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Haunted Places: Mountain Cemetery

Updated on February 20, 2013

Sonoma, CA

If you’re a paranormal investigator, chances are you’ll take any opportunity you can to check out a cemetery. Well, if you’re passing by Napa Valley, then you’ll want to check out Mountain Cemetery in Sonoma, CA. Out of all the places I’ve investigated, I’ve gotten some of my best evidence here.

It all started off in a dark way unfortunately. I was at the Colorado St. Bridge in Pasadena, CA with a friend of mine and we brought a Ouija Board with us along with a black candle. We were using the board under the bridge while running a digital recorder. After completing the session and leaving the bridge, we reviewed my digital recorder to see if we had captured anything. We did, but it was disturbing. We were dealing with a demon issue, so we were trying to find out if the bridge had something to do with it. My friend then asked “Have I seen you before?” After a few seconds, this disturbing voice came through saying “YES!”

About a month later, he went back up north for college and I was visiting him. We were checking out local haunts in the area and we stumbled upon Mountain Cemetery. So we decided to go visit the cemetery. The entire time, I had my digital recorder rolling. After we were done, I reviewed the recording and to my amazement, I discovered something shocking. We captured an EVP of the exact same voice that we had captured at the Colorado St. Bridge which was over 400 miles away! This entity had followed us. Luckily, my friend knew how to get rid of this entity by claiming his personal boundary and telling it to leave. That was the last of that fun.

On another note, Mountain cemetery is one of the most unique and beautiful cemeteries I’ve ever seen. It is claimed to be haunted. Through my point of view, it definitely is, but not in a bad way. It’s a very peaceful place with some unique landscape and tombstones.

I captured my best EVP from this location. I was with a group of friends investigating this cemetery back in Spring 2008. As we were on our ghost hunt, we came across some children graves. We stopped for a moment and asked some questions. When we left the cemetery, we immediately reviewed the recording. We were all listening intently to see if we captured anything. Right before we noticed the children’s graves, a voice spoke into the recorder saying “Why don’t you guys start moving along?” If there was a prime example of a class A EVP, this would be it. It sounded like a little boy was encouraging us to investigate the cemetery!

I also captured my first apparition from this cemetery. I was looking at the pictures I had taken from this cemetery to see if I had captured anything. Using the iphoto, I enhanced all the pictures for a better look. I had gotten nothing until I came across a certain picture. At first, I thought it was a statue that was in the cemetery, but then I took a closer look at it. This figure was next to the mausoleum and part of it was still in front of it. You can see the outline of a woman in a dress and it appears she’s walking around the cemetery! It’s one of the best pieces of evidence I’ve ever captured.

Being at this cemetery three times, I’d say it’s a definite recommendation in paranormal investigation community. So if you’re a ghost hunter and you’re in the Napa Valley, be sure to check out Mountain Cemetery. Perhaps you to will capture a great piece of evidence to share with the paranormal community.

Photo of Apparition

Entity EVP 1

Entity EVP 2

Class A EVP


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