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Modern Witchcraft: How Has It Changed?

Updated on August 10, 2010

Modern Witchcraft: How Has It Changed?

 Witchcraft has come a long way over the years.  In the beginning people were first introduced to witchcraft by seeing old haggard witches standing around a brewing pot boiling some sort of concoction.  While these may have been the images delivered to us through movies and television, this is not actually the case.  Witchcraft has come a long way and modern witchcraft offers a whole different story to those who practice it.

 The spread of the Wicca culture and ways of life has been huge, most significant over the past couple of years.  More and more people are seeing all that witchcraft has to offer and are realizing that it is not just about a bunch of hexes to turn people into rats.  Of course many of the people who are practicing modern witchcraft today are still a bit wary of letting other people know that they do.  Even if they are only using witchcraft spells to make good, positive things happen in life it can still be a bit scary to talk about.

 You do not have to be a “witch” to use witchcraft.  Of course burning at the stake is not something that would ever take place in our time but it does cause a certain internal fear in people.  This is why it is so important for our generation to realize that there is nothing scary about witchcraft.  Modern witchcraft does not revolve around bad, negative spells and instead it is about using spells to better one’s life. 

 You could make a love potion to have someone good come into your life so you can fall in love.  Most people who practice witchcraft consider it to be a way of life.  For a lot of people witchcraft is their way of life and they use witchcraft spells for almost everything.  Whether you want to make it that big a part of your life or not is up to you but it is definitely worth at least looking more into.

 People always have different reasons for why they want to use witchcraft.  Just make sure you are not putting anyone against their own free will.  It is easy to see just how far witchcraft has come.  The modern witchcraft of today is impressive and is nothing like the witchcraft practiced in ancient times.


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