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Morning Coffee with Jesus - December 2, 2009

Updated on December 2, 2009


Hello loved ones. 

This morning’s “Morning Coffee with Jesus” comes from Romans 15:13.  “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Here’s the commentary from my devotional - circa 1888, "Grovel not in things below, among earthly cares, pleasures, anxieties, toils if you have a strong hope on high.  Lift up your cares with your heart to God, if you hope in Him.  Then see what is in you that is most displeasing to God.  This it is which holds your hope down.  Strike firmly, repeatedly, in the might of God, until it gives way.  Your hope will soar at once with your thanks to God who delivers you.”  E.B. Pusey

The more people I meet the more I am convinced that many people choose to see the negative side to every situation, every circumstance.  Why?  Because being negative means we only have to flap our mouths about a situation rather than making the effort to change our situation.  Thinking positive about a situation, finding a single grain of positive sand on a negative beach takes work – and additional work no one wants to take on!

But when we habitually think negatively, that negativity affects our whole being, not just the way we see things.  Negativity begets illness.  When we are ill, we do not work.  When we do not work, we are not paid.  When we are not paid we cannot pay our bills and when we do not pay our bills the utilities we enjoy are shut off, collection notices pile up, and so we complain more about our unfortunate situation.  What a vicious circle!  How easy it is to be positive.  Positive energy is contagious.  Energy begets energy which makes it hard for us to sit still and be silent.  Positive energy causes us to action – to do because we are motivated, to thank because we are appreciative, to see beauty others miss or worse, dismiss.  Positive energy gives us hope, peace and joy.

Let your goal for today be one where your positive attitude reflects all you are and all you do.  We are children of the King of kings!  Talk about positive!  Remember, in the end, we WIN!  The world little cares that we win but Christ cares, and He is the Master we serve and who we want to please most in life. 

Go and make it a positive day!  Go positively MAD in someone’s life today.

Stay sweet,
stay broken,
stay His!



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