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Moon in Aries Explained

Updated on August 26, 2011

If the moon was in Aries when you were born, the emotional qualities that sign will bestow upon you will be nothing short of wild and powerful. These traits will affect the way you behave in your romantic relationships and some of them may seem contradictory to your sun sign, but that is only because many people don't realize astrology must be viewed in sections. We are a sum of our parts, and your entire natal chart plays a part in who you are. To learn more about your house of relationships, have a look below!

Baby of the Zodiac

My sun is in Aries, so don't take the above label too personally. In this case we're talking about the moon, so when it comes to relationships, those with an Aries moon can be very self-centered and seemingly only out for self. It's not a sociopathic quality here, but rather that of a child who has not yet learned to give for the joy of giving. That's not to say someone with the moon in Aries can't give -- they can, they will, and they do. They will probably go to the ends of the earth to please you, even. But at their core they are like small children who want what they want, and they want it now, and you'd best be prepared for a temper-tantrum if you are not giving them the attention they feel they deserve!


A Bit Flaky in Love

Aries moon falls in love super, super fast. They can also fall out of it just as quickly. As they age they will probably learn to move more slowly and let things evolve at a more manageable pace, but Aries moon is in love with the chase and that candle tends to burn brightly and quickly. Additionally, in the younger years, this is probably one of the worst "love em and leave em' moon signs, not because they want to hurt anyone, but because they simply misread their own emotions and often mistake infatuations for true love. And they never want to miss an opportunity to have a go at true love!

Dramaqueens and Kings

Aries moon loves drama and they love to be the star of their own romance! You'll never forget the first time you were swept off your feet by one of these people, and yes, the woman will pursue a man with the same convictions and determination. If it's not exciting, they will get bored easily, so be prepared for lots of self-made drama, as they are not opposed to making their own to keep things interesting. But remember, they generally have innocent and pure hearts, as they truly are like children in that way.


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