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Morning Coffee with Jesus - September 28,2011

Updated on September 27, 2011

The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry;
Psalm 34:15 (NIV)

Greetings loved ones! Welcome to a very long overdue edition of Morning Coffee with Jesus. I took some not so good advice about one year ago to stop writing MCWJ because of time constraints. In retrospect, I should have dropped other things and kept MCWJ rolling along but, to err is human and I am the most “human” human I know!!

I once heard a story about a man whose aged father was diagnosed with cancer. This man gave up his career to take care of his father and be with him during his last years as the cancer slowly sapped his strength and his health.

On several occasions the man indicated the evening routine with his father included reading a portion of a novel or the newspaper to his father in an effort to get him to relax and eventually fall asleep. At times, while he was reading, he’d notice his father’s eyes closed and, assuming he had fallen asleep, would shut the book only to find, with another glance at his father, that he was wide awake, watching his son’s every move!

During this time of recession, it is easy for us to become discouraged. We often think that God isn’t watching out for us or doesn’t care about our situations. Maybe you lost your job recently. Perhaps, like me, you have been out of your career field for a while, pining away, anxious to get back into the world with which you are familiar. Perhaps you are underemployed, working at a job the level of which you worked decades ago.

One thing I have learned during this season of underemployment is to be thankful for the job I do have. I also need to remind myself that God sees my job situation. Despite all my efforts I still cannot find a job in Human Resources. He knows what job is going to come along and when. Our scripture verse today reminds me that God sees our situation and hears us when we cry. His eyes are on those who call him, “Lord,” and “Savior.” Despite the fact that I have taken a nearly 80 percent cut in pay, I am still managing to pay my mortgage and taxes. True, I’m not saving money and I’m living paycheck to paycheck but I remain in my home and that is a true sign of God’s faithfulness if ever I saw it!

The next time you feel discouraged with your economic or vocational situation, read Psalm 34. Let it serve as a rock upon which you can stand; God is watching over you. Perhaps it is time you just look around a bit and see His hand at work!

Have an awesome day in Jesus!

Stay sweet,
Stay broken,
Stay His!


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