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A Tale of Two Books

Updated on May 24, 2020
cruddy picture because of cruddy camera
cruddy picture because of cruddy camera

Story Enhancers

Prequels, Sequels, Fanfictions, Documentaries, Speculations, Related Topics. All (usually) have one thing in common: To enhance the original, to deepen, prolong, and/or continue its story.

So why do people make sequels and prequels, fanfictions and alternate endings to original stories? Sometimes it's to make more money, (Disney seems to be doing this a lot lately) However, many times it's because we really enjoyed it, and we don't want to see it die. We desire to re-live that euphoric experience we first had when we were immersed in a world that was not our own. Sometimes we strive to find a deeper meaning, or to understand a story's plot more fully. Whatever the case, story extensions (if done properly) are always welcomed by an excited crowd of fans

A Tale of Two Stories

Below I have presented a couple of short stories that I have written some time ago. These fictional tales illustrate the purpose and story of my fictional creation called The Oodu. These two shorts may be read in either order of each other, they aren't in sequence, rather they support each other. Each offers a different view to the other, and teaches something you wouldn't have known if you only read one of them. Neither story can replace the other, nor were they created for this purpose.

Encounter with the Oodu

You wake up one day to find yourself separated from your body, no longer existing in physical form on a physical world. Instead you find yourself surrounded in a thick, endless sea of fog and mist; no ceiling and no floor. You begin to walk through the mists, trying to find a way out. The fog is deep and goes on forever, but still you walk. After what feels like an eternity of wandering you stop to find yourself still lost within the gray atmosphere. Panic begins to set as you realize you can't find where you are or where you've been. Again you continue to aimlessly wander, determined to get out, steps quickening as your fear grows. Then a subtle movement in the still fog catches your eye and you momentarily forget your fear and panic as you stop to investigate.

Some of the surrounding fog has begun to swirl in an entrancing way, holding your sight fast to it. You stare at its dancing movements as they start to take on transparent shape and color that form pictures, but something about them seems familiar to you, your mind straining to figure where you've seen it before. Then suddenly it dawns on you and you realize that these pictures are the memories of your past. Your gaze shifts and you notice other patches of fog swirling in the same patterns as the first, forming even more memories from your past. You walk slowly through the foggy memories, with every step new memories form, your whole life being played back to you in the mists. Some of them recount your happier days, filling your spirit with a soft warmth, while others return such sadness you can't bear to look. Some revive your anger, while others bring back long buried grief.

You continue wandering through your memories, the further you walk, the deeper and more detailed they get. It shocks you how vivid the scenes are becoming, almost like you were there again. Darker memories that were long shut out to the deepest part of your mind stand in bold detail before your very eyes, tormenting you once again. Your panic grows and you run past the misted memories, trying to escape their torment, but they continue to form with every step you take. Your eyes scanning the atmosphere, trying to find something else to focus on, anything but the tormenting scenes of your past. Then you see it: a shadowy distortion against the colorless fog catches you eye. Your footfalls slow to a stop as you focus on the faint disruption, trying to make it out. Slowly the shadow begins to move, making its way towards you. As it nears, it begins taking on shape and form, shallow at first, but with every step its features become clearer.

Soon stands before you no less than ten feet tall, a saddened looking creature that seems to resemble Death itself. Its body craggy, bony and hard, its eyes sunken and sad, its face skull-like and horrific. Long strands of mossy growth hang down from its neck and body as it stands tall on four long stilted legs with one hard bony talon extruding from the ends. Its empty, expressionless blue gray eyes stare with a penetration to your soul that makes you feel uneasy. The creature's horrific appearance terrifies you, you want to run but find yourself too petrified to move. However, as you look into the creatures eyes your fear and panic seem to melt away as your soul is filled with a calming warmth. The creature turns around, beginning its long and slow decent through the fog. Everywhere you look its the same, there is no direction, yet the creature knows the way. You stand alone in the quiet of the gray mists, perplexed you watch as the strange creature continues its long walk, unsure of what to do. As you continue to stand idly, the creature turns its head slowly back to you and lets out a silent cry, exhaling its foggy breath. Suddenly you feel compelled to follow the Oodu as it leads you to the afterlife...

Forgive this picture's horrid anatomy and disproportion.  It's an old file
Forgive this picture's horrid anatomy and disproportion. It's an old file | Source

Origins of the Oodu

Once, long ago in the earliest Namion history, the Nami world was governed by only a single powerful force. This force held peace and natural order in the world, though nothing more. In this neutral world the Namion people lived as children, not knowing good over evil, for it did not exist.

It was during this early era of Namion life, there was born a male Nami child named Odus. Odus lived in harmony with the other Namion people, eventually growing into a strong young man. As Odus matured, he fell in love with a fair young Nami woman, eventually he called upon her for his own, and they were content. As time passed, Odus began to get wary of the other male Namis who would spend time with his love. Jealousy began to form within Odus, which soon gave birth to anger and resentment. These new feelings began to grow inside Odus, getting stronger with each passing day. Then one ill-fated day, Odus spotted another strong Nami male spending time with his love. Odus's anger couldn't be contained anymore; it burst from him in a fit of rage as he lunged and struck down his Namion brother in cold blood. That action alone was enough to disrupt the neutral force of the Namion world, splitting it into two: one half governing good, and the other governing evil.

As truth came into being, so came with it Tilea, governing the forces of light; and with Evil was born Maelis, governing the force of shadow. Peace faded from the world as the knowledge of good and evil was bestowed to the Namion race. For the first time, the Namion's eyes were opened as they could now choose their own paths and destinies. Many sought out the light of good, and so turned to worship Tilea; however, tainted by his rage, Odus succumbed to the powers of Maelis. As Odus sought the secrets of the Force of Shadow, he slowly left behind the things that were once dear to him. Odus began to steal, lie and cheat with every action worse than the previous. Odus's love could see the blackness that began to overtake , she worried for him and tried to show him the error of his ways, but he would not listen. Finally, she could not accept the monster that Odus had become, and disowned him. This infuriated Odus even more, upon which he sought after and killed her in a fit of rage. It was only after the deed was done that Odus realized his mistake. Grief and sorrow overcame Odus as his eyes finally opened to the destruction and pain he had caused. Odus then took his own life to prevent himself from further harming anyone else.

In death, Odus was tormented for his actions as he awaited Judgment. For years he suffered relentlessly, wishing some way to atone for his deeds. Finally the day of Judgment came for Odus and he faced the wrath of Tilea. Tormented and broken-hearted, Odus begged forgiveness from Tilea, willing her some way to atone for his actions. Upon seeing Odus's true sorrow and good nature, Tilea spoke to Odus, saying "You have shown honest regret and suffering for what you have done, so shall I deliver you from your final fate. However, because I have done this for you, you must now serve me and your fellow Nami for all eternity." Tilea then gathered the bones from Odus' decaying body and the earthen materials that had begun to envelop them. From these Tilea crafted a new form that represented the duty now bestowed to him. As Odus's soul bound with its new body, Tilea continued, saying "Your name shall no longer be known as Odus, but Oodu, for in death you now walk. Forever you will guide the wandering souls of the departed back to me, and forever shall you be cursed to never forget what it is you had done to earn your place." Tilea then left the creature to take up its new role, and thus the Oodu lives on, never dying, never forgetting.

A Tale of Two Books

My stories are fictional, and were created mainly for entertainment. However, the same principles that link my stories together apply to two very important books of Scripture: The Holy Bible, and The Book of Mormon.

These two books have the same author (God, through his prophets). They may be read in either order of each other. They largely don't happen in the same place, but they support each other. Each offers a different view to the other, and teaches us something you wouldn't have known if you only read one of them. Neither story can replace the other, nor were they created for this purpose.

"The Book of Mormon speaks of the ancient covenants God made with His children; the Bible tells of great prophets who also received these covenants by faith. The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and his Atonement; the Bible provides the account of His birth, ministry, death, Atonement and Resurrection. Thus, the Bible and Book of Mormon complement and enrich each other" -Preach My Gospel, pg 106.

Why The Book of Mormon?

Most every faith has a Bible, and don't get me wrong, the Bible is amazing. That fact that ONE book alone could bring the entire world to a knowledge of Jesus, God, and Faith is utterly amazing. But have you noticed something? If every faith teaches from the same Bible (in most cases), why are there so many differing opinions on its doctrinal truth? Whose to say what the true meaning of the scriptures are, than the author himself? So comes into view The Book of Mormon

Testimony of the Book of Mormon

"Wherefore murmur ye, because that ye shall receive more of my word? Know ye not that the testimony of two nations is a witness unto you that I am God, that I remember one nation like unto another? Wherefore, I speak the same words unto one nation like unto another. And when the two nations shall run together the testimony of the two nations shall run together also. And I do this that I may prove unto many that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and that I speak forth my words according to mine own pleasure. And because that I have spoken one word ye need not suppose that I cannot speak another; for my work is not yet finished; neither shall it be until the end of man, neither from that time henceforth and forever. Wherefore, because that ye have a Bible ye need not suppose that it contains all my words; neither need ye suppose that I have not caused more to be written." -2 Nephi 29:8-10

The Book of Mormon

After viewing this hub, what are your feelings on The Book of Mormon?

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