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More on the False Doctrine that Jesus is God

Updated on June 22, 2017

More on the False Doctrine that Jesus is God

Those who teach that Jesus the Son of God, is God, are promoting a lie from satan, designed to cause confusion among believers, which it does.. That doctrine is promoted by those that do not have the infilling of the Holy Spirit and therefore cannot understand the Spiritual side of scripture. Then it is parroted by those that either are without the Holy Spirit do not study scripture with the aid of the Holy Spirit, the ONLY source of ALL TRUTH and just believe whatever they are taught..

Mark 1:8 I indeed baptized you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit."

John 1:33 I did not know Him, but He who sent me to baptize with water said to me, 'Upon whom And I have seen and testified that this is the Son of God." you see the Spirit descending, and remaining on Him, this is He who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.'

John 3:5-8 Jesus answered, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. 6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7 Do not marvel that I said to you, 'You must be born again.' 8 The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit."

My first thought was to go through the scriptures they use to promote their false doctrine and explain each correctly but instead we will look at it like this.

First I will list some of the scriptures saying that Jesus is THE SON of God and there many more.

Matt 14:33 Then those who were in the boat came and worshiped Him, saying, "Truly You are the Son of God."

Mark 1:1-2 The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Luke 4:41 And demons also came out of many, crying out and saying, "You are the Christ, the Son of God!"

Heb 4:14 Seeing then that we have a great High Priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God,

Rev 2:18 "And to the angel of the church in Thyatira write, 'These things says the Son of God

Matt 8:29 "What have we to do with You, Jesus, You Son of God?

As you can see if you read these and their full context you will see that many people recognized Him for who He is. God says He is His Son, Jesus said who He is and surely He would know who He is. And then we also see the demons, agents of satan recognized who He is. Pretty solid identification.

A son is fathered by another, he cannot be his own father. Scripture explains that the sovereign God the Father of all things that created man and established the only way after the original creation that a living breathing creature of the any species could be born is through the fertilization of a female egg being fertilized by the sperm of a male of that species. That is why Jesus had to be be born through the womb of a female man (a woman). God did not change His method of creation, He fertilized an egg of a virgin (pure) woman (He did not want to take a chance of His seed being corrupted) and she became pregnant with His Son, who was then born of a woman, a human person according to what He established at creation. So as scripture. the word of God, had said the son of God arrived, a man, on the earth at the time appointed by God around 2000 years ago.

NOW I will give you the key to removing the confusion and revealing the truth.

First there ARE NO CONTRADICTIONS in scripture, all of scripture fits together to make the whole picture. If your understanding causes a scripture to contradict another there is a problem with your belief, not with scripture. If you have not read my article -Your Bible is it Holy? You should read it.

The reason for the confusion is misunderstanding (and misinterpretation of scripture) and the incorrect use of words.

To understand the truth you must also understand a simple fact regarding the rights and abilities of the possessor of any authority to delegate that authority. The owner of any authority has the exclusive right to delegate that authority to whomever he wishes. When the person to whom the authority is delegated, he is possessor of that authority for as long as it is delegated to him. The person with the delegated authority is acting with the authority of the owner of the authority and is standing in place of the owner, in effect the person to whom the authority is delegated can be called the owner during the period in which the authority is delegated to him. The owner of the authority does however continue to be responsible for what is done under his authority.


ALL authority of the President of the USA is owned by the citizens of the USA per the Constitution of the USA. BUT, under the Constitution this authority is delegated to a man, designated by the election by the citizens of the USA and for 4 years He Possesses ALL of that authority. He is called President during the time he is authorized but at the end of that time he no longer is president. In fact the practice of calling an ex president by the name president as he no longer possesses that authority is incorrect, he is an ex president.

Accordingly scripture tells us that ALL AUTHORITY ON HEAVEN AND EARTH has been Given to Jesus by His Father God, UNTIL THE END OF THIS AGE. HE is acting as God, with the authority of God, but he is not God, He is the delegated authority acting in God's stead. He is rightly called in scripture, the Lord of this age.

Most of the scriptures that are used to make their point say He will be called, or they will call him etc. which is correct because he was not yet on earth, He was yet to come.. But they misquote these scriptures and say it makes Him to be God.

Col 1:15 (Jesus) ... is the image of the invisible God..., it does not say He is God it says He is the image of God. It also says that of man in the beginning and we are not God. So yes it is ok to refer to His authority as the authority of God, but HE IS NOT GOD, He is the SON of God. And He has His (God's) authority to act as God until the end of the age when He gives that authority back to God and sits down at the right hand of God IN SUBMISSION TO HIM. WHEN HIS TERM IS UP AND ONCE AGAIN , GOD is ALL in ALL. GOD WAS FIRST AND THEN HE WILL BE LAST, the alpha and omega. As alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and Omega is the last, so is God the first (alpha) and the last (omega) but as in the Greek alphabet there is much (many letters) in between the two. In the case of God what is between the alpha and omega are the ages of man, the final two ages of man especially. The was the age of the Law of Moses in which the Levites and prophets were Gods representatives and then this final age we live in where Jesus the Son of God is God's representative. Can you see it now? God was in the beginning and in the end, for eternity. He is in charge but during this age the final age of man Jesus is in charge because He has been given ALL AUTHORITY on heaven and earth for this age. No mistakes in scripture, but a terrible mistake in understanding.

Matt 28:18-20 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

1 Cor 15:24-28 Then comes the end, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power. 25 For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. 26 The last enemy that will be destroyed is death. 27 For "He has put all things under His feet." But when He says "all things are put under Him," it is evident that He who put all things under Him is excepted. 28 Now when all things are made subject to Him, then the Son Himself will also be subject to Him who put all things under Him, that God may be all in all.

Just as the age of Jewish rule under the law in the old testament was for a season (until John) so the age of Jesus rule is for a season (until the end of this age-judgement).

Luke 16:16-17 "The law and the prophets were until John. Since that time the kingdom of God has been preached, and everyone is pressing into it.

Do you also note this; “when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power.”?

After the end of this age- in eternity there will be NO Rule, Power and Authority because has put an end to, eliminated, them. In other word the scriptures are once again proven to be true. God has said if all were of one Spirit, and could because of this, understand and hear Gods voice clearly and without any interference there would be no need for those things. The judgment separates those of one Spirit with God from those that are not. Those that are of one Spirit with God, that have the Spirit of God, enter eternity, those that do not are cast into the lake of fire and are destroyed. All who are in eternity have the same Spirit, God's Spirit so there is only one voice heard, there are none that follow a different spirit so there is no need for any authority, rulers or power, all have one Spirit.

Let those that have eyes to see and ears to hear listen and see the salvation of God through our Lord Jesus Christ, the firstborn Son of God, the first of many brethren, our Brother, Son of the creator of all things.

And I must say as always - Do not believe anything anyone (including Me) tries to teach you unless and until it is confirmed in scripture and by the Holy Spirit of God. Follow Jesus He is the only path that leads to God.

God bless you as you grow in His knowledge.

Charles LaFoe

Copyright 6/2018


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  • celafoe profile imageAUTHOR


    15 months ago from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth in between the oceans

    Thank you MM

    since Jesus has all the authority of God and is acting in God's place during this age until He returns that authority to God at the end of this age (season) Thomas was not wrong in his words, Jesus was Lord and acting in God's stead at the time .

    He is in effect our Lord and God by virtue of possessing all the authority of God now and until the judgement at the end of this age.

    1 Cor 15:24-28

    Then comes the end, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power. 25 For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. 26 The last enemy that will be destroyed is death. 27 For "He has put all things under His feet." But when He says "all things are put under Him," it is evident that He who put all things under Him is excepted. 28 Now when all things are made subject to Him, then the Son Himself will also be subject to Him who put all things under Him, that God may be all in all.

  • profile image

    Michael Milec 

    15 months ago

    A sincere heart still can make an "honest mistake" in excitement to proclaim as Thomas did, calling Jesus of Nazareth " My Lord and my God." For a reason, perhaps for a reason ( I do not know ) the Savior did not reprove Thomas or check him as using any improper language.

    Meanwhile the first Timothy three sixteen gives us peaceful thinking " without controversy, the mystery of godliness is great:

    God was revealed in the flesh

    Justified in the,spirit

    Seen by angels,

    Preached among the nations ,

    Believed on in the world

    Taken up in glory."

    For Thomas it was OK that Jesus was his Lord and His God...

    One day

    One day in glory we will " know " all the Truth.



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