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Multifaceted Humanity

Updated on September 11, 2013

We have the gift of five senses. We can taste, see, touch, hear and smell. We need these in order to survive in the physical realm. We also possess a sixth sense. ESP or Extra Sensory Perception. This is a more spiritual component of humanity. Once thought of as an odd occurrence among a few people, we find that a lot of people have it to a certain degree. Intuition, as it is sometimes called, gives us a clue that something's out of place. We can 'feel' it. Answer this. Have you ever heard someone give an answer to a question and you knew the answer given was a lie? How, did you know? Did you experience a change in the atmosphere at the time? After you checked out the story, you found that your instincts were spot on. Well, you my friend, have a form of ESP.

Well you can't just go on instincts alone. You have to discover for yourself whether or not certain things are true. These become evident after you have lived through an experience and had time to look back. I have heard others talk about other situations where ESP was used. Do not discount these 'feelings' while they are happening. While feeling dread about what is to happen in a situation, change your course of action. After you change course and you notice calm after the decision was made, continue on.

Some of us have avoided trouble or loss of life by changing our plan based on this 'last minute' decision. This sense is a part of the spiritual realm. Many times the physical and spiritual realms work together. This paranormal sense of direction allows us to discover there is more to life than what we see.

HSP - Hypersensory Perception - A better term

The spiritual, or the 'out there', is hard to understand because we are used to what happens everyday. It's hard to explain so we need to look further. Can these studies help us?

HSP or Hyper sensory perception is a new term that better explains what is the intuition we experience. It is obvious that certain people have more sensitivity to the physical world around them. What's happening out of the ordinary is noticed most by them.

Seeing is believing. For those who have experienced these occurrences there is no doubt. But how can we explain to others? Who can explain why an innocent child can awake from a dream because he or she is disturbed in that dream about a loved ones passing. The loved one has not died but the child experiences the departure of him before it happens? Does this occur because of the close fellowship in that relationship? One does not have to be a child in order to experience this.


The spiritual realm affects the physical realm and vice versa. Prayer, a physical and spiritual exercise, is proven to affect positive changes in people, places and situations. I will deal with the prayer aspect of life and then with other experiences. The testimonies of the ones who have prayed are the best witnesses to the answered prayer. Those of us who have seen prayer work in response to the prayers of others are second-hand witnesses. Being a second-hand witness puts us in a position to begin to pray for our own needs. At first, we may need to pray in agreement with others, but there will be times when one has to see the affects for ourselves.


In times of extreme stress the human mind affects the body in hard to comprehend ways. Luke 22:44, Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane prayed in agony in anticipation of to the cross. His sweat fell as if it were great drops of blood. The sweat was just that heavy. Some people have been reported to actually bleed in this manner. Expressions of extreme empathetic feelings can cause unusual physical manifestations. I.E. a person can lift a car that has rolled over a loved ones physical body in an effort to save this loved one. Our world has many occurrences of the supernatural or paranormal kind.

There are certain people in this world known as Stigmatics. They bare certain inexplicable marks in their hands, feet and in their sides. These marks are said to resemble the marks that appeared on the body of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion on the cross. Two famous Stigmatics are: the Apostle Paul, a former persecutor of the Early Christian Church. He wrote several New Testament books (letters to churches and individuals) after his conversion to faith in Christ. Also, Saint Francis of Assisi, Italy, the 13th century saint, who fought in the Perugian - Assissi war. He subsequently abandoned a life of luxury to devote his life to Christ.


Interestingly, Stigmatics 'empathize' with the Christ in some form in order to receive similar marks as his on their own bodies.

In the emotional/supernatural world there is another type of person known as an Empath. This person is very in tune with vibes from others. While he or she may not manifest the physical scars of the person they 'read' this gift can pose other problems. Since they 'read' emotions of other individuals easily, they may experience apprehension in sharing this gift. As he or she grows up he or she learns to separate his or her emotions from the emotions of others, the empath is more likely to get involved in helping people. They, however, need to set boundaries as we all must do.

This article has attempted to talk about only two types of people with spiritual/physical or hypersensitive attributes in their life. I hope this will cause you, reader, to explore even more into the hyper sensory or spiritual side of the physical world.


These are the people of this world who manage to see spirits. These black figures appear, move onward and disappear. People who are chanellers also calm their minds to be able to sense what is happening around them. They will often connect with both positive and negative energy. Like empaths, they can perceive what others can't. This is an example of a conscious chaneller. The trance chaneller gives himself over to receiving messages from the spirit world. These type of chanellers are known to allow spirit entities to take control. From this control the chaneller receives messages that are delivered to a special someone. Chanellers often use their whole bodies to experience the supernatural.

Many of us have a spiritual awareness whether we exercise it or not. Some of us embrace this part of our humanity as others reject it. What will you do?


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