coffee. We continued further north to Jersey City to see my job's medical doctor, I'm recuperating from the surgery, we remarked about the weather and, of course, I had to give him directions for a trip that we've taken time and time again.

We finally arrived at the Medical Center, completed the necessary check-up, and we embarked on our trip home.

Volvo 850

I loved this car!
I loved this car!

On Our Way Home!

It was now 2:30 p.m., I was hungry and I love "White Castle." I didn't realize, until after we moved, that there were NO White Castle restaurants in South Jersey. We stopped, got something to eat, and I sat silently listening to the idling of the car, as my husband made sure that the cashier was properly doing her job by going over the calculation of the order. As my mind continued to wander, he had the cashier review the separate charge for the cheese on the hamburgers! I'm sure this is a man thing! -- Go figure! After this exchange, we pulled away from the drive-through window when I asked "do you want to pull over and eat first? He quickly replied "no."

We left White Castle and went about a mile down the steep hill. We were heading towards the ten-mile, four lane expansion bridge that we "always" take on our return. However, you have to go up a quarter of a mile ramp to the top of a hidden entry onto a double lane of high-speed traffic. We were approaching the turn off and suddenly I heard myself say to my husband "maybe we should take Route 440 instead." At first he responded "I don't think we should hit that much traffic at the top of the ramp since it's still early." Then, as the red light was changing he said "okay, let's take 440, it'll let us off at the turnpike and we'll be on our way."

Needless to say, we had already started in on eating our White Castle burgers. As we followed the curve onto Route 440, I heard my husband say something that was inaudible to me. The car had completely shut off! When I finally got the understanding of what he was saying, I told him to pull over into a huge open lot!

The car smoothly avoided the car alongside of us into that lot. There was a man sitting on a huge yellow Caterpillar construction vehicle watching our unorthodox entry into his work area. He then came over and asked my husband what was wrong. It was soon after that when we realized that our car was not taking us any further.

The Stranger

The Stranger was in the lot working at the right time!
The Stranger was in the lot working at the right time!

How Far Are You Away From Home?

How Far Are You Away From Home? We heard the question coming from the direction of the man in the large pick up truck. My husband said "Willingboro, New Jersey!" This nice stranger shook his head and said "yall are a far ways from home." He then asked "do you have Triple A? Of course, it's in these situations that you think about all the times that you should have, would have done things differently and he told him that we didn't.

The wonderful stranger opened the door to his vehicle and said "let me see if I have my card in my car! He did, and he called the Triple A to have our car towed home. This was over a 100-mile trek home! He said that they told him that it would be a 90-minute wait, and his shift was over at 4:00 p.m. Then he said that they always give you the worst case scenario when committing to sending the tow truck.

The driver arrived about 20 minutes after the initial call was made.

The Miracle

If we had continue up the ramp as we normally would, because of the severe steepness up the incline we would have automatically rolled backwards.  We would have had no time to warn other cars coming up the 2-lane incline as to our dilemma since we had no lights.  Therefore, no hazards indication could be given.

All agreed that if that had happened we possibly would not be here today!  Thank you Jesus!

Have you personally Witnessed a Miracle!

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His Favor

We shook hands, took telephone numbers of our kind benefactor. He wouldn't take any money but felt obligated to make sure that we got home. I asked God to bless this young man who made such a horrible situation good.

It was His mercy that followed us and protected us.  His grace allowed us to return to our 6-year old grandson, who we rear, and the rest of our still growing and maturing children.

It truly wasn't because of anything that my husband or I had done but simply trust Him in all our ways!


I would so love to hear from you about a miracle that has happened in your life!  Please send your story to me at  I would like to place it on my website as a witness in 2010 that God is still performing miracles.

If you'd like, you can go directly to my page at and enter your testimony on my forum page! 



Today, three years later (12-16-2013), I'm reviewing my hubs and came across this particular Hub and I found myself even more thankful today! He is still performing miracles in our lives! Still blessing and making ways out of no ways!

I've started several blogs, opened an on-line store, reached a 28-year milestone at work and I know that I want more of Him in my life! Reaching for more creativity, love, and peace and reconciliation of broken relationships.

Looking and reaching for more!


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    • Lady Summerset profile imageAUTHOR

      Lady Summerset 

      8 years ago from Willingboro, New Jersey

      Greetings LizzyBoo!

      I was excited to get your response. Your beautiful story caused me to look up the word "miracle" before answering your comment. Following is the definition:

      1. Any amazing or wonderful occurrence

      a marvellous event manifesting

      2. A supernatural act of a divine agent

      The one I "personally" live by is:

      When the supernatural touches, embraces, blows on the natural.

      So, yes, my dear, you had a "modern day miracle" and I read your comment after prayer this evening and was so blessed by your story. I, humbly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comment!

    • LizzyBoo profile image


      8 years ago from Czech Republic

      Well I dunno if it was miracle from God but I can say and you decide.

      My sister is dissabled and she has many dissabled friends. She got dissabled on her legs after a car accident. In that time her boyfriend left her.

      We are having a wheelchair parties in our house. My sister once wanted to go to cinema to see Harry potter movie with her friends. We are living in a small town where there is no cinema for people on wheelchair. My sister really wanted to go. So I had to rang to a manager of the cinema and he agreed that we can come.

      When we came he personallycarried all the friends of my sister into seats in cinema into seats they have choosen.

      After all he did not accept any money for tickets and a group of 20 people watched the movie, free of cost. After a movie, he again carried each of them into their wheelchairs. To me, it was a miracle. This experience is written in one of my hub, but post here the link would be advertising my hub, so if you wish to read it all, I can mail you the link.

      I love your hubs!


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