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Most unusual legion in human histories

Updated on March 4, 2015

1. Abraham Lincoln is a god

During the era of American Civil War, there was a wide spread believe in the North that Abraham Lincoln is the reincarnation of the Arc Angel Michael and the President of the Confederacy South is the reincarnation of the Anti Christ. As a result, many soldiers in the North see their action, to be fighting the war of good of evil of god. At first, Lincoln discourage the legion, but he soon realized, how such legion is important for the moral of the soldiers, considering the North was loosing in the beginning of the war. Afterwards, although he does not encourage the legion, he doesn't discourage it either.

2. Noah's arc really happened

It didn't occur as how the bible tell it of course and there was no god flooding the earth. But a giant flood really did happened, which ancient people whom don't understand it, interpret it as the work of gods. Around ten thousand year ago, the ice age melt down took place, by doing so, a great deal of places, whom are originally land are now flooded. For example, the ocean between America, Japan and Russia use to be land. The red sea use to be land etc. At those places whom are now sea, many of them used to be coast line and ancient people ten thousand years ago, build early city states there. Ruin of ancient city from over ten thousand years ago, can be found on many ocean floor, including the Taiwan strait, between Taiwan and China and sea between India and Sri Lanka. Some believe they even found wreckage of ancient city, in the floor of Atlantic Ocean and believe it is the lost city of Atlantic. When ice age melt down took place, all of these ancient city became flooded, it would have been the largest global disaster in human history. However, when a massive flood like this took place, one of the best thing to do, is to build boat and sail out to open sea, before the flood hit, as a result, when the flood come, the ship would only rise with the rising water, rather then been hit by the flood on land. Many culture have legion of huge floods and people building arcs to protect themselves from the flood, in Greek legion it was said, when Zeus flooded the earth, to punish humans, many escape to the mountain, there they saw a huge arc, floating upon the flood water. Noah's arc is a legion that emerged as a result of the same reason.

Lilith on the 16th Chapel

Newa sealing the portal for demons to enter human world


3. Eve isn't Adam's first wife

An ancient legion said, Adam's first wife is Lilith, whom left Adam. Angry, god punished Lilith for killing 100 of her children per day. As a revenge, Lilith seduce Adam and Eve's sons and killed them, she curse Adam and Eve's daughters causing them to have miscarriage.

The origin of the legion of Lilith share the same ancestor of three other legions, including two western demons and one Eastern god. These include Succubus, a western demon that is believe to lure men into sex and during it, suck dry their life source. Lamina a demon that eat children. In Asia the god Newa created all human and when her enemy send demons to kill her children, Newa sealed the portal that allow the demons in and then killed her enemies.

Apart from the connection of their story, other evidence of Lilith, Succubus, Lamia and Newa to have the same origin is that they are all extremely beautiful women and Lilith, Lamina and Newa all have the tail of a snake, rather then legs.

This is an original 14th century pistol from China

4. Asians are gods

Don't meant to sound rude, but Asian was literally thought to be gods, in parts of Europe, during the dark and middle ages. This is because, there was little contact between the East and West during the time, but European still hear stories, of the far East and the wealth beyond their imagination and a level of technology that was beyond the understanding of dark and middle ages Europeans, not able to explain these technology, they interpret it to be magical.

As a result, during that era in history, many in Europe though, Asia, is where heaven is located, the people of Asia are the angels of god.

The myth began in 13th century, when the Mongolian Empire decided to invade Europe and transformed the land they conquer into a single nation, known as Russia. By the 13th century, Asia was already using fire arm, standard weapons used by Mongol troops including, sabers, bow and arrow, early rockets, pistols, grenades and cannons. European troops during that time, only have bow and arrows, broad swords, wooden lances and catalpa. As a result, Europe didn't stand a fighting chance. Eastern technology and Mongols ability to use them, also meant Mongols can transport large army and supply over long distance quickly and cheaply (not as effective as today, of course) Unable to explain why the Mongol have such a large and quick army and not able to explain their fire arm technology, the Europeans first though this is the work of the devil. But when, the Mongols executed Christian priests, the Russian start thinking these people must be the angels send by god to punish them for their sins. In one of the major battle, the European record from the time, literally said, the Mongols had at least two fire breathing dragons. Because, when the Mongols conduct cannon and rocket bombardment on European troops, the European don't understand what it is. The Mongols soon used this to their advantage, creating their own church as Federal government, the church worship the Mongols as gods and the Mongols control the church. Kings of former European state that is now part of Russia, was allowed to continue to rule their land, as province of Russia.

After the era of Mongolia Empire Marco Polo returned from Asia, with tale of what he seen. Most people found it hard to believe, the China Marco Polo talk about is at least 100 times wealthier then Vanes, the wealthiest city of Europe during the time. But when Marco Polo introduce a few new skills he learn in China, people in Europe believe, Marco Polo must have accident stumble onto the land of heaven and don't know it. This myth was further intensified due to the introduction of printing press to Europe, where the first western book printed via this technology, is the bible. Later, China also introduce magnetic compass to Europe via Middle Eastern traders, not understanding it, most Europeans first thought this is the work of demons, so the Chinese draw the Christian cross onto the compass sold to Europe, as advice by Middle Eastern traders. The result is that, many in Europe start to think this is a gift from god, to help them explore beyond their shore and play a major role in beginning European navel exploration. The myth that Asians are gods, started to die down, by 16th century, firstly, due to the Russian revolt and successfully overthrow the Mongols, increase education standard in Europe and increase contact between Asia and Europe.

5. Dragons are gods

In western legion it is believe dragons are evil been, but in Asia, dragons are considered to be the true form of the gods.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 3 years ago from Orange County California

      Interesting hub, and I hadn't heard much about this information.

      When and how was Adam married to Lilith, and how long did it take her to amass hundreds of children?

      I liked the story about putting the boat into the Red Sea before the storm.