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Modernity -Today’s Girls Thinking

Updated on July 19, 2019

Moder Women

She is happy because she is grit...
She is happy because she is grit...
Grit girl and the lonely wolfs enjoying life
Grit girl and the lonely wolfs enjoying life
Luxury living
Luxury living


Thinking....Generation Next
Thinking....Generation Next
left to right modern
left to right modern
Dress like a modern pinup girl
Dress like a modern pinup girl

What you feel.....

She is modern as she looks what you feel?
She is modern as she looks what you feel?

Modernity- Women today

Modernity -Women Today Thinks....

Today’s modern girl never hesitates to voice her thoughts. She says,” I always want to be alone as a grit girl, as I am aggressive careerist; I have tested power in my work environment. I a pampered baby who’s life style is gurus.

I am hardly ever at home, watching TV. I like to be self centered as I an extremely passionate and my goodness is being single. There is no false bravado in being single. I will never engineer my relationships about me as if I will fall in love with someone who pursues creative desires in the bedroom & board room, a straight single man with few ties & a healthy bank balance & a man who likes to design his private space, 7 who loves take toys. A self centered, rich, well educated (must be an engineer) & adventurous materialist, who never refuses to commit marriage.

No Mama’s boy, then I thinks I will bump in to him in clubs & pubs like cities.

But who thinks about what he was in teenage. The intelligent, brave, honest person, who never lies.

With lucky numbers 5 or 8 only and who always helps people in all aspects.

The people, who believe on illusion of marriage so he must ignore those things. So many things are there to tell you about him. The space will come to an end. If I will found that person then I will be definitely happy. But that will be again commitment.

I think commitment is not defined by a piece of paper 7 I don’t believe in the illusion of marriage. & I see why people or two friends can’t be together without getting married.

Most people tend to get married as they want to invent in something which is long lasting. But I think & believe that it is a dangerous illusion. Then If I will be alone or single, I can enjoy the freedom that comes from financial independence. The gender lines are blurring. Marriage is no guarantee against loneliness. It’s all about conditioning. The world is full of opportunities and I use to receive them with open arms. My relationships happened only to me.

We meet and greet each other, share sweets and jokes, recite poems and songs, play colors, games and dramas in a atmosphere of peace. I am Body. I am mind. I am head. A thinking person with very strong views, I have always been opinionated and will always be. Call me a diehard extrovert, but I never hesitate to voice my thoughts.

To do what I feel is right, has been a trait. I

Have exhibited since childhood, when I had eaten only those things I liked and nobody could make me to have anything else.

Believing in something and standing up for it is the idiosyncrasy of mine. Let the whole world be on the other side, I had still stand by my principles & also I will stand by my principles in future & this quirk made me especially to rock solid. Even today, I don’t regret my stand. I suppose my upbringing as a Engineer and some disciplines. So think what you feel and never engineer your thoughts.”

She thinks about only herself. Now you all come to know the thinking of modern girl. Many of you may not be happy as I have written about lonely girl and her thoughts. But so many modern girls might have accepted the same strategy as I have mentioned here.

Isn’t it?

Think Modern live Luxury.

Are you agree with it?

See results

Strokes feat Regina Spektor-Modern Girls


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