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Money Has No Value

Updated on April 15, 2017


NOTE: man is used here as “minds able to comprehend all things” and woman and human are “minds unable to comprehend all things” because of being incomplete man, all three are plural and gender-neutral.

These thoughts occurred to me because a girlfriend, Elizabeth White, included a chapter about me in her book “Fifty Five, Unemployed and Faking Normal” published December 2016 [], about the effects of today’s economics on retirees and those soon to retire.

I was lying in bed thinking how this and another site I use have money as the lure for most of us but not me. I can survive ecologically although I have a Social Security retirement check of less than a thousand dollars a month I use only half to maintaining myself, the rest is saved to aid people with financial needs I loan it to interest free. Some has been returned, some have not and some I don’t expect to be repaid. That matters not because as “the Nomad” I lived ecologically unless I found money, someone gave me or offered something as I, beginning in 1984, walked barefooted.

I had always questioned the concept that “money is power” since I could not see it. So I want to explain how I have come to the conclusion that “Money Has No Power” like the child who saw “the prince has no clothes on” said it, I saw money is the least valuable thing humans have made and question what is the power of money.

Getting To The Understanding

As a seven-year-old I remembered thinking “I want to be as free as a deer” so on August 6, 1976 I walked away from Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in Dallas, Texas and before the end of October with only six changes of clothes and one pair shoes in an AWOL [Absent With Out Leave] bag, sandals on my feet and the clothes on back I began the nomad life.

I was born in Grambling, Louisiana to a farmer dad and school teacher mom where I often ate raw almost everything in the garden and many uncultivated plants that the move to Fort Worth, Texas in 1953 bred most of out of me. But when I reached Atlanta, Georgia the following June and couldn’t find food – not knowing there were homeless feeding places – I remembered “Ma Bell’s” giving me a year’s leave of absence as I left the job and thinking about it to I realize I would be exploited without end if I returned, so I rejected it. Almost instantly the memory of my Louisiana country life returned as my salvation.

I went to Florida that winter where, from Ocala to Orlando, my primary diet was pecans, mainly from Orlando to Key West it was oranges and cocoanuts and from Key West northbound on U.S. Highway 1 to Jacksonville it was mostly oranges. Spring's coming late that year changed it in the Carolinas where there was not enough new plants growing but people supplemented it until warm enough to find growing food and they still aided the environment. I received a fishing hooks and line northwest of Charleston, NC tried my hand at fishing, since I had been efficient as a country boy, but after most of the day without even a bite I went back to plants.

I crossed into Canada from Detroit, Michigan and went to Northwest Territory, and back across the U.S. where I, by way of El Paso, Texas, went into the Estidos Unido de Mexico to Mexico City and east along the Gulf of Mexico to Quintana Roe before going south into Belize from which I was deported back to the U.S. Here I continue traveling over forty-four of the forty-eight continental states, almost forty twice or more, until arriving in Washington, DC February 2009 for an unlimited stay.

In 1986 while walking east on Interstate Ten more than a hundred miles from El Paso, I later determined, where nothing green for food was growing it came to me, “what benefit will the money in my pocket do me since there’s no place to buy food.” What saved me was as my appetite flared was I spoke inwardly for substance and in about 100 yards there was two plants at the edge of the highway with full heads of seeds without their rust color when ripe that I refused. After a few yards I thought; “Elijah, did you refuse them because they were not ripe or because it was not what you wanted” and within another 100 yards there were two more with ripe seeds at the edge of the roadway.

After eating my fill and throwing the remaining seeds in the grass off of the roadway I sought inwardly for a drink. About that time I noticed a car’s break lights come on as it toped a rise about half mile further and when I got there a still cool Coke was beside a reflector pole. With appetite and thirst quenched I began looking for a place for the night. A shelter was several miles left of the highway or about five miles further was a cut through of a low mountain that I chose for the night’s stop.

I got there at dust dark after a trucker stopped to relieve himself. I respected him by walking on the roadside and asked as I passed if he had stopped for me. He replied no, I thanked him and continued looking for a place to lay my bedroll when he ask “where are you going” and I replied “Fort Worth” to which he said “I’m going through there, get in.” That made it my stopping place for the night and while riding discover it was several hundred miles from any place to buy food. My often reflecting on it is what led to my money devaluing.

The Devaluing

In 1984 my dress became cut-off jeans opened up the legs to the waistband without shoes or shirt – shoes first because your feet sensors opens and closes the body’s pores based on what they touch but one must eat seasonal and abstain from most spices that override their sensors – I began saying “man’s individual needs are air, food, water and wisdom enough to get it, all else are conditioned into us desires.” I had slept under bridges, in abandoned houses and hay barns, under leaves, cut or baled hay in the fields, pasted board boxes, plastic from rain and even news papers so shelter was not an issue and I began a dialog with myself about the difference between needs and wants to justify that conclusion.

It began while walking south on the Interstate highway from Denver, Colorado to New Mexico surrounded by sand and cacti with no idea what I would find for shelter if needed. I had forgotten someone told me he had buried himself in sand. Reflecting on old cowboy movies showing people dying in the desert I said “you don’t have a knife to eat cactus and if you did you don’t even know how to cut them for food so how are you going to eat it. You have money in your pockets and some of the cowboys had robbed banks but the money did nothing for them so what good is it. Without covering out here what can I use for warmth on a cold night. You can’t call an animal over and tell it you have money for them to do something for you. So why is it woman depend on money so much, it is the least valuable of all the things we’ve have made.” Thus I verified our needs are air, food, water and wisdom enough to get it.

I remembered a ninth grade teacher once said; “money is not everything but it is far ahead of whatever is in second place” that I refuted saying, “money is not ahead of god” but could not explain it. That began my reasoning how did we get to the point we will deny ourselves food and sleep to get it. The answer was in the question, a conditioning that began in the mother’s womb and especially by city mothers saying, “I have to buy” this, that or the other. I added how radio and TV advertising produce desires for things we don’t need or may never use and the media values everything by money that’s a perpetual brainwashing of woman into money dependent beings.

I later discovered one reason JFK discarnated the way he did was because he revalued the “Dollar” by silver rather that the “Bar Codes” on birth our certificates that makes every U.S. citizen a borrowing rights for the United States to borrow its own money from the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank for financing the nation when the constitution requires the nation coin and value its own money. That is why money is the most advertised thing in this nation; it gives the Rothschild family – the government behind many governments – power over this and the other nations by tying their money to the US Dollar. That make them to be the Bible’s Lucifer and “satanic the power that’s” controlling the nations.


The Bible’s garden eastward in Eden story is a metaphor for beginning this “morning” civilization that the great flood completed the sunrise of. It shows how man or “minds able to comprehend all things” morphed into “minds unable to comprehend all things” known as woman and human. They were hairy (Daniel 4:33) until made, or as written, left with “coats of skin” by removing their hair to cause woman to leave living ecological and seek shelter from the environment. That caused depending on clothing, shelter and food storing, which led to processing it, and ultimately entertainment.

As communities increased they began a bartering system – remember boys are the breadwinners – with one boy producing something, another producing something else and so on for trading with one another. The communities organized themselves and established leaders they originally called chiefs and from that setting came Lucifer who looked at the ants (Proverbs 30:25) and made himself king. He formed his helpers into a parliament to produce laws for governing the workers, a military to protect them selves and everyone else are workers. The barter system didn’t exalt him as desired so they created money he controlled, changed “education” – bringing forth from within by objectively observing, participating as needed, reasoning with the various outcomes for learning to communicate it to others – into a system of schooling or cultivating the worker’s minds for keeping them slaves to money.

Over time the families of Lucifer changed as one group developed a stronger military and overcame others. Today has the Rothschild family who have had control for several hundred years and produced today’s situation all end-time prophecy points to from Judah (Genesis 49:1 & 8-12 and Micah 5:2) to “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…” (Revelation 17-18) that is to begin the termination of this civilization once the messiah has brought world peace for “the five wise virgins” to become anointed and enter Armageddon.


Now that this morning civilization is closing and it has been exposed that Lucifer’s Money Has No Value “the alive in Christ” must realized it since they are watching for the sunset of this civilization. As watchman they must return to ecological living to be the “five wise virgins” who enter Armageddon while “The Battle Of That Great Day Of God Almighty,” – called by Lucifer’s Watch Woman “World War Three” although what’s called WW 1 & 2 should be called “European War 1 & 2 – they are the ones who are to “replenish” the earth, first with Revelation 6:9-11’s “dead in Christ” from the last materialistic civilization (Rev. 14:13) before the “rest of the discarnated” which began soon as the last person outside of Armageddon discarnates.

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