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Money is the only deciding factor everywhere!

Updated on June 29, 2016

Power can not ensure peace!

Positions of Power can not ensure peace or happiness!

We all know that the life on earth is futile. Yet, we exert ourselves to reap the maximum possible within this short life span! Can anybody list out the complete aim of human beings in this life? Most of our priorities are Wealth, properties, a decent job with a fat salary, a beautiful wife, healthy kids, fame, fortune and position! I think I have covered the majority. Some would like to excel in education and profession. They will obtain many degrees which will be lengthier than their name! Yet some would like to specialize in their profession! Some would like to become Ministers in Government. Let us take the case of President of most powerful country like the USA. How long the incumbent could continue in the post? It is two terms of each four years! Afterwards, he will relinquish that post and somebody winning the election will occupy the post.

By merely becoming President, does that ensure an exalted life full of happiness and luxury? On the contrary, such posts carry high degree of responsibilities. Even a sub staff in an office will be happier than the President of USA! Why? It is the burden of responsibilities. He may enjoy lot of perks but that does not relieve him of the worry of carrying the burden of Nation. In the present circumstances, people will be reluctant to carry such heavy responsibilities. It requires lot of courage and conviction to man such posts. He has to deal with many problems inside the Nation as well as tackle the rising terrorism around the world. Hence neither wealth nor position can ensure peace or happiness. At the same time, certain basic necessities of life could be fulfilled only with the help of money. Also, to lead one’s life decently, one needs a roof over his head. Every country tries to fulfill the needs of their citizens to certain extent. But the rising cost of living all over the world makes them needy always.

River valley civilization

The earlier civilization and their livelihood!

In the ancient society, people relied on agriculture to meet their needs. Having cultivable land ensured food for their families and the surplus was sold to traders. But agriculture depended on rain and the failure of monsoon even in one season dealt blows to the riots. Also continuous failure of monsoon drove the peasants to towns where they could earn a little engaging themselves in some jobs. They were not trained in any job other than agriculture related one. Hence they had to toil by hard physical labor to earn few rupees. Such migrations started from ancient society. First of all, there is no guarantee for job. They have to secure some job and bring their family members or they will work in town and send money to their families in the villages. All the above prove that nothing is constant in life. In a way, change is the only constant event in life.

We have studied about ‘nomadic way of life in ancient society. People were rearing cattle and they were always searching for grass lands. Once the fodder exhausts, they will move to some other grounds where there is green pasture. Settlements along river beds were common since all the activities centered on water. With perennial supply, they could raise some crops in small patches of land. Thus there were people always on the move and settlement of certain groups along river beds. The river Nile in Egypt and Ganges in India are two prominent examples for river valley civilization, since these two rivers were flowing always. After industrialization of Western countries, people started converging in those places where industries grew! Compared to the rural life, urban life also presented many problems. Cheap labor from many areas was brought in to work in those industries. The management squeezed them but paid them little. They were like slaves with extended hours of work with no rest.

People found that the owners showed no mercy. Thus industrial unrest started resulting in agitations by the laborers. Over a time, the management found that the minimum basic needs of the laborers needs to be addressed. Thus the laborers were given fixed hours of duty. This could be achieved only through the co-operation of the laborers. The management tried to break the unity by resorting to ‘Lock outs”. Hence it was a long struggle to freedom and dignity. The behavior of many political leaders during that period was autocratic and dictatorial. Hence money decided the peace and happiness of most of the people. Hence they suffered silently for many decades before letting out their ire.

Bartering things and the invention of money!

Money has become the deciding factor!

Before the development of towns and cities, there was not much involvement of money. Bartering system prevailed. People who brought their produce from distant places gathered at a common market place. Those who want to exchange the needed grains, vegetables and pulses, exchanged their goats and pigs with the merchants. There was some sort of understanding in the exchanges. But most of the people lost their valuable cattle for purchasing some grains, oil or condiments. Correct values could not be assigned until the invention of coins and money. Gold, silver and copper coins were in vogue. But the poor villagers could deal only with copper coins. Only big traders in towns dealt in silver and gold. Traders were the most influential category after the rulers. Hence the King had many friends from trader community.

Various divisions in society emerged subsequent to the transactions in coins and money. Money lenders started their profession. They took some vessels or ornaments and paid the needy some token money. After paying back the loan amount with interest, they retrieved their vessels or jewels. Banking system started with bankers offering interest in savings and deposit accounts on various terms.

Present society, terrorism and morals.

Today, money is the deciding factor for everything. Rich countries colonized the poor countries illegally as trading companies. The resources were looted surruptiously in the name of trade with poor returns. Commission agents thrived during such colonial rule. In the present age also, money has become the chief negotiator in any discussions. Money is worshipped as god in several places. Morality and human values were neglected. Even highly learned Pundits croon before the rich for the sake of money! Hence charity and compassion has taken a back seat. Hoarders and exploiters rule the world incognito. This is the prevailing conditions all over the world. Terrorism and civil wars costed much and peace loving people started fleeing from their homes and countries!

While in the ancient civilization, it was quest for livelihood and now it is different. People escape for safety of their life. Due to disturbances in three or four regions, its repercussions are felt all over the globe and Money has become the deciding factor once again!


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