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Modernize Your Ministry

Updated on May 19, 2011

Build Your Ministry

Modernize Your Ministry Today

 You can modernize your ministry while maintaining the core tenets and function of your ministry.  Get into the Information Age and update your means of communication and contact for your church and ministry by building a web presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Develop an e-newsletter to distribute information to your congregation and community.  Use email and text messaging to update congregants on the latest developments and news.  Help other ministries catch up with the times and share web resources for Sunday School, VBS and children and youth ministry.

Take a TEAM Approach to Ministry

 Ministry leaders should use a T.E.A.M. approach to ministry.  T.E.A.M. is an acronym for Totally Engaging All Members.  In order to totally engage members, ministry team leaders need to identify what individual engagement in ministry provides each team member as well as what is expected of each team member.

Communication strategies support engagement.  Everyone may not be on email.  You need to be in a position to put something in people's inboxes as well as placing something in their hands.  If it is important and essential to the ministry, make every effort to make it known to the members within the ministry.  The members will become more engaged as they are engaged in the things going on within the ministry.

Get Your Ministry Listed

Communities are full of listings.  You do not have to simply look at the Yellow Pages.  Look at community newsletters and newspapers provided by Christian publishers, Christian media networks and faith-based associations.  See how to get your ministry events listed on community calendars and websites for mass distribution.  Research the deadlines and requirements in order to get listed and get into the view of others beyond your ministry.

Ministry leaders must become adept to how to get their ministry in the broader view of the community and congregation beyond the church bulletin and newsletter.  The business world has mastered how to spread messages across a wide spectrum of people.  In many cases, the outreach and promotional efforts of ministries tend to fall short due to a failure to incorporate some sound practices of lessons learned in many cases.  For example, if you really want to reach the congregation, you really need to get the pastor on board with how your ministry is offering something tangible or practical for congregants to get involved in through your ministry.  Write it up and meet with the pastor, so that the pastor can serve as an advocate for your ministry when making church announcements.  Provide other ministry leaders with a survey or questionnaire on how they have successfully engaged the congregation.  Use the data and feedback that you receive to engage the congregation.


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